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Keil (MDK-ARM) use tutorial (a) _ interface + menu, keilmdk-arm

Keil (MDK-ARM) use tutorial (a) _ interface + menu, keilmdk-arm I. Overview Summary of the Keil (MDK-ARM) interface and menu-related content today, please look down. For more information about how to download, install, and create a Keil project, see the relevant articles in

Mdk-arm Download and install

ObjectiveMdk-arm means arm-based microcontroller development tool (microcontroller Developer kit), developed by Keil Company, Mdk-arm contains industry-standard Keil C compilers, macro assembler, debugger, real-time kernel and other components. The industry-leading arm C + +

One way to disable/enable interrupt in ARM 7 user mode-use Soft Interrupt for Keil MDK

example: SWI 0x02; this command calls the system routine of the operating system number 02. In the Keil MDK, the keyword _ SVC can generate the hardware SWI command so that the processor can respond to the software interrupt. The keyword _ SVC, which is described in the Keil MDK help file as follows: The _ SVC keyword declares that the Super User calls the (SVC) function. This function uses up to four par

Relationships in code for functions, variables, constants/BSS segments, data segments, text segments/SCT files,. map files [instance Analysis arm Code (MDK)]

that is used to store program execution code. The size of this area is determined before the program runs, and the memory area is usually read-only (some schemas also allow code snippets to be writable, which allows the program to be modified). in a code snippet, it is also possible to include some read-only constant variables, such as String constants. The code snippet is the data that holds the program code, and if several processes in the machine run the same program, they can use the same c

Keil (mdk-arm) use Tutorial (iii) _ Online debugging

where to turn the program, click the Change button to know our program paused in that position.8. Debug WindowThe "Debug window" is a window that can be viewed while debugging, unlike a window that is normally in edit mode. The options under the View menu are small at the time of editing, but in debug mode there are many more options, which are the windows that are viewed during debugging (see).Let's focus on a common debugging window.A. Memory window, which is the window where we view the vari

MDK for ARM (Keil) compiled information

Article transferred from we compile our code using Keil, the Build Output window below appears:Program size:code=49220 ro-data=7060 rw-data=264 zi-data=4584 Code: is the amount of space that is consumedRo-data : Is read only, the size of the ReadOnly constant (such as const type)Rw-data: Is read write, initialized or initialized with a value that is not 0 of the size of a readable variablezi-data : The size of a read-write variable that is Z

Arm tool MDK shortcut

Common Keil shortcut keys (1) "F7": Compile (2) "F9": Add/cancel breakpoints (3) "Ctrl" + "F5": Debug (4) "tab": shifts the selected content to the right (5) "shift" + "tab": shifts the selected content to the left (6) "home ": move the cursor to the beginning of the line (7) "end": move the cursor to the end of the line (8) "Ctrl" + ">": move the cursor from the current position to the right of a word (9) "Ctrl" + " Arm tool

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