mega system volume running out of disk space

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RPM: Linux Disk expansion

from: to increase the size of a Linux LVM by expanding the virtual machine diskPosted by Jarrod on December, + Leave a comment (181) Go to

Linux system call

Chapter 5 5.5 Linux system call 5.5.1 System Call Interface System calls (commonly referred to as syscils) are the only interface for interaction between linux kernels and upper-layer applications. See Figure 5-4. According to the description of

You're dead! Talk about the formation and defeat of "Beidou Matchless"

Introduction: "Beidou matchless" is a controversial game series, although the game restores many comics in the classic Bridge section, but with the true "incomparable" compared to the game, a lot of settings are difficult to accept the player.

How to view soft and hard raid information in CentOS

How to view soft and hard raid information in CentOSSoftware raid: You can only view cat/proc/mdstat on the Linux system to view raid level, status, and other information. Hardware raid: the best solution is to use the installed raid vendor's

The hierarchy and mechanism of virtualization

In recent years, with the development of parallel computing, clustering and other technologies, the field of virtual machines has been refreshed in the second spring. Virtualization refers to the computer architecture technology in which multiple

InfiniBand Basic Knowledge

The InfiniBand architecture is a " transform cable " technology that supports multiple concurrent links, in which each link can run at 2.5 Gbps. This architecture is at a link speed of four MB/s, the speed is 2 GB/s, 12 links can reach 6 GB/s.1

WhatsApp's Erlang World

Rick's two PPT finishingDownload: 2012 2013, after six months of Erlang, re-look at the two ppt to find more value of the learning place, from the PPT organized as follows:-Prefer Os:timestamp to Erlang:nowThe use of Erlang:now () should be banned,

Trends in computer development

The computer has been developed from single function and large size to complex function, small size and network of resources.The future of the computer is full of variables, the performance of a large increase is not to be doubted, and the

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