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CentOS 7 mariadb-mmm High Availability cluster

] ~]# vim/etc/mysql-mmm/mmm_common.conf [[emailprotected] ~]# SCP /etc/mysql-mmm/mmm_common.conf 192.168 . 94.22 :/etc/mysql-mmm/ [[emailprotected] ~]# SCP /etc/mysql-mmm/mmm_common.conf 192.168 . 94.33 :/etc/mysql-mmm/ [[emailprotected] ~]# SCP /etc/mysql-mmm/mmm_common.conf 192.168 . 94.44 :/etc/mysql-mmm/ [[emailprotected] ~]# SCP /etc/mysql-mmm/mmm_common.conf 192.168 . 94.55 :/etc/mysql-mmm/ [[email protected] ~]# vim/etc/mysql-mmm/mmm_agent.conf # Master1 for this db1, Master1 fo

Mariadb-mmm High-availability clusters

all databasesgrant replication client on *.* to ‘mmm_monitor‘@‘172.16.10.%‘ identified by ‘123456‘; Reload Permission table flush privileges; Start mysql-mmm-agent on all database serverssystemctl start mysql-mmm-agent.service //开启服务systemctl enable mysql-mmm-agent.service //加入开机自启动Configuring the monitoring host to modify the/etc/mysql-mmm/mmm_mon.conf file on the monitoring host (Mariadb-monitor)vim /etc/mysql-mmm/mmm_mon.confinclud

[Openstack] Openstack-mitaka High-availability Mariadb-galera cluster deployment

DirectoryOpenstack-mitaka Overview of High AvailabilityOpenstack-mitaka High-availability environment initializationOpenstack-mitaka High-availability Mariadb-galera cluster deploymentOpenstack-mitaka

Enterprise Private cloud MARIADB cluster high availability

The previous article introduced the OpenStack component RABBITMQ high availability, and now introduces another important component of MySQL high availability.I am this time select MySQL version is mariadb, cluster method is Galera cluster multi-master cluster.In fact, there are many other solutions, such as PXC, MHA an

Corosync achieves high availability of MariaDB Database Service

Corosync enables High Availability of MariaDB database services. corosync + pacemaker provides HA solutions. Use the shared file system exported by the NFS Shared Server Corosync enables High Availability of MariaDB database servi

Mysql-mmm High-availability clusters (this article uses mariadb instead of MySQL for experimental deployment)

. Roles: writer( master/ONLINE. Roles:db3( slave/ONLINE. Roles: reader( slave/ONLINE. Roles: reader(, check all options, need to be OKmmm_control checks all3. Use the following command to manually switch the master servermmm_control move_role writer db2Seven, fault testing1, stop the M1 Server MARIADB service, check the server status, see if M2 pre

High Availability of MariaDB dual-master N slave replication-Implementation of MMM Architecture

High Availability of MariaDB dual-master N slave replication-Implementation of MMM Architecture 1. MMM OverviewMMM (Master-Master replication manager for Mysql) is a flexible script program for monitoring and failover, manage the configuration of mysql Master-Master replication (only one node can be written at a time ). The attached tool suite can achieve read Lo

MariaDB-5.5.56 Primary master replication +keepalived high Availability

Tags: One move sleep Modify type Date res access OSIMARIADB Primary master replication +keepalived high AvailabilityHost 1: 2: 1 settings:Install the RPM package that needs to be usedYum-y Install Ipvsadm keepalived mariadb mariadb-serverStart mariadb

Corosync achieves high availability of MariaDB Database Service

Corosync achieves high availability of MariaDB Database Service Solution: Corosync + pacemaker provides HA solutions. Use the shared file system exported by the NFS Shared Server as the data directory; The topology is as follows: Install LAMP (Apache with MariaDB and PHP) in CentOS/RHEL/Scientific Linux 6) Implementat

MYSQL/MARIADB based on MMM for read-write separation and high availability

?wx_fmt=jpegtp=webpwxfrom=5wx_lazy "/>And look at DB1 's VIP status.650) this.width=650; "Src=" Ip70vic417doshq4rlialkwpno0el0xiieicib0r1d16akpxh9kqwdsiadiaxdcogkm3wdoegteayt9pdgqqzrp68pka/640?wx_fmt=jpeg tp=webpwxfrom=5wx_lazy=1 "style=" Margin:0px;padding:0px;height:auto;vertical-align:middle;width: auto; "alt=" 640?wx_fmt=jpegtp=webpwxfrom=5wx_lazy "/>VIP has been transferred to other nodes, other interested please self-test, here will not showThe endMYSQL/

Corosync Pacemaker High-availability Mariadb

}}scp/etc/corosync/corosync.conf172.16.19.22:/etc/corosync/# Distributing the configuration file to each node SystemctlstartcorOsyncsystemctlstartpacemaker 3, Installation CrmshPacemaker itself is just a resource manager, we need an interface to define and manage resources on the Pacemker, and Crmsh is the Pacemaker configuration interface, the following three RPM packages can be installed:RPM-IVHCRMSH-2.1.4-1.1.X86_64.RPMRPM-IVH pssh-2.3.1-4.2.x86_64.rpmrpm-ivhpython-pssh-2.3.1-4.2.x86_64.rpm4

Corosync/pacemaker for high-availability mariadb

=60Define MySQL:CRM (Live) Configure#primitive mysqld lsb:mysqld op monitor timeout=40 interval=2To define a group:CRM (Live) Configure#group mysqlgroup mysqlip Mysqlnfs mysqld definition sort:CRM (Live) Configure#order mysqlip_before_mysqlnfs mandatory:mysqlip mysqlnfs CRM (live) Configure#order Mysqlnfs_ Before_mysqld Mandatory:mysqlnfs mysqld650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" image 0531 (+). jpg "alt=" wkiom1vu9gsdfcv4a

OpenStack High Availability (HA)-Mariadb

, where any node can read/write without the need for a read/write separation.-No centralized management, can lose any node at any point in time, the normal work of the cluster will not be affected.-node downtime does not result in data loss.-Transparent to the app, no need to change the app or just make minimal changes.* * Architecture Disadvantages * *-The cost of joining the new node is large and the complete data needs to be copied.-The write extension problem cannot be resolved effectively,

Corosync and pacemaker high-availability mariadb and Haproxy

Tags: haproxy mariadb pacemaker CorosyncThe highly available solution keepalived just provides the simplest high-availability features, and the truly advanced features keepalived difficult to complete. Openais specifications provide a complete solution, but a lot of the weight of many features considered comprehensive, very detailed, to understand these we can be

Corosync V2 + Pacemaker High-availability MARIADB service

/systemd/system/; Note: must be set to enable state; otherwise, CRM agent cannot be managed;Service: Invoking user-defined scripts;Demo: Configure an NFS-based high-availability MARIADB service:Physical machine for Win7, virtual machine using CENTOS7 systemTime server: for NFS: MARIADB

MYSQL/MARIADB based on MMM for read-write separation and high availability

/wKioL1WI7XeSwpE7AAFbsf5YYTc394.jpg "title=" mariadb-based on MMM for read-write separation and high availability. jpg "alt=" wkiol1wi7xeswpe7aafbsf5yytc394.jpg "/>#注: System Environment CentOS6.6 #VIP172.16.10.30 is a writable VIP, the other three groups are readable VIP #可写VIP只能在Master之间切换, readable VIP can switch between master and slave # Front-end applicatio

Mariadb+garela High Availability Database

=tt:tt123Note: Wsrep_cluster_address also has a way of writing,host-1:wsrep_cluster_address= "gcomm://"host-2: wsrep_cluster_address= "gcomm://"all the nodes in the back just add the primary node IP and port, but I'm not testing it for the time being. If the primary node outage does not affect the other nodes,Test when a single point of failure is met. "Start Test"make sure that all nodes MySQL is the stop statehost-1:sudo service MySQL start--wsrep-new-clust

MySQL high-availability cluster--mmm high-availability architecture

Why to use MySQL high availability cluster In the actual production environment, when the normal MySQL master-slave replication and read/write separation can not meet the actual requirements, it is necessary to consider the MySQL high-availability cluster, for security reasons, when the data access is too larg

FW built for high availability of OpenStack (Ha,high availability)

balance between. More discussion of system performance and architecture is also being carried out around consistency and availability.2) engineering practices for OpenStack, Swift and CapIn contrast to cap theory, OpenStack's distributed object storage System, swift, satisfies availability and partition tolerance, without guaranteeing consistency (optional), but achieving eventual consistency. Swift if the

High Availability in SQLServer (1) ---- high availability overview

Since SQLServer2005, Microsoft has provided a variety of high availability technologies to reduce downtime and increase protection for business data. With the continuous release of SQLServer2008, SQLServer2008R2, and SQLServer2012, SQLServer has multiple high availability technologies that meet different scenarios. Bef

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