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Zhong Zhi-Open Intelligent Classroom Training System construction Plan

Sino Intelligence (Wuhan) technology Co., Ltd.Construction scheme of open intelligent classroom Training System 1 Smart Classroom Project development background 1.1 Internet of Things technology With the popularity of network coverage, people have raised a question, since the ubiquitous network can become the omnipotent tool of interpersonal communication, why ca

Software Engineering Classroom Training--seeking water king

=arrid[i],x=1; } Else { if(shuiwang==Arrid[i]) { ++x; } Else { --x; }}} printf ("the water King's ID is:%d\n", Shuiwang); returnShuiwang;} intMainintargcChar*argv[]) { intarry[6]={3,4,3,2,3,3}; Find (Arry,6); return 0; }FourFive, Experience This class of training feel the teacher out of the problem more and more Test IQ, when the classmate said the middle ID must be wate

Software Engineering Classroom Training ——— find three of the Kings

Water king { if(idcou[0]==0 shuiwang[i]!=id[1] shuiwang[i]!=id[2]) {idcou[0]=1; id[0]=Shuiwang[i]; } Else if(idcou[1]==0shuiwang[i]!=id[0] shuiwang[i]!=id[2]) {idcou[1]=1; id[1]=Shuiwang[i]; } Else if(idcou[2]==0shuiwang[i]!=id[0] shuiwang[i]!=id[1]) {idcou[2]=1; id[2]=Shuiwang[i]; } Else if(shuiwang[i]!=id[0] shuiwang[i]!=id[1] shuiwang[i]!=id[2]) {idcou[0]--; idcou[1]--; idcou[2]--; } Else if(shuiwang[i]==id[0]) {idcou[0]++; } Else if(shuiwang

Software Engineering Classroom Training ———— cheapest book plan

entry point of the console application. //#include"stdafx.h"#include"iostream"using namespacestd;intMain () {intb//define the number of books purchased intM,n; inti; Doublesum=0; cout"Please enter the number of books you need to purchase:"Endl; CIN>>b; M=b/5; N=b%5; I=n+5; if(i!=8) { Switch(n) { Case 0: Sum=m* +*0.75; Break; Case 1: Sum=m* +*0.75+8; Break; Case 2: Sum=m* +*0.75+ -*0.95; Break; Case 3: Sum=m* +*0.75+ -*0.9; Break; Case 4: Sum=m* +*0.75+ +*0.8; Break; } }

Software Engineering Classroom Training--loop two-dimensional array of pair development

(hang=0;hang3; hang++)Ten { OneA[hang][lie]=a[hang][lie+1]; A } - } - for(cw2=0;cw23; cw2++)//the value of the last column is the first column that was just saved the { -a[cw2][4]=FLAG[CW2]; - } -}Four, Experience:We've only finished part of the experiment, and we've had difficulties with this part of the last two-dimensional array, so we missed this step. Or part of the code. But the mind and the structure are still intact.Knot pair development advantages also h

Software Engineering Classroom Training--large number overflow of arrays

{ -Sum =sum+A[j]; - if(sum0) - { - //printf ("Overflow! "); -sum=0; in } - if(Sum >Max) to { +Max =Sum; - } the } * } $ Panax Notoginseng return 0; -}Iv. Test and operation results:Five, Experience: This time the experiment we wrote on the basis of the original, the program automatically generated 1000 numbers, this aspect is not a problem. The result is not always correct. Ou

Software Engineering Classroom Training--knot pair Development loop array is the most Yamato

"The rings of the maximum contiguous array is:%d\n", Max); -printf"The maximum contiguous rings array is:"); - A if(sum==0) + { theprintf"a[%d]", FLAG4); - } $ Else the { the intflag3=flag2-Flag1; the for(o=0; o) the { -printf"a[%d]\t", Flag1); inflag1++; the if(flag1>4) theflag1=0; About } the } theprintf"\ n"); the return 0; +}Iv. Test and operation results:Test data:3 6-9 0 7 (positive, negative, 0)7 9 3 2 8 (positive o

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