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Analysis on the Application of 3D graphics technology on mobile phones

The boom in the Asian market for graphic electronic games is stimulating a huge demand for the next generation of mobile phones with complex 3D graphics Functions. This article describes in detail the technical challenges of 3D graphics technology

Full Deepin Linux Entertainment, work, learning (2)--graphics driver

In the previous article, "fully using Deepin Linux for entertainment, work, and study (1)", I simply shared with you the basic experience about Deepin Linux. For Deepin Linux, which has its good also has its shortcomings, I believe that anyone,

How Linux configures NVIDIA graphics drivers

In the field of graphic chips, Nvidia is a successor, and its history is only half the size of ATI. At the beginning of 1993, Nvidia was founded by Jen-hsun Huang,,chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem, but Nvidia was once the strongest in the field of

Do you want to play the game independent graphics card?

Independent graphics seems to give a strong impression of performance, a little bit of knowledge of the notebook will choose a stand-alone graphics card for the game, core graphics card is a kind of integrated in the processor part of a graphics

How to view the performance of computer graphics

Method One: The simplest and most original method. Right-click My Computer, left-click Properties, hardware, Device Manager. The plus sign next to "show" in the Device Manager midpoint, Expand it to show the specific graphics card model. View

How to configure the nVIDIA graphics card driver in Linux (1)

In the graphics chip field, nVidia is a latecomer, and its history is only half that of ATi. NVidia was once again the strongest in the graphics processing chip field. nVIDIA's Linux driver installation software kit will automatically check various

Use Bumblebee to control NVIDIA dual-graphics (ubuntu)

Use Bumblebee to control NVIDIA dual-graphics card (ubuntu) introduction Nvidia dual-graphics card switching technology is called Optimus (Optimus Prime), but unfortunately it can only be implemented under win7 and vista. There is no corresponding

Knowledge to teach you about Linux configuration graphics

This article is provided by E Mentor NetworkThe Linux system comes with drivers that only include Nvidia 2D acceleration, and if you need to get better 3D acceleration, you need to install the Nvidia dedicated driver software toolkit. 3D hardware

Graphics system in "original" Linux environment and AMD R600 graphics Programming (5)--AMD graphics display command processing mechanism

The device is usually programmed by means of a read-write device register, which is programmed on the X86 system by a dedicated IO instruction, and on other systems such as MIPS, SPARC, by mapping the device's registers to the memory address space

Detailed analysis of Windows 7 core graphics Architecture

In-depth explanation-detailed analysis of Windows 7 core graphics Architecture Edit: Ma Zhiwen Time: Connection: As we all think, Windows 7 is actually the ultimate version of Windows Vista.

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