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"Media Apps: Android platform Vitamio player Discovery Road Series": Vitamio opening

Guo JiaEmail: [Email protected]Blog:"Media Apps: Android platform Vitamio player Discovery Trail Series" Chapter Index"Media Apps: Android platform Vitamio player

Android auto-complete components (SocialTokenAutoComplete)-a more friendly way @ someone in social apps, android four components

Android auto-complete components (SocialTokenAutoComplete)-a more friendly way @ someone in social apps, android four components Project address: Sample Code: public class SocialTokenActivity extends Activity { SocialContactsCompletionView completionView; Con

Enable animation implementation for android apps and enable animation for android apps

Enable animation implementation for android apps and enable animation for android appsFor example, if A. java enables an animation, it then enters B. java. 1. A. java Protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState ){Super. onCreate (savedInstanceState );Log. I ("START Animation", "Start Animation ");// Remove the titleRequestWindowFeature (Window. FEATURE_NO_

One of Android Auto development, "Start learning Auto"

applications in your car, you need to V4 the Notificationcompat.carextender class in the supporting library. This class allows for the creation of notifications that are compatible with car equipment. Declaring car propertiesThe App Access Auto feature is controlled by manifest settings and independent XML configuration files. Before adding the Auto feature, define the

The interaction between Android app and media Storage service _android

Brief introduction:This article describes how developers ' apps use media storage services (including Mediascanner, Mediaprovider, and media information parsing) in Android, and how to update the app's new or modified files to the media database, How to hide the files genera

Android media library

Android media libraryMedia File Management in Android:Scan the public media files on the storage device and use the SQLite database to record related information:Generally, when the system is turned on, a media scan broadcast is sent to notify the scanner to scan;Applications developed by developers can also call scann

2016 what are the necessary Android apps for hackers?

Apkinspector application allows you to perform reverse engineering tasks. With the help of this application, we will be able to gain a more in-depth understanding of the monitoring objectives by acquiring graphical capabilities and analytical capabilities. This powerful Android Hack tool can help you get the source code from any Android app and visualize the Dex code to clear the credit and authorization s

Android Media Player MediaPlayer Architecture Introduction Tutorial

in the following directories: Path to Java program: packages/apps/music/src/com/android/music/ Path to Java class: Frameworks/base/media/java/android/media/ Java Local call section (JNI): Frameworks/base/media

Android-get apps installed on mobile phones

= + app_name +, app_version = + app_version +, packagename = + packagename +, isUserApp = + isUserApp +];} 2. Obtain the business AppInfoService of the mobile app This class is mainly used to obtain the main business functions of apps installed on mobile phones, and encapsulates how to obtain apps installed on mobile phones. The specific implementation code is as follows: Package cn. lyz. mobilesafe. engi

Android apps add allies statistics and calculations new users

Hardware and Software EnvironmentMacbook Pro MGX 72Android Studio 1.3.2Genymotion SimulatorIntegrated friend of the Alliance SDKFirst to the league's official website account, completed to the admin back to add the need to integrate the application of the Alliance statistics, as follows After submitting, assign key to your application, as followsPs://

Android Notes: Basic components for Android apps

: Data corresponding to actions and actions. Typical action type: MAIN (Activity Portal), View,pick,edit, etc., while the data for the action type is represented as a URI.Intentfilter: Used to describe which intent an activity (or intent Receiver) can manipulate.3.ServiceService is a stealth worker in an Android application that is a long life cycle, without a user interface and running in the background program.Context.startservice () to start a serv

Android Media Storage Service (i)

Android Media Storage ServiceThis article describes how the developer app uses the media Storage service (including Mediascanner, Mediaprovider, and media information parsing) in Android, and includes how to update the app's new or modified files to the

Introduction and creation of Android TV APPs

)... android:banner="@drawable/banner" > ...It needs to be emphasized that his priority is greater than android:icon= "@mipmap/ic_launcher"1,6 Modifying the load map color (change the launcher color)When we load an app, we'll show a circular icon loading animation, and we can customize its color.Set a specific color through android:colorprimary , and also set two additional properties to True, the code is as follows:2 Add TV Support library (add TV Libraries)The

Testing Android App apps with IBM Rational Test Workbench

IBM Rational Test Workbench (RTW) is a unified set of test tools for IBM rational, including functional testing, performance testing, interface SOA testing, and other modules to meet the customer's multiple types of automated testing requirements. With IBM's release of the new version of RTW 8.5, RTW has added app automation testing for mobile apps, which currently supports Android and Apple IOS's two versi

Create shortcuts for apps in Android and android shortcuts

Create shortcuts for apps in Android and android shortcuts (1) Use sending broadcast to create a shortcut: In this demo, the function is as follows: click a button on the interface to generate a shortcut, click the shortcut to go To the dialing page; The generation process is as follows: 1: The following permissions: 2: Add Action to a new Intent in Activity:

Android lets apps automatically install to phone memory and determine if the app is installed in SDcard

empty, the installation is unsuccessful.Preferexternal:The program is installed on the external storage media, but the system does not guarantee that the program will be installed on the external storage media, and when the external storage media is not available or empty, the program will be installed in memory. If the program uses the forward-locking mechanism

Android API Guides web App-------------targeting Screens from web Apps (screen fit)

resulting properties of these windows are shown in effect four. However, by -webkit-device-pixel-ratio adding some custom CSS with the media attribute, you can apply different styles. For example, the Web page shown in Figure 5 is a high-pixel image that is raised on a high-pixel device by setting the window properties and adding CSS.Targeting Device Density with JavaScriptAndroid browsing and WebView support a DOM property that allows querying the c

Recommended automated testing tools for five Android apps

automated testing of iOS and Android. It is an open source tool. It supports Android versions from 2.3 and later. Appium runs the test with the Webdriver interface. It supports a variety of programming languages, such as Java,c #,ruby and other languages in the Webdriver library.It can control safari and chrome on your mobile device. This allows you to test mobile sites using Appium and these browsers.But

Download 16 of the most popular Android Apps

Today we have compiled 16 of the most popular Android Apps, mainly based on the download volume of 2013 of users, which is sufficient to prove their popularity. If you haven't installed them yet, try it now! Address: 1. Facebook (Social) Keeping up with friends is faster t

Android automatically updates apps

Android automatically updates apps Currently, General android software is constantly updated. when you open an app, if there is a new version, it will prompt you that a new version needs to be updated. The applet implements this function. A prompt box will pop up when there is an update. Click OK to create a progress bar in the notification for download. Click Ca

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