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Php Magic method with Magic constants

When we learn objects, often hear the teachers say that the world is the object of everything, then also will hear the Magic method and magic constants and other concepts, then we learn to review the time of their own summary: What are the common

Sketch Super Utility plugin Magic Mirror to help you with a key display work

If you say sketch is omnipotent you must not believe, but today this magic mirror will let you perfect feeling sketch smart object charm, less than 10KB of size, a key perfect display design works, artifact has been packaged micro-disk, to collect!

MySQL op Viggin-mysql dual Master (master-master) + half sync (semisync Repl

MySQL--MariaDB--Percona-serverMysql:oracle,Commutity: Community Edition 5.5 5.6 5.7 8.0MariaDB:5.5 10.xPercona:Percona-serverInnoDB-XtraDBXtrabackupPercona-tools:Storage Engine:Engine: Also known as table type, table-level concept, it is not

Linux administrator Manual

Linux administrator Manual (1)-Linux System OverviewThis chapter provides an overview of Linux. First, describe the main services provided by the operating system. Then describe the program implementing these services with a considerable lack of

Analysis of common faults in master-slave synchronization

Master-slave Sync, common fault! 1. Delete a record on master, not found on the slave. Last_sql_error.could not execute Delete_rows the event on table ... error_code:1032 ... 2, primary key conflict, in slave already have this record, and in

Objective-C magic path [17-memory management], objective-c17-

Objective-C magic path [17-memory management], objective-c17- Master haomeng is devoted to his contribution and respects the author's Labor achievements. Do not repost them. If the article is helpful to you, you are welcome to donate to the

Learning route from manual test to NB automated test

Learn two tools before you startCommercial Web Automation testing Tools please learn QTP;QTP learning can be skipped, I skipped.Open source Web Automation Test Tool please learn selenium; I was the first to learn Watir, and then learn SeleniumHere

Linux administrator Manual (2)

This chapter describes the important part of the standard Linux directory tree, which is based on the FSSTND File System Standard. This section describes how to divide a directory tree into several separated file systems based on different purposes

Cocos2dx--lua Automatic and manual binding

"Auto Bind"Reference: through the engine comes with the Tools/tolua, the main steps are as follows:1. Write the C + + class to be exported, if it is added in libcocos2d, you need to add the export

Linux Administrator's Manual (2)--Directory tree Overview _unix Linux

This chapter describes an important part of the standard Linux directory tree, based on FSSTND file system standards. Outlines a general approach to dividing a directory tree into several separate file systems for different purposes and given

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