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Okhttp Cache Max-age and Max-stale detailed

First, prefacePrior to understanding the use of okhttp cache, and the use of the cache is a preliminary summary of 80650856. The cache is primarily intended to obtain resource information directly from the cache in the absence of a network, or when

Baidu optimization does not set max-age or expires

Set static content cache time39 problems-client cache time can be set for infrequently changed static resources to reduce requestsFAILED-(max-age or expires not Set)- or expires not

Reprint-"Cache-control" common values are private, No-cache, Max-age, must-revalidate, etc.

Reprinted from Http:// cache of the Web page is controlled by the "Cache-control" in the HTTP message header, and the common values are private, No-cache, Max-age, must-revalidate, etc., and the

Common "cache-control" values include private, no-cache, Max-age, and must-revalidate.

The cache of web pages is controlled by "cache-control" in the HTTP message header. common values include private, no-cache, Max-age, and must-revalidate, the default value is private. The function of browser review is divided into the following

Expires and max-age attributes of cookies

Expires attributesCoolie lifetime is specified. By default, coolie exists temporarily, and their stored values only exist during browser sessions. These values are also lost when users launch browsers, if you want the cookie to exist for a period of

SQL Server SQL advanced query statement Summary

Advanced queries are most frequently used in databases and are also the most widely used. For more information about how to learn sqlserver, see. Advanced queries are most frequently used in databases and are also the most widely used. For more

HTTP caching in-depth practice

Reprinted from: HTTPS://WWW.JIANSHU.COM/P/32733A356ACF Network-specific latency and the cost of data transmission, restricting the Internet to quickly obtain web resources. To this end, the HTTP protocol introduces caching to space-time, allowing

SQL Server SQL advanced Query Statement summary _mssql

Ø Basic Common Query --select SELECT * from student; --all Query All Select all sex from student; --DISTINCT Filter Repeat Select distinct sex from student; --count Statistics Select COUNT (*) from student; Select count (Sex) from student; Select

Let your site seconds turn on "Content Expiration" for IIS

What is content expiration? When the user first visits your site, the browser downloads content from your site host, and if the user visits your site for the second time, the browser reads the content from the cache. Do you know how fast a browser

Nginx Server enforces caching configuration and caching priorities _nginx

Nginx Agent done, the cache is also configured, but found that CSS, JS, jpg these static files are all cached success. But the page file is still to the source server.1. Nginx does not cache reasonby default, whether the cache is nginx by the Nginx

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