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Huawei switch three-layer switch and two-layer switch joint configuration _ switch

1, now learn to sell, learn to use the 2. Environment description 1 Core Switch S5700 (Huawei) 2) access to switch S3700 (Huawei) 3. Request 1 different VLANs can not be accessed from each other, each VLAN can only belong to one department 2 The Department 12 terminals are configured as follows Terminal 1: Gateway is: Terminal 2: Gateway is: 3

Switch: instance for VLAN configuration of Cisco L3 switch + L2 Switch

An instance of VLAN configuration for Cisco L3 switches and L2 SwitchesCisco VLAN implementation is usually port-centric. The port connected to the node determines the VLAN in which it resides. There are two ways to allocate a port to a VLAN: Static and Dynamic. The process of creating a static VLAN is to forcibly allocate the port to a VLAN. That is, we first create a VLAN on The VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol) server, and then assign each port to the c

Yii multi-language switch configuration and yii language switch configuration

Yii multi-language switch configuration and yii language switch configurationToday, I am studying the multi-language switch of yii. I first searched a lot of baidu for a similar search, and I don't feel very good. As a result, google has to say that technical articles are still reliable for google, because basically al

Start Huawei Switch configuration backup menu boot menu to restore switch data

Start the boot menu of the Huawei Switch configuration backup menu to restore switch data. Now, Huawei Switch configuration backup technology is gaining attention. Some people may not know what the Huawei Switch

Configuration of brocade 300 optical fiber switch, brocade 300 optical fiber switch

Configuration of brocade 300 optical fiber switch, brocade 300 optical fiber switchI. Mounting1. New Fiber Optic Switches are availableNote that the network port and Management port are different2. wiredIi. basic configuration1. Configure IP address and Change User PasswordA. The default ip address of the new optical fiber switch is You need to confi

Switch Technology Introduction: Network Switch configuration skills

3. Basic vswitch Configuration After entering the configuration page, if this is the first configuration, You need to configure the IP address first, which is mainly for remote configuration later. The IP address configuration method is as follows: Enter "I" in "Enter Select

Configuration example of cisco router and layer-3 Switch environment, cisco layer-3 Switch

Configuration example of cisco router and layer-3 Switch environment, cisco layer-3 SwitchSimple environment configuration instance for cisco router layer-3 Switch I. network topology: Ii. configuration command: 1. vro Configuration

Switch stp configuration, switch stp

Switch stp configuration, switch stp Topology Configuration code SW1 --------------------------------------------------- 1. configuration code Sys Vlan 2 Vlan 3 Quit Interface eth-trunk 1 Quit Interface g0/0/1 Eth-trunk 1 Quit Interface g0/0/2 Eth-trunk 1 Quit Interface eth

H3C Switch configuration cross-switch VLAN Communication

1. Networking requirements: 1. switchA and SwitchB use trunk for interconnection. Mutual access is allowed between PCs with the same VLAN. Mutual access is prohibited between PCs with different VLANs. PC1 and PC2 are located in different VLANs. You can set the IP address of VLAN Interface 10 of the SwitchB layer-3 Switch to, when the IP address of VLAN 20 is, mutual access between VLANs can be 2 netwo

Switch Trunk link configuration, switch trunk Link

Switch Trunk link configuration, switch trunk Link Experiment process: 1. Configure the PC PC1: PC2: PC3: PC4: 2. Configure Switch (SW1 is used as an example) SW1 (config) # vlan13 SW1 (config-vlan) # namePC1PC3 SW1 (config-vlan) # exit SW1 (config) # vlan24 SW1

Basic configuration: cisco switch configuration vlan (2)

VLAN settings on a layer-3 Switch 1) Method 1: General Configuration Switch#configureterminal Switch(config)#vlan20 Switch(config-vlan)#nametest20 Switch(config-vlan)#ipaddress1.1.1.1255.255.255.0

Python interacts with the H3C 5024E switch to obtain the switch configuration information

Python interacts with the H3C 5024E switch to obtain the switch configuration information# Coding: utf8import re, sysimport pexpect # enable/disable debug modeDEBUG = False def telnet_login (ip, pwd, cmd, ps): child = pexpect. spawn ('telnet % s' % ip) # Whether to enable DEBUG mode. The default value is False. if DEBUG is enabled after DEBUG = True is set above:

Switch Basics: Switch initialization configuration

Pre-configuration Preparation the console line. A few years ago, desktops, notebooks, and server devices would configure a DB9 interface on the motherboard and then use the console line to connect the switch to the computer. Now, because of technology change, notebook and desktop, will not bring DB9 interface, replaced by USB interface, so, do network engineering, must prepare two lines, one is the console

Basic configuration: cisco switch configuration vlan (1)

Vlan configuration ideas: access, Trunk) 1) create a Vlan Configure static VLAN on an IOS-based switch: Switch # vlan database Switch (vlan) # vlan-num name vlan-name Switch (vlan) # exit Switch # configure ter

Analyze the configuration of the Huawei Switch configuration password in CGMP

This article analyzes the configuration of the Huawei Switch configuration password in CGMP. Have you ever touched on the common Huawei Switch configuration password? Are you familiar with the password settings for the Huawei switch

Cisco's basic configuration example of four----VLAN planning and configuration (access switch)

4.2 related configuration of access switches# # In this example, we are connecting to an access switch where the GI0/1 port is allied to the core switch. It also means that we need to configure GI0/1 as trunk port. The specific configuration is as follows:D-2960-3 (config) #int GI0/1D-2960-3 (config-if) #swD-2960-3 (co

LAN switch configuration and optional installation Configuration

different manufacturers cannot be stacked together. Figure 3 ② Layered structure Layer-by-layer networking diagram 4) is used in complex network structures and can be divided into access layer, aggregation layer, and core layer by function. Figure 4 ● Configuration method Generally, a vswitch with the extended function needs to be set, while a common vswitch does not need to be set on it. Because the

VMware redhat command line and graphical interface switch Linux run level default interface configuration Modify error configuration __linux

Novice started to learn Linux, put some basic things summed up. The wrong place to look. 1, Linux graphics interface and command interface to switch A Redhat Linux system is installed inside the virtual machine. The default entry is the graphical interface. Switching from the Linux graphical interface to the command interface can be CTRL+ALT+FN (n=1,2,3,4,5,6), but ctrl+alt in the virtual machine is already occupied, that is, the cursor switching out

Network Configuration instance-DNS service, DHCP service, switch management VLAN configuration, Static Routing

Here, I will share with you a small configuration instance. This is a configuration example that I want to understand for a long time. It's a long time for me to study independently. I hope the audience can understand this! Topology: 650) this. width = 650; "src =" "title =" , "alt =" 000503946.jpg"/> The R0 conf

Maintain the switch configuration file to solve Network Security Risks

Managing the vswitch configuration file is still very important for users, but many users still do not pay much attention to it. This is very dangerous and their networks will also have security risks. The configuration file is the core of Cisco network devices. The configuration file is like the Registry file of the operating system. If the registry is damaged o

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