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One way to disable/enable interrupt in ARM 7 user mode-use Soft Interrupt for Keil MDK

example: SWI 0x02; this command calls the system routine of the operating system number 02. In the Keil MDK, the keyword _ SVC can generate the hardware SWI command so that the processor can respond to the software interrupt. The keyword _ SVC, which is described in the Keil MDK help file as follows: The _ SVC keyword declares that the Super User calls the (SVC) function. This function uses up to four par

ARM embedded programming (no operating system, based on MDK) the simplest program: Light up an LED lamp

1. design requirements EM-STM3210E Development Board has a LED lamp D1, write a program to light up the light. 2. hardware circuit connection On the Development Board, D1 is connected to the PF6 pin on the STM32F103ZE chip, as shown in. 3. Software Programming According to the task requirements, the program content mainly includes: 1. configure Reset and clock control (RCC) to enable the clock of the GPIOF port Module 2. Configure the PF6 pin of the GPIOF port (50 MHz, push-pull output) 3. Call

View the number of bytes occupied by the Keil MDK-ARM for various data types

1. Define several variables to store the number of bytes of each data type. # Include Unsigned char a, B, c, d, e, f, g; Main () { A = sizeof (char ); B = sizeof (short INT ); C = sizeof (INT ); D = sizeof (long ); E = sizeof

Comparison between IAR and MDK

, Germany. It is verified and used by more than 0.1 million of embedded development engineers worldwide. It is the latest software development tool released by arm for various embedded processors. Realview MDK integrates the industry's most advanced technologies, including μvision3 integrated development environment and realview compiler. Supports ARM7, ARM9 and the latest Cortex-M3 core processor, automati

Relationship between Keil, uvision, realview, MDK, and Keil C51)

Keil uvision, Keil MDK, Keil for ARM, realview MDK, Keil C51, Keil c166, Keil c166 From contact with MCS-51 microcontroller, we know that there is a software called Keil. When developing single-chip microcomputer, the C or assembly language is used. We know that neither of these languages can be directly filled into the single-chip microcomputer. If the execution

stm32f10x Standard Library of Keil MDK RTE compatible KEIL4 _ide

Keil MDK RTE is compatible with KEIL4 stm32f10x standard library 1. Problem In the beginning of learning embedded, is from the 51 SCM start, the use of KEIL4 development environment, with very handy. Until recently contacted arm to learn STM32 and its library functions. At first I studied STM32 's version 3.5 standard library "stm32f10x Standard Peripherals Library", but later found that the acquisition of

Remote Upgrade Design Based on IAP and Keil MDK

flexibility for data storage and on-site firmware upgrades. Generally, the serial port of the chip can be connected to the RS232 port of the computer, and online and remote upgrade and maintenance can be easily implemented through the existing Internet, wireless network, or other communication methods. This article uses NXP's lpc2114 ARM microprocessor as the platform and Keil MDK as the development tool,

Turn: Keil MDK compiler and J-LINK use

A few days ago into the hands of a J-LINK, because the H-JTAG after all on the MDK support is not too perfect, for example, with the Download button on the Keil MDK burning program, not directly can burn in, instead, the H-Flash software is popped up, and then the file is manually selected for installation. In addition, the single-step debugging with h_jtag is easy to run inexplicably. Fortunately, J-LINK i

Use Keil MDK Compiler (v4.03) with J-LINK

A few days ago into the hands of a J-LINK, because the H-JTAG after all for the MDK support is not too perfect, such as using the Download button on the Keil MDK burnProgramInstead of simply burning the file, the H-Flash software is popped up, and then the file is manually selected for burning. In addition, the single-step debugging with h_jtag is easy to run inexplicably. Fortunately, J-LINK is not too exp

Keil mdk rtx real-time operating system

Keil RTX is a royalty-free, deterministic real-time operating system for ARM and cortex-m devices. With this system, you can create programs that execute multiple functions at the same time, and create applications with better structure and easier maintenance.Highlights Royalty-free and deterministic RTOS with source code Flexible scheduling: loop, preemptive, and collaborative High-speed real-time operations with low interrupt latency Small spac

Add your own flash Programming Algorithm to the MDK

don't have to worry about them. These functions are automatically managed by realview MDK. As long as the above content is correctly implemented, developers can download the program compiled by the realview MDK to their flash chips. The following describes how to add a Flash program: 1. Create an empty subfolder under C: "Keil" arm "Flash; 2. in the flash fol

Implementation of Program program burning to S3C2440 nand flash in MDK

When you see the question may feel very simple, with J-LINK to burn program to nand flash is very simple, I want to say is, if it is learning, then it should not only to know its ran, let us know why. If you are a veteran, we recommend that you stop reading it, because you are no longer familiar with it, and it is useful for new users. Note: The Development Environment used is Keil MDK 3.50. You need to know the Bootloader, scattered loading of a job

MDK streaking STL

discuss how to make the embedded CPU run properly the STL program. This article assumes that all of my friends are familiar with the MDK compiling environment. In fact, it doesn't matter if you are not familiar with it. At least, you should know how to create a project. :) Let's create a project first. It seems that the kernel of arm cortex m3 is very popular recently. Let's choose the CPU of this core.

Debug the axf file with MDK

// ================================================ ====================================// Title:// Use MDK to debug the axf File// Author:// Norains// Date:// February 21-September-2010// Environment:// Keil MDK 4.0// ================================================ ==================================== Axf is the file format used by the ARM chip. It contains th

RealView the questions to be aware of when using inline functions in MDK __ function

want to reference. This makes it possible to invoke the inline function in the header file. and can be correctly compiled, linked. In fact, in the MDK at91rm9200 standard library is also done, AT91RM9200 Standard library has two. h Files ――at91rm9200.h and Lib_ AT91RM9200.h, where some constants and peripheral interface structures are defined in AT91RM9200.h. The library function is stored in lib_at91rm9200.h, and its library functions are all inline

Detailed description of the boot function of the MDK Compiler

A few days ago, I talked to people in a technical group:The MDK compiler will also do some bootloader work, and a large group of students will immediately "discuss and correct ", some students say that the vendor has provided the corresponding Startup file, and the corresponding Bo is completed.For the startup of otloader, some say that the factory Chamber of Commerce will launch the bootloader which is not part of the Startup Program in the internal

KEIL MDK View Code volume, Ram usage--ro-data, Rw-data, zi-data explanation

Source: KEIL MDK View Code volume, Ram usage--ro-data, Rw-data, zi-data explanationKEIL RVMDK Post-compilation informationProgram size:code=86496 ro-data=9064 rw-data=1452 zi-data=16116Code is the amount of space that is consumed by the codes;Ro-data is the size of Read only read-only constant, such as const type;Rw-data is the size of the read-write variable that was initialized;Zi-data is the size of a read-write variable (Zero Initialize) that is n

Keil MDK compiler warning and error details (occasionally updated)

After work, I switched from a single-chip computer to an arm. At the beginning, I used the ads1.2 compiler for a while, because the old program I took over was compiled using ads, and most departments were using it. when learning SCM, we use the Keil C51 compiler. ads and this compiler cannot be compared in terms of ease of use. later, we gradually learned that Keil has been acquired by arm, and now Keil

How to Use PC-lint in Keil MDK

Keil MDK version: v4.03. For more information, see my other blog posts. PC-Lint version: v8.0 There are many powerful functions of PC-lint on the Internet. I don't want to repeat them here. I just want to say: it can be tested by PC-lint.ProgramIt may not be a problem, but the quality improvement is self-evident when the PC-Lint test program is passed. First, install the Keil MDK and PC-Lint sof

How to set a non-0 initialization variable under Keil MDK

, Keil MDK by default puts it into the input section with the property Zi.So what is "ZI" and what is the "input section"? It's a little boring to know about the composition of arm image files, but I think it's very necessary to master it.The composition of the arm image file: An image file consists of one or more domains (region, also translated as "zon

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