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Matlab code for color filling of different classification areas (Demo:random Forest) in multi-classification problems

Previously, a svm-based Ordinal regression model, a special multi-classification model, was developed to show the effect of the model classification in a visual way, with different color representations for each category area. However, also read a lot of code, but the basic is to show two classification, when expanded into a multi-

The classification and application of model in "Caffe-windows" Caffe-master matlab

This article describes how to use the well-trained model for image classification in MATLAB. Will take mnist as an example, the main use of Caffe-master\matlab\demo under the CLASSIFICATION_DEMO.M, can refer to my previous blog "Caffe-windows" Caffe-master CLASSFICATION_DEMO.M Ultra-Detailed analysis (

Matlab with the Classification of Learning Toolbox (SVM, Decision Tree, KNN, etc.) __matlab

In Matlab, there are a variety of classifier training functions, such as "FITCSVM", but also a graphical interface of the classification of Learning Toolbox, which contains SVM, decision tree, KNN and other types of classifiers, the use of very convenient. Then let's talk about how to use it. Start: Click "Application", find "classification

Application of SVM Multi-classification problem LIBSVM in MATLAB __matlab

classes for all (All-versus-all AVA) , a classifier is trained for every two classes in the M class, and a total of two class classifiers are M (m-1)/2. For example, there are three classes, 1,2,3, then you need three classifiers, They are for: 1 and 2 classes, 1 and 3 classes, 2 and 3. For a data x that needs to be sorted, it needs to be predicted by all classifiers, as well as voting to determine the final class attribute of X. However, this method needs more classifiers than the "pair of all

Matlab Support Vector Machine (SVM) for multi-classification

1, first, you need to complete the installation of MATLAB.2, extract the and Drtoolbox.tar files to: libsvm-3.17 folder and Drtoolbox, and put in the MATLAB Toolbox installation directory,For example: C:\Program files\matlab\r2014a\toolbox directory.3, start Matlab.4. Click Set Path under the File menu

Svm+hog Classification of images (MATLAB implementation)

Online see about using OPENCV to classify the image, this time with Matlab to do some attempts, the image data set is: Link: Password: utn7, other MATLAB version/HTTP, click the Open link, 53763484 additional OPENCV versions for: Click to open the link,

MATLAB Implementation of binary classification SVM

MATLAB is used to implement binary classification SVM. The optimization technology uses the quadprog function provided by Matlab. Only to check what you have learned, more familiar; not to show off. There is not much time to use more optimization methods. Function Model = svm0311 (data, options) % svm0311 solution 2 SVM method, optimized using the

MATLAB exercise program (normal distribution Bayesian classification)

= [0.3 0; 0 0.35];Cls2_data = mvnrnd (mu2, S2, 1000 );Plot (cls2_data (:, 1), cls2_data (:, 2), 'r + '); Axis ([-8 8-8 8]); For I = -.For J = -.D1 = ([I, j]-mu1) * inv (S1) * ([I, j]-mu1 )';D2 = ([I, j]-mu2) * inv (S2) * ([I, j]-mu2 )';D = d1-d2;If D Plot (I, j );End EndEndGrid on; Figure;Mu1 = [0-3];S1 = [0.5 1; 1 2.5];Cls1_data = mvnrnd (mu1, S1, 1000 );Plot (cls1_data (:, 1), cls1_data (:, 2), '+ ');Hold on; Mu2 = [4 0];S2 = [0.5 1; 1 2.5];Cls2_data = mvnrnd (mu2, S2, 1000 );Plot (cls2_da

[Digital Image Processing] classification of common noise and Matlab implementation

1. Study the necessity of Noise Characteristics This article mainly introduces the classification and features of common noises. Model the noise, and then use the model to implement all kinds of noise. The aging of various photos in real life can be attributed to the following aging models. This model is very simple and can be expressed directly using the following formula. In the frequency domain, it is expressed in the following formula. Accordin

MATLAB exercise program (KNN, K nearest classification)

K Nearest Neighbor Density Estimation is a classification method instead of a clustering method. Not the optimal method, which is quite popular in practice. The common but not necessarily understandable rules are: 1. Calculate the distance (Euclidean or Markov) between the data to be classified and each data in different classes ). 2. Select the smallest distance of the first K data. Here we use the sort method. 3. Compare the first K distances to fin

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