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Flash math learning

In flash, the math class is a very common class. Through mathematical computation, we can achieve a lot of wonderful results. Here we will start from the most basic learning and add a math knowledge. Let's take a look at the math class provided in

Differences between math. Round () and math. Floor () functions in Javascript

These three functions may be confusing for beginners. Now I am learning them and I will make a detailed record. Math. Round () literally knows what it means. How can we get a number around a double or float number? The answer is rounding. For

Math Ceil (), floor (), round () method

 Http: // Math Ceil () , Floor () , Round () Method   Math. Ceil () Function:The number is rounded up.Syntax:Math. Ceil (X)Parameters: X: A value. Return

Math. ceil (), Math. floor (), Math. round () functions in JavaScipt

First, let's take a look at The definition of three functions in JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition. Math. ceil (): roundNumber up Arguments: Any numeric value or expression Returns: The closest integer greater than or equalX. Bytes ------

Date (Date object) and Math object_javascript techniques in JavaScript

This article briefly introduces Date (Date object) and Math object in JavaScript. For more information, see Date object 1. What is a Date object? A date object can store any date, and can be precise to the number of milliseconds (1/1000 seconds

Math. Round () Ceil floor

    Math. Round (11.5) and so on? Math. Round (-11.5) and so on? The math class provides three methods related to rounding: Ceil, floor, and round. The functions of these methods correspond to the meanings of their English names. For example, the

Summary of floor, round and ceil of Java math

Floor returns the maximum integer not greaterRound is the calculation of 4 homes and 5 homes, and the input is an integer greater than it (when-1.5 is displayed, the result obtained after rounding is not what we expect, the solution is to first take

JavaScript Math. floor (rounded down to the value), math. floor rounded down

JavaScript Math. floor (rounded down to the value), math. floor rounded down JavaScript Math. floor MethodThe Math. floor method is used to round down a value to obtain the maximum integer that is less than or equal to the value. Syntax: Math.

Methods of Math objects in js

1. discard the fractional part and keep the integer part parseInt (5/2) 2. rounded up. If there is a decimal number, add 1Math to the integer. ceil (5/2) 3, rounded down. math. round (5/2) 4, round down Math. floor (5/2) Math object method FF:

Methods of math objects in JS

1. Discard the fractional part and retain the integer part.Parseint (5/2) 2. rounded up. If there is a decimal number, add 1 to the integer part. Math. Ceil (5/2) 3. rounding. Math. Round (5/2) 4. Round down Math. Floor (5/2) Math object MethodFF:

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