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Java concurrency programming from getting started to mastering-master

linkedblockingqueue;priority blocking queue Priorityblockingqueue;delay queue Delayqueue;synchronization queue Synchronousqueue;linked list bidirectional blocking queue Linkedblockingdeque;linked list transmission queue LinkedTransferQueue;synchronization counter Countdownlatch;abstract queue synchronizer Abstractqueuedsynchronizer;synchronization counter semaphore;synchronization counter cyclicbarrier; 6th: thread pool: newsinglethreadexecutor use; newcachedthreadpool; newfixedthreadp

Java concurrency programming from getting started to mastering-the 7th chapter: Fork/join Framework

; - This. end =end; the } + A @Override the protectedInteger Compute () + { - intsum = 0; $ $ //if the task no longer needs to be split, start calculating - BooleanCancompute = (End-start) splitsize; - if(Cancompute) the { - //if it's 1+2+3, this is the branch.Wuyi for(inti=start;i) the { -sum = sum +i; Wu } - } About Else $ { - //split i

Java network programming from getting started to mastering (8): Obtaining an IP address using the GetAddress method

The GetAddress method is similar to gethostaddress, where the only difference is that the Gethostaddress method returns an IP address in the form of a string, and the GetAddress method returns an IP address in the form of a byte array. the GetAddress method is defined as follows:Public byte[] GetAddress ()The byte array returned by this method is signed. The value range of byte type in Java is -128?127. If a byte of the returned IP address is an integ

Java Concurrency Programming (8) Atomic variables and non-blocking synchronization mechanisms

)) { /*** This is the middle state, although there are two atomic operations here, the whole is not atomic, but through the algorithm to ensure security: * cause is in the middle state, if there are other threads come in Operation, the above if will execute; * The above if operation is to help the current thread to complete the update tail node operation, and the current thread's update will fail to return, eventually the update succeeds*/

Java Concurrency Programming (8) thread pool for timers

10Scheduled:sun Mar 20:51:34 CST 2017 10Scheduled:sun Mar 20:51:35 CST 2017 10Scheduled:sun Mar 20:51:36 CST 2017 10Scheduled:sun Mar 20:51:37 CST 2017 11Scheduled:sun Mar 20:51:38 CST 2017 11The situation where the task is delayed:Scheduledexecutorservice executorservice = Executors.newscheduledthreadpool (3new Runnable () {@Overridepublicvoid run () {System.out.println (new Date () + " "+ Thread.CurrentThread (). GetId ()); Try {thread.sleep (1000*3catch1000 * 5, 1000*1The original plan w

Java network programming from getting started to mastering

get the Web Java network programming from getting started to mastering (Ten): Inet4address class and Inet6address Java network programming from getting started to mastering (9): Using the Isxxx method to judge the address type

Programming Learning: Java learning from getting started to mastering

Programming Java Learning Path (i), tools One, JDK (Java Development Kit) The JDK is the core of the entire Java system, including the Java Runtime Environment (Java Runtime envirnment), a stack of

Mastering lambda Expressions: Java Multi-core programming PDF

: Network Disk DownloadContent Introduction······An authoritative guide to lambda expressions"Mastering lambda Expressions: Java multicore Programming" describes how lambda-related features in Java SE 8 help Java meet the challeng

Java network programming from getting started to mastering (14): A variety of ways to establish a network connection

(newinetsocketaddress ("", 0)); */ socket2.bind (newinetsocketaddress ("", 0)); socket2.connect (new Inetsocketaddress ("", 80)); socket2.close (); NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;NBSP;SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("Socket2 connection succeeded! "); Socket3.bind (New Inetsocketaddress ("", 0)); Socket3.connect (New Inetsocketaddress ("", 80), 2000); Socket3.close (); SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("Socket3 connection succe

Java network programming from getting started to mastering: Socket class getter and Setter methods (2)

Second, used to get and set Socket Options for Getter and the Setter MethodThe socket selection lets you specify how the socket class sends and accepts data. In JDK1.4 there are 8 socket options that can be set. All 8 of these options are defined in the interface. Defined as follows:Public final static int tcp_nodelay = 0x0001;Public final static int so_reuseaddr = 0x04;Public final s

Java network programming from getting started to mastering (+): Socket class getter and Setter methods (1)

("", 80);OutputStream outputstream = Socket.getoutputstream ();OutputStreamWriter outputstreamwriter = new OutputStreamWriter (outputstream);BufferedWriter bufferedwriter = new BufferedWriter (outputstreamwriter);Bufferedwriter.write ("Hello");Bufferedwriter.flush ();Note: After you use the Write method of OutputStream to output data, you must flush the output buffer with the Flush method to send the data in the output buffer. If you want to output strings, you can use both Ou

Java network programming from getting started to mastering (4): DNS Caching

address2 still needs to access the DNS server to know that is an inaccessible domain name. There are two points to note when using the DNS cache:1. You can set the value of the Networkaddress.cache.ttl property according to the actual situation. The value of this property is generally set to-1. However, if you are accessing a dynamically mapped domain name (such as a dynamic IP that maps a domain name to ADSL using a dynamic Domain Name service), it is possible that the client wi

Java network programming from getting started to mastering (9): Using the Isxxx method to determine the address type

(Method.invoke (address). ToString ())) System.out.println (meth Od.getname () + "= true"); } } } } Test 1 Execute the following command:Java test. MyNet224.0.0.1Operation Result: Ismclinklocal = True Ismulticastaddress = True Test 2 Execute the following command:Java test. MyNet FFB1::Operation Result:Ismcnodelocal = True Ismulticastaddress = TrueIf no result is output, the specified IP address does not attribute the range of the 10 IP address types mentioned above

Java network programming from getting started to mastering (22): Implementing an HTTP Emulator

, establish a cycleBefore creating this loop, first create a class called Httpsimulator, and define a run method in this class to run the program. The implementation code is as follows: ---restore content ends---Second, Readhostandport (...) implementation of the methodThe main function of this method is to read the domain name and port from the console. The domain name and port are separated by ":", ":" and the domain name and the port cannot have spaces between them. When reading a "q" from th

Changes to concurrency tools in Java 8 and Java 9 __java

Low, Java.util.concurrent.SubmissionPublisher Completablefuture class strengthens, supports delays, timeout, subclassing, and other methods Tuning and modifying Javadoc reference Documentation Concurrency Utilities Enhancements in Java SE 8 Https://

Java network programming from getting started to mastering (12): Using the Isreachable method to detect if a host can be connected

not found, the Isreachable method considers that the client and the remote host are not connected.The Isreachable method is to determine whether the client and server are connected by connecting to the Echo port of the host. However, using this method on the Internet may not be able to connect to remote hosts (in fact, remote hosts can be connected) because of factors such as arson, so isreachable is not reliable on the internet. But we can apply the Isreachable method to the local area network

Java network programming from getting started to mastering (34)

Java network programming from getting started to mastering (34): reading and writing data in buffer---using GET and put methods to read and write individual data sequentially The most important operation for a buffer is the read and write operation. The buffer provides two ways to read and write data in the buffer: Get, put method, and array method. The get, put

"Java Concurrency Programming" 20: Concurrency new attribute-lock lock and condition variable (including code) __reentrantlock

= new Reentrantlock ()//The default use of unfair locks, if you want to use a fair lock, you need to pass in the argument true ... Lock.lock (); try { //Update object status //catch exception, revert to original invariant constraint if necessary//if there is return statement, put it here } finally { lock.unlock (); The lock must be released in the finally block comparison between Reetranklock and synchronizedPerformance Comp

Java Concurrency Programming Notes concurrency overview

variable.It is not a thread, but a threadlocalvariable (thread local variable).(2) Realization principle of ThreadLocalEach thread object has its own container threadlocalmap for storing private threadlocal objects, when a thread calls the Get () method of the Threadlocal object to fetch values,The Get method first obtains the current thread object, then takes out the thread's threadlocalmap, and then checks if it is already in the map, and returns the value in the map directly if it already ex

Java concurrency Programming Higher-order technology High performance concurrency framework source code Analysis and actual combat

1th Course Introduction (Java Concurrent Programming Advanced course)What is Disruptor? It is a high-performance asynchronous processing framework, known as the "single-threaded processing of 600W orders per second" artifact, the goal of this course: a thorough mastery of such an excellent open source framework, interview seconds to kill the interviewer. This chapter will lead the small partners to understa

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