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RTSP C + + Certification implementation

= strrecvbuf.substr (Nindexofnoncevaluestart + Nnoncelen, Nindexofnoncevalueend- Nindexofnoncevaluestart-nnoncelen);char* pszalg = "";char* pszqop = "";char* psznoncecount = NULL;char* pszcnonce = NULL;Char sznonce[128] = {0};sprintf (sznonce, "%s", Strnoncevalue.c_str ());Char szusername[128] = {0};sprintf (szUserName, "%s", "admin");Char szrealm[32] = {0};sprintf (Szrealm, "%s", Strrealmvalue.c_str ());Char szpassword[32] = {0};sprintf (Szpassword, "%s", "admin12345");Char pszmethod[32] = {0}

. C # Certification Exam Questions compilation: The first unit: 1,11 second unit: 1,11

...";M_sex = false;}Must not be preceded by parentheses ()public bool Sex//For subclasses set the base class variable{get {return m_sex;}set {m_sex = value;}}public string Sound{get {return m_sound;}set {M_sound = value;}}Public virtual string Roan ()//virtual method{Return "Animal" +m_sound;}}Class Dog:animal{Public Dog (){Sex = true;Sound = "Wow ...";}public override string Roan ()//override method{Return "Dog:" + sound;}}Class Cat:animal{Public Cat (){Sound = "Miaow ...";}public override str

C # Certification Exam questions compilation 3_1

private void large Toolstripmenuitem_click (object sender, EventArgs e){This. Width = 600;This. Height = 400;Toolstripstatuslabel1.text = "large form";}private void in Toolstripmenuitem_click (object sender, EventArgs e){This. Width = 300;This. Height = 200;Toolstripstatuslabel1.text = "Medium form";}private void small Toolstripmenuitem_click (object sender, EventArgs e){This. Width = 150;This. Height = 120;Toolstripstatuslabel1.text = "small form";}private void Toolstripbutton1_click (object se

C # Certification Two unit first question

1: Run ResultsThe code is as follows:Using System;Using System.Collections.Generic;Using System.Linq;Using System.Text;Using System.Threading.Tasks;Namespace Txst2_1{Class Animal{Private Boolean M_sex;private int m_age;public bool Sex{get {return m_sex;}set {M_sex = false;}}public int Age{get {return m_age;}set {m_age = value;}}Public virtual string introduce (){if (Sex = = True)Return "This is a male Animal";ElseReturn "This is a female Animal";}}Class Dog:animal{Public Dog (){Sex = true;}publi

C # Certification Exam questions.

stringstatic void Main (string[] args){Console.WriteLine ("Please enter a string:");String s_text = Convert.ToString (Console.ReadLine ());Char ch;ch = s_text[0];for (int i = 0; i {if (Ch > s_text[i])ch = s_text[i];}Console.WriteLine ("ASCII minimum character is {0}", ch);Console.ReadLine ();}1.11. Enter the original string and the key string, and output the result of encrypting the string.static void Main (string[] args){String S_text, S_key;string s_result = null;Char ch;Console.WriteLine ("P

C # certification 3 chapters

Main Menu Control MainMenuToolbar Control ToolStripStatus bar control StatusStripThe Size, Location property requires new, and the other does not requireWhen you click the MenuItem event for a menu item, the corresponding form dimension information is displayed in the status panelthis.toolstripstatuslabel1.text= "Large form"; Private voidForm1_Load (Objectsender, EventArgs e) { This. Size =NewSize ( -, $); } Private voidToolstripmenuitem1_click (Objectsender, EventArgs e) {

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