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Core anti-spam Firewall Technology Analysis

that the firewall's defense against DDoS attacks is different from the anti-spam firewall's defense against DoS attacks. The Anti-Spam Firewall prevents DoS attacks by sending a large number of spam mails to an email address within a short period of time. The core technologies for spam include Bayesian Intelligent Analysis, spam fingerprint check, rule-based scoring system, and custom rules, its

Switch configuration: layer-3 Core + Firewall

Layer-3 egress connection to the internal port of the firewall It is recommended that layer-3 core switches use VLAN1 to connect to the firewall's internal port. The Intranet access to the Internet may be slow due to IP redirection !! The specific examples and solutions are as follows: The core of a certain Enterprise Network is 4506, And the access is basically

Analysis of core technology of anti-spam firewall

not discuss, it is worth mentioning that the firewall to prevent DDoS attacks and anti-spam firewall to prevent Dos attacks are not the same. According to the technical engineer's introduction: Anti-spam firewall to prevent Dos attacks are mainly to prevent a mail address in a short period of time to send a large number of spam, resulting in a Dos attack. The

Cisco firewall Internet Service provider success stories

prevention systems, into a single device, making deployment and management more efficient. "The reason we chose the Cisco solution was that Cisco was able to provide us with a complete toolkit," explained Erik van Laar, managing director of the XB network. "Cisco IOS Firewall runs on Cisco devices located in the customer's building to ensure enterprise-class connectivity to the services we provide to our customer sites." Therefore, it is easy to depl

Construction of Group network and service platform of 3G core network in packet domain

Introduction The author was fortunate to participate in the overall project design of the third generation mobile communication technology test network of the Ministry of Information Industry and the design work of the Beijing Area Test Network project. 3G test Network adopts WCDMA R99, CDMA2000 1X, TD-SCDMA three kinds of technology construction. When considering the 3g scheme, we combine the characteristics of 3G network, based on satisfying the requirements of the test, and draw on the exper

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