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A brief discussion on the basic problems in Word segmentation algorithm (1)

[TOC]ObjectiveWord segmentation or word-cutting is a classic and basic problem in natural language processing, in the work of ordinary times also repeated contact with the word segmentation problem, using different models, different methods applied

C # Chinese Word Segmentation

The Chinese Word Segmentation technology is no stranger. The most frequently accessed on the Internet during initial contact is the ICTCLAS Chinese Automatic Word Segmentation System and its source code, which was first researched by the Chinese Emy

Use Matlab to find the "shape near word" of English Words

Introduction Recently, I have been studying Bo's vocabulary, which is about 12000 words. It is very challenging to remember so many words in a short time. My personal habits are as follows: Divide unfamiliar long words into familiar small words,

Rebound and Addendum: on the meaning of Bjarne stroustrup's "Object-based"

Reference In the C ++ programming language 3rd (Bjarne stroustrup, 1997:Page 1:Objects of some user-defined types contain type information.SuchObjects can be used conveniently and safely in contexts in which theirType cannot be deter-mined at

The most comprehensive word usage

Replace text with image Copy the image to the clipboard, open the replace dialog box, enter the text to be replaced in the "search content" box, and then enter "^ C" in the "Replace with" box (note: the input must be a half-width character, and C

Word 2007 table odd and even staggered coloring easy to implement

When you enter a large amount of data in Excel tables, it is customary for the input to fill different colors to prevent the viewer from seeing the wrong line. But to interlace the odd and even rows of a data table in Word, the process is quite

Linux-ip the meaning of the header and the fields of the datagram

Format of IP datagram:The first ministerial and data lengths of an IP datagram are variable-length, but are always 4-byte integer multiples.For IPV4, the 4-bit version field is 4.   (1) version is 4 bits, which refers to the version of IP protocol.

Word 2013 lengthy document typesetting case tutorial

1 PrefaceUsually occasionally encounter the need to make lengthy documents, such as papers, manuscripts, etc., need to carry out some complex editing, such as setting the level title, section display page number, cover, title, Table of contents,

Implementation of the three-column layout && position application && removal of the meaning of the move

The layout of individual elements in a Web page is usually arranged from top to bottom according to the flow of documents. If you want to implement some unique layouts, you need to make the appropriate CSS settings. (position, margin, padding, float)

Character string multi-mode exact match (dirty word/sensitive word search algorithm) algorithm Prepass

In the previous article, I spoke a little about my self-built ttmp algorithm ideas. It seems very good and powerful-it is estimated that it is not the strongest, but at least I think it is satisfactory, at least it reaches the available level. So

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