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C # math. Round () Achieves Chinese rounding

C # math. Round () Achieves Chinese rounding   Math. Round () in C # does not use the "Rounding" method. In fact, in VB, VBScript, C #, J #, T-SQL in the round function are using banker's rounding (Banker algorithm), namely:Four Homes, six in five

Math. Round, parseint, math. Floor, and math. Ceil decimal points

Math is often seen in the code. round, parseint, and math. although the three functions of floor are known to return an integer at the end of the result, the difference between them is still unclear. Today we will make a summary. I. Math. Round

Math. Round rounded

In math. when performing data processing, round often encounters a situation where 81.25 retains a decimal number, and the value is 81.2. It is searched by material and math. the round rounding algorithm adopts the banker's rounding algorithm, which

Javascript Math object

The Math object is different from the above object. It can be said to be a common mathematics class, which has many mathematical methods used for various mathematical operations, but Math objects do not need to be constructed, you can directly use

Details about attributes and methods of Math objects in js

Math is a built-in js object and does not need to be created, so it does not need to be instantiated. It only has static attributes and static method Math object attributes: 1. E attribute is approximately 2.718. 2. The LN2 attribute returns the

Flash math learning

In flash, the math class is a very common class. Through mathematical computation, we can achieve a lot of wonderful results. Here we will start from the most basic learning and add a math knowledge. Let's take a look at the math class provided in

Math Ceil (), floor (), round () method

 Http: // Math Ceil () , Floor () , Round () Method   Math. Ceil () Function:The number is rounded up.Syntax:Math. Ceil (X)Parameters: X: A value. Return

Math. Round

Math. Round is used to round the value by the specified small number,Is not.When this type of rounding is performed, It is rounded up to the nearest or rounded up to five.     In fact, in VB, VBScript, C #, J #, the number of round functions in the

Math. Round (double, INT) Evaluate uses the four homes, six homes, five exams

Msdn does not provide a detailed description. An example is provided; Math. Round (3.44, 1); // returns 3.4.math.round (3.45, 1); // returns 3.4.math.round (3.46, 1); // returns 3.5. According to his example, the result is "five homes and six

Math. Round and rounding in. net

Many people mistakenly treat the math. Round function as a rounding function, and the result is often incorrect. In fact, math. Round adopts the internationally accepted banker rounding method. Banker's rounding (banker rounding)AlgorithmThat is,

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