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How to Use python to develop the Maya export plug-in

To a certain extent, the development of the Maya export plug-in is easier than the export of Max, and you can do a lot less on your own. This is a python plug-in, which can basically be used in C ++. First, let's take a look at Maya's environment variable settings. In my document, the Maya/Maya version \

Get skincluster data with Maya ' s Python API

The code below demonstrates, via Maya ' s Python API, how to retrieve:–mobject from a mesh, and its skincluster–mfnskincluster for the skincluster on that mesh, haven influences in that skin cluster and their names, Haven influence weights for every vert on that meshenjoy! ## Don ' t mind the short names, I had a habit of using MC, OM, OMA for Maya ' s modulesI

Python writes a plugin for viewing directory listings in Maya

Before writing an article that uses Python to traverse a folder, extend the code today and make it a Maya plugin with UI user interface that can run directly in Maya;function is to display a list of files in the disk partition directory;ImportOSdefChdisk (): CD= Mc.optionmenu (OP, V=1, Q=1) MLS=Os.listdir (CD)#switching between listsMc.textscrolllist (Directoryli

Python randomly selects Maya scene elements

Prior to the company's participation in a project with foreign cooperation, the need for dynamic random selection of some objects in the scene, was used Houdini node +hscript solved;A similar effect was written in Maya today with a simple and elegant python, The code is as follows:Import Maya.cmds as MC Import Random def seltest (): (alldagobjects=1) = (sl=True) = len (SEL) # Pr

Quick Start for Maya API programming

A. Introduction to Maya API ProgrammingAutodesk? Maya? is an open product. This means, anyone outside of Autodesk can change Maya ' s existing features or add entirely new features. There is several ways you can modify Maya:· mel?-(Maya Embedded Language) is a powerful and e

Using the Wing IDE with Maya (excerpt from the Maya User Guide)

1. Copy the from the Wing IDE installation directory to the Maya Python script path. 2. Make sure that enable passive listening is selected in the Wing IDE > Edit > Preferences > Debugger to allow connections from external processes. Windows may pop up a dialog box requesting authorization to open the communication port. You should allow this situation. 3. Start

[Memo] How to Use user-provided mentalray shader in Maya? (How to use custom mentalray shader in Maya)

Document directory 1. Create VC project files 5. Modify Maya. env 6. Test Note: a feasible method is provided by referring to the maya2009 document and slightly modifying it. If there are any errors or inappropriate ones, please correct them more. Thank you ~ 1. Create VC project files Create a new mytexture. vcproj according to the configuration of maya2009/devkit/mentalray/docs/writingshaders/mayashaderexample_32bit.vcproj to ensure that the

Maya Sharp tip: Create Maya Paint effects Shadow

Maya paint Effects is a powerful tool that you can use to create a drawing plant without any third-party plug-ins. But it also has its drawbacks, the main thing is that you have no shading when rendering. So I'm writing this tutorial to show you a little trick to generate shadows when rendering. Create a new Maya scene. Press F6 to open the render interface. On this screen, get brush to open the visor win

[Guide] How to install Scipy in Maya Windows bit-google online forum-Google Chrome

I ' ve seen a lot of queries about getting scipy working in Maya (Windows *) with a few not 100% reproducible answers.So after a long personal struggle with the problem, here's my solution which would hopefully end the madness for all Window S Maya users:TL;DR versionClick here to grab Maya 2014-2015-2016 tested versions of NumPy, SciPy, numexpr and other useful

Introduction to Maya: Blender in Linux

in 2001. A year later, he initiated the [Blender] Foundation to convert [Blender] into an open-source project. With the help of enthusiastic volunteers and former non-employees, it took only seven weeks to raise $100,000. As a result, [Blender] becomes a free software under the banner of [GNU/GPL. Ton Roosendaal Currently, the development of [Blender] is mainly completed by volunteers. As a result, the [Blender] Foundation continues to attract new recruits. If you are confident in your talent,

Unable to start the solution and reason for Maya integrated QT designer and switch between Chinese and English

installation directory, locate qt.conf. Open with Notepad:[Paths]prefix=$ (maya_location)Libraries=libBinaries=binHeaders=includeData=.Plugins=qt-pluginsTranslations=qt-translationsQml2imports=qmlModify prefix=$ (maya_location) to Prefix=e:\\program files\\autodesk\\maya2017 (Here The path is noted with \ \).  Translations=qt-translations is a change of language, next. Using this method, we can send Designer.exe to the desktop shortcut key.switching between China and BritainWhen we successfully

Analysis of importing objects from Maya in Unity3d technology

Welcome to Unity Learning, unity training, Unity Enterprise training and education zone, there are many u3d resources, u3d training videos, u3d tutorials, U3d Frequently asked questions, U3d Project source code, we are committed to creating the industry Unity3d training, learning the first brand.Importing objects from MayaUnity can import Maya files directly. To begin, simply place the. MB or. ma file under the project's resources (Assets) folder. Whe

Analysis of importing objects from Maya in Unity3d technology

Welcome to Unity Learning ,Unity Training ,Unity Enterprise Training and education, where there are many u3d resources , u3d Training Videos ,u3d Tutorials ,u3d FAQs ,u3d project source code , we are committed to building the industry Unity3d Training, learning the first brand.Importing objects from MayaUnity can import Maya files directly. To begin, simply place the. MB or. ma file under the project's resources (Assets) folder. When you switch

Maya QT interfaces in a class

Most tutorials online have suggested the way to fire commands inside QT interfaces launched n Maya (via cmds. loadUi-not involving pyQT) is to add a string property like: +command="myPythonInstance.pythonCommand()" Pretty craptastical-it can only fire commands inside a specific python module, the name of which has to be known when you're laying out your interface. Ideally, we 'd like to have our interfa

E Subdivide Surface Algorithm Of Maya

Have A Fun, Click to listen music and reading my article. The article in Pixar RenderMan 12.5 release note named"Hierarchical Subdivision Surfaces"Shows that these is a switch" interpolateboundary "in new version of RenderMan support hierarchical editing subdivide surface. but when we introduce ZBrush in the production pipeline, the UV mapping wowould cause a disaster, that, what we see is not what we want. because the subdivide operation applied to origin control polygon surface in

Use Maya and Shake in linux

In linux, use Maya and Shake-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Some people have done experiments. In various CG application projects, the Linux platform is generally better than the WIN platform. In some projects, the performance can be improved by more than 100%, which is quite impressive. I believe that many CGer students are still unable to purchase high-priced profession

Introduction to Maya plug-in development

Introduction to Maya plug-in developmentHere I will provide a simple process for creating the Maya C ++ plug-in.The author provides two versions of Mel and C ++ plug-ins to achieve the same function.The background of this plug-in is like this. Most people are delighted to hear that maya8.5 has been released and can finally feel the new version of Maya. After hear

Maya API Selection

When using the Maya Python APIMselectionlist needs to be written as a separate functionIf you embed mselectionlist inside a for loop for other functions,Even if it's added. Clear () He can't automatically empty it.The SEL will not automatically empty if the following is a problem:For I in Allsel:sel = om. Mselectionlist ()Sel.clear ()Sel.add (name)Path = Sel.getdagpath (0)The following example is written as

A guide to the Maya modeling of twisted-weave bracelet

The effect of the hinge-weave bracelet is as follows: Maya Woven Fabric Modeling (Fig 1) 1. Choose the Maya menu Create>ep curve tool, in front view, first hold down the X key to open the point capture, and then use the left mouse button click, starting from the coordinate origin (x=0.y=0.z=0) to draw the curve, the following figure  Curve is composed of 13 CVs of the curve.

Maya 2010 new Features trial report

Objective The author in the first time to get Autodesk Maya 2010, get the mood excited unceasingly. In addition to testing stability and interface updates, the first thing to understand is what Maya has added, let's take a look at Maya more than 2010. Figure 1 Installation To get the software is to install first, do not pretend not to know, a load of shock,

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