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ERP application in the apparel manufacturing industry-ERP must solve ten key problems)

In the apparel industry, ERP uses fabric groups, color groups, size groups, and component groups to simplify and solve complicated style, fabric, color, and size thinking characteristics, the dual interface is used to solve the problem of four-element input interface, report and printing. It solves the three major problems of documents, reports, and printing, and comprehensively solves the implementation of four-dimensional industry reports. 1. conci

MES project import-import notes-discrete manufacturing enterprises import ERP

manufacturing, especially in mechanical manufacturing. From early stock material management to MRP (material demand Planning) to MRP-II (manufacturing resource planning, expanded to other management aspects including material requirements, such as finance and human resources) ERP (in theory, it is incorporated into al

Manufacturing enterprises have ERP, why do we need MES?

today, manufacturing companies face tight economic and competitive pressures: less profit, more tight delivery times, shorter production cycles, and more complex products. Most companies are already using ERP systems, they will think: I have used the ERP, why also need MES (manufac

NetSuite ERP compared to other ERP systems have what advantages and advantages!

convenientTraditional ERP system to provide UPA development platform for ERP product customization development, in addition to expensive, customers want to develop in UPA, at least need to be familiar with VB development tools or C # development tools for custom development, there is the plug-in mode for development, in general, based on the development of UPA platform is relatively difficult.The SaaS-base

How should enterprises deal with conflicts between systems, ISO quality systems and ERP systems?

With the development of enterprises to a certain stage, with the needs of customers and the needs of their own management, many enterprises have successively performed ISO quality system certification and ERP resource system activation, in addition, the Rules and Regulations previously formulated by the enterprise form a state in which three management systems are in parallel. However, since each management

How do the MES systems and ERP systems that software development companies encounter integrate?

 MES systems and ERP systems need to be integrated in three locations: (See First, the basic data integration ERP System for "organization" maintenance, and "synchronization" to the MES system "organization", ERP system for "personnel information" mainte

We recommend two open-source ERP systems for your reference.

design to set and exchange languages, and uses the resident memory technology, the language exchange feature enables rapid hot configuration and high-speed display. The same system provides different language interfaces for different users to support enterprises' global strategies. The development and management plug-ins: secondary developers can use this development tool to quickly and deeply understand the open-source ERP of enxin technology and pr

Sharing: Top 10 open-source ERP systems

Top 10 open source ERP systemsEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have now become necessities for various organizations and enterprises, enterprise information data standardization, integration of system operation, rationalization of business processes, dynamic performance monitoring, and continuous management can

Parsing large. NET ERP System account integration for e-mail systems

I'm using a common method of translating the controls on the interface, referring to the following code. Public Static void Translateform (Form form){ string string. Empty; null; string string. Empty; Switch (Application.CurrentCulture.LCID) { Case 2052: Translation = "CHS"; break; Case 1028: Case 3076: Case 5124: Translation = "CHT"; break; }foreach inch Getallcontrolsrecusrvive{

Common designs for large ERP and other Database Systems

user use. 4.3 software development needs. It is easier to use fixed database tables for development and secondary development. For tables generated during the user's use process, you must first look up the table name and find the data each time you search for the data, which is troublesome. For example, the early UF financial software used access as a database to create a new database every year. Soon, users and yonyou found that cross-year data analysis was difficult. Therefore, this is a

Information, material and exchange of ERP systems

local area network or the WAN mode ERP system, must adapt to the Internet, the IoT needs. Only by allowing enterprises to enter the modern powerful information network in order to win a better competitiveness.The nature of the traffic we are talking about is the quality and quantity of the information. This is why bat can become a big company, and more than the traditional entity enterprises greater root cause, so the traditional enterprises must rec

Common designs for large ERP and other Database Systems

customers to use dozens of years without upgrading. Software upgrades often involve changes to the database table structure. The software manufacturer will upgrade the database data of earlier software versions to a new version, but it is difficult to process the tables generated during user use. 4.3 software development needs. It is easier to use fixed database tables for development and secondary development. For tables generated during the user's use process, you must first look up the tabl

What kinds of ERP systems are there?

, electronic/computer, food Beverage, order, pharmaceuticals, process, semiconductors, batch type.4th place, Baan Company, Applicable industries: Aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, discrete, electronic/computer, food beverage, by order, process type, semiconductor, batch type.5th place, Invensys Intelligent Automation6th place, ABB Automation INC7th place, I2 Technologies8th place, GEAC9th place, Intentia10th place, System software Associates (SSA)11th place, IBS (International Business

Resolving common attachment management functions for large. NET ERP Systems

document reader code invocation is referenced as follows:Idocumentformatprovider Provider = getproviderbyextension (extension); if null) { thrownew fileloadexception ("Unable to find format provider for extension" + extension) ;} using (Stream stream = File.openread (File)) { Raddocument document = provider. Import (stream); this. readerword.document = Document; Document. LayoutMode = documentlayoutmode.paged; Readerword.changesectionpageorientation (pageorientation.rotate270);

. Net quick development platform, quick development platform, help you quickly develop OA, CRM, ERP and other systems, fast development platform crm

. Net quick development platform, quick development platform, help you quickly develop OA, CRM, ERP and other systems, fast development platform crm The company has a large business volume and has received many projects. In order to shorten the development cycle, the boss asked me to lead the construction of a rapid development platform. Our main business is to implement management

Silverlight Management System source code (for the development of ERP, OA, CRM, HR, invoicing, financial and other systems)

Silverlight Large management system source code (support for the creation of ERP, OA, CRM, HR, invoicing, finance and other systems)Can be used to develop the following systems Silverlighterp Silverlightcrm Silverlighthr Silverlight Financial Software Silverlight Management System Silverlightoa Due to the external confidentiality of the pro

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