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Mean full stack development user authentication

Soaring_tiger article will cover the following (read this article requires a certain express, mongoose basis): Add user authentication to mean full stack development Manage user authentication with the Passport module in Express Generating a JSON Web Tokens (JWT) in exrpess Implement user Registration and login

How to build a mean stack environment on windowsazure How to Mangodb on the Chinese version of Azure

A few days ago overseas customers asked if it was possible to build a mean stack on azure. Of course it works, it's just an environment.First, what is mean Stack.MEAN Stack is a modern alternative to the lamp (Linux, Apache, Mysql,php/python) stack, where lamp was the domina

Developing Web Application with "MEAN" technology stack (i) ANGULARJS front-end architecture

Preface does not know when suddenly out "mean technology stack" This new word, sounds very good appearance, in fact, we have been familiar with the front-end of the past two years in the popular technology, MongoDB, Express, Angularjs, Nodejs, Because these technologies cover from front-end to back-end to the database, you can use them to complete the development of a Web application, so it became a very go

"MEAN" Technology stack Development Web application

"MEAN" Technology stack Development Web applicationIn the previous article, we talked about how to use angular to build a front-end framework for a project, and the front end abstracts a service layer to send requests back, and the backend returns the corresponding JSON data. In this article, we introduce how to use Express in the NODEJS environment to set up the service side so that it responds to the fron

Multi-User Blog system based on mean full stack architecture (ANGULAR2+NODE+MONGODB)

Tags: res introduction persistence development environment service experience environment Building control knowledgeMulti-User Blog system based on mean full stack architecture (ANGULAR2+NODE+MONGODB)Course Study Address: course out of self-study, worry-free network: http://www.xuetuwuyou.comCourse IntroductionI. Introduction of the CourseMean is a modern web developm

Multi-User Blog system based on mean full stack architecture (ANGULAR2+NODE+MONGODB)

Multi-User Blog system based on mean full stack architecture (ANGULAR2+NODE+MONGODB)Course Study Address: course out of self-study, worry-free network: http://www.xuetuwuyou.comCourse IntroductionI. Introduction of the CourseMean is a modern web development framework for the JavaScript platform, which is the first letter combination of MongoDB + Express +angularjs + N

Developing Web applications with the "MEAN" technology stack (iii) building a database with MongoDB

; Next (); }); }); Questionschema.set ( ' Toobject ', {getters: true }); As a result, each time question executes the Save method, the function is called to obtain the most recent ID after the increment. Backup and import of database backup and import of course is necessary, for example, you can take this my backup files directly into the practice, so that the step-by-step creation of the steps are omitted. To back up a database you can use the Mongodump command using the following: Mongodum

MEAN Stack: Creating a RESTful Web service

function module is divided into front and back, and the backend node provides RESTful resource acquisition Api,angularjs to obtain resources in the front end using $resource for the encapsulation of HTT requests. This set of HTTP + CRUD Method + URLs is just the implementation of the rest part concept, and the real value of rest lies in the low-coupling design concept.References:rest related Talking about rest Rest-based WEB service Foundation The concept and application of HTT

Mean stack development

Development of the mean stack of Nodejs (ii)----view and model2016-06-02 08:30 by Stoneniqiu, 92 reading, 2 reviews, Favorites, compilation The previous section did a brief introduction to express, presented the controller, and introduced the routing. This section focuses on views and models, completes several static pages, and deploys to Heroku.NavigationThe front-end layout uses bootstrap, which is downlo

Nodejs's mean stack development (iv)--form verification and image uploading

) {vardata =json.parse (object.response); Console.log (data); $("#img"). attr ("src", data); $ ("#imgvalue" ). val (data);});Submit:Jump to the detail page after uploading successfully.At this point, the section on the submission of the form learns the Mongoose data validation, as well as the use of plupload uploads, and the backend uses the formidable and FS modules to process the pictures. ASP. NET MVC is relatively fast because it has an automated form. The next section introduces angular

[MEAN Stack] First API--7. Using Route Files to Structure Server Side API

Currently, the Server.js is going the too long. In the real world application, it's likely that we were going to deal with more routers, whichi means it growing even long Er.A single file which have too many lines of code whcih means code small.We are going to extract routes to modules.Firstmean/routes/people.js:/**/var express = require (' Express '); var people = require ('.. /controller/people ');// return router instance which can be mounted as a middleware var router = Express. Router (); R

[MEAN Stack] First API--2

) Response.json (503, {error:true}); Response.json (200, data); });} Exports.get=function(Request, response) {varID; Model.get (ID,function(err, data) {if(ERR) Response.json (503, {error:true}); Response.json (200, data); });}Model/people.js/** * Created by Answer1215 on 12/26/2014.*/varMongoose = require ('.. /lib/mogoose ');varPersonschema ={firstname:string, lastname:string, email:string};//Create a person model, and rename db as Peoplevarperson = Mongoose.model (' person '

[MEAN Stack] First API with node. js, Express and MongoDB

(' person ', personschema, ' people ');varApp =expres (); App.use (Cors ()); App.get ('/people ',function(Request, Response) {Person.find (function(err, data) {Response.json (200, data); }); App.listen (3000);App.js:/** * Created by Answer1215 on 12/9/2014.*/' Use strict ';functionMainctrl (peopleservice) {varVM = This; Vm.people= []; Vm.getpeople= Peopleservice.getpeople (). Then (function(response) {; });}functionPeopleservice ($http) {varPeopleservice = {}; Peopleservi

Fuxin PDF Reader v4.1.1 title Stack Buffer Overflow

## Require msf/core Class Metasploit3 Rank = GreatRanking Include Msf: Exploit: FILEFORMATInclude Msf: Exploit: PDFInclude Msf: Exploit: Egghunter# Include Msf: Exploit: Seh # unused due to special circumstances Def initialize (info = {})Super (update_info (info,Name => Foxit PDF Reader v4.1.1 Title Stack Buffer Overflow,Description => % q {This module exploits a stack

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