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Enable local Image Upload[Version 1.5.x and later] cancels the first line # Of this line # $ Wgenableuploads = true;[Version 1.4.x] uncomment the comments of line 3rd and line 6th (that is, the # sign at the beginning of the line) # To enable image

MediaWiki installation under Windows

MediaWiki installation under WindowsFor friends who have just contacted the wiki, configuring a server environment, installing and running MediaWiki is a very troublesome thing, here, I try to use the easy-to-understand language, the installation

Management and use of MediaWiki

This article mainly describes several features that administrators may need to use after building a private MediaWiki:1. User groups and Rights ManagementIn the lower left corner of the home page, click [Special Pages] to enter [MediaWiki page Tools/

Steps for building a wiki website

Download the Chinese version of MediaWiki and download APMServ. It is a silly tool built in the green PHP + MySQL environment. It is very easy to use and is strongly recommended! Extract the apmservinstallation file to a folder, click apmserv.exe,

Looking back, PHP is actually a framework.

(Original question: Lastwechecked, PHPisaframework. ByAkashMehta. June8th, 2008) Whenitcomestowebprogramminglanguages, forbidden. Comparisonswithalternativessucha (Original question: Last we checked, PHP is a framework. by Akash Mehta. june 8th, 2008

Build an intranet Wiki

Currently, the operating environment is windows. Therefore, we need to establish a wiki service in windows. 1. Wamp kit Introduction: page of sqlitemanager cannot

Go: Name of software version number

Http:// style editing GNU versionThe major version number. The child version number [. fix version number [.] The build version

Codeblocks usage Summary

Integrate all the patches mentioned in this post, unofficial, dual-compiler (vc9, mingw4.4.3) Green Edition, unzip password: csdn>Http:// vc9 is integrated, please delete it within 24 hours after

[Ide] several key points to enjoy the pleasure of code: blocks editing

Original article: Thanks to loaden. This article is for post T = 22128 of the summary and sorting, according to personal preferences made

Bullet (COCOS2DX) analysis of rigid body creation and destruction (primitives)

RELATED links: to Basic graphicsbasic graphics provided by Bullet include spheres, rectangles, cylinders, capsules, cones, multi-spheresAnd of course there's a

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