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KB and KB,MB and MB, explaining computer storage units in detail

1, first, K and K case is no difference (kilo), M and M is the same 2, B is a bit, that is, a bit, B is a byte, that is, Byte, 8bit =1byte, a letter a byte, a man two bytes 3, 1024B =1KB,1024KB=1MB,1024MB=1GB,1024GB=1TB Answer 1: Why 200M


The size of the computer stores information, the most basic unit is byte, a Chinese character consists of two bytes, letters and numbers are composed of a byte. Units of capacity are from small to large: bytes (B), KB, MB, GB, TB. The relationship

PHP algorithm-Sort file size (kb, MB, GB, Tb)

Having stayed at school, I went over PhP and looked at the previously written functions. I suddenly wanted to write the known file size and sort the data. For example: 1.3G, 153 MB, 458kb, 998 m, 0.99g (the difference between MB and MB is not

What do you know about te, kb, MB, GB, TB, Pb, EB, ZB, Yb, and Nb?

Http://hi.baidu.com/dilijia1002/blog/item/38f0b5cef747c70d92457eb1.html Byte is a unit of measurement used by Computer Information Technology to measure storage capacity and transmission capacity. one byte equals to eight-bit binary. Currently, we

When the network speed is 10 MB, is it a bit or a byte? -How fast is the 10 M bandwidth? What is the difference between 1 M Disk and 1 m disk?

Bandwidth, transmission speed, two bytes, killing people, always confused which is bit, which is byte, the network speed is 10 m, M indicates bit or byte Article Article Record that Mbps is actually a bandwidth unit, not a speed unit. In Mbps, "B"

File size and footprint size (with byte to KB,MB formula)

A lot of people have been confused, "size" and "footprint (size on disk)" In a file or folder property usually do not match each other. The value of size represents the number of bytes in the actual size of the file, while the space-occupying value

What's the difference between MB/s and mbit/s?

The data transmission rate units generally use MB/s or mbit/s, especially in the internal data transfer rate on the official data more use MBIT/S as the unit. There is a need to explain the difference between the two units: The meaning of MB/s is

Performance Analysis of 4 kb large-sector hard disks

  Some time ago, I published an article titled the appearance and Analysis of Large-sector hard disks"To illustrate the emergence of large-sector hard disks in, and some readers have also sent a letter to ask, here, reprinted an article by

How big is the MB/GB/TB/PB/EB/ZB/YB/NB/DB/CB storage space? How to convert?

Yte is a unit of measurement of computer information technology used to measure storage capacity and transmission capacity, with 1 bytes equal to 8-bit binary. At the moment we often calculate the smallest unit of storage space (in fact there is a

Linux hard disk Performance Detection and linux hard disk Detection

Linux hard disk Performance Detection and linux hard disk Detection For today's computers, the performance of the entire computer is mainly affected by the disk I/O speed, and the speed of memory, CPU, and motherboard bus has become very fast.Basic

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