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Cisco Meraki local management interface firmware Installation Vulnerability (CVE-2014-7999)

Cisco Meraki local management interface firmware Installation Vulnerability (CVE-2014-7999) Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Cisco MerakiDescription:CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-7999 Cisco Meraki is a cloud management solution. A security vulnerability exists in the local management interface of the Cisco Meraki device. authenticated remote attackers can e

ppt Making Moon Moon flying around the Moon animation triple

First, prepare the material: Star, Moon and "Chang ' e satellite" pictures. (Moon Chart and satellite chart best use picture processing software to dig off the background.) ) Second, insert the material: Run PowerPoint 2003, create a new blank slide, and perform the format-background command to insert the "sky map" as the background. Then the insert-picture-from File com

"Blue Moon" and "Red Moon" January 31 Tianyu "Happy Reunion"

Astronomy experts said that the January 2 full moon suspended after the night sky, January 31 Our public will usher in the second month of the January night. If the weather is fine, the public will be able to enjoy the "blue Moon" astronomical landscape. Coincidentally, there is a total lunar eclipse that night, a "red moon" will also appear in the Sky Tim Romant

PowerPoint production of Moon Moon flying animation Example

Our "Chang ' E Satellite" has been flying around the moon, really exciting moment! Let's use PowerPoint to complete an example of "Chang ' E around the moon". First, prepare the material: Star, Moon and "Chang ' e satellite" pictures. (Moon Chart and satellite chart best use picture processing software to dig off the

Solution for WIN764-bit system red-moon black screen and mouse freezing, win764 red-moon

Solution for WIN764-bit system red-moon black screen and mouse freezing, win764 red-moon As an old online game of the classic seckill group's strange style, red moon went bankrupt in the era of XP 32-bit, now, I will teach you how to solve the problem of landscape and black screen in the WIN764-bit system. I believe many people like to create a folder with a

Comments on the moonlit night (river in spring and beautiful moon)

Spring River Flower Moonlight (Tang Dynasty Zhangrou poetry) editor? [Chūn Jiāng Huāyuèyè] "The Moonlight of Spring River Flowers" is the Tang Dynasty poet Zhangrou Virtual works. This poem a total of 36 sentences, every four sentence a change rhyme, with rich life breath of the Qing-Qing pen, creatively reproduce the scenery of Jiangnan spring night, as the moonlight shines under the Yangtze River Scroll, at the same time Jiyu the wandering homesickness of the parting of the suffering of acacia

Flash makes lifelike sun Earth Moon Movement Beautiful animation

  First look at two different effects: First effect: Second effect: (The second effect I did not follow the sun, the Earth, the moon between the true rotation of the law to do, it is said that the earth around the sun, itself should turn 365 laps, the moon should revolve around the Earth 13.04 laps, here mainly to speed up the playback, did not press the truth to do) The following text tutorials for the f

How much do you know about the half-moon mark on healthy nails through your nails? _ Life Health

(a) What is a half month mark Under the fingernail one-fifth, appears a white curved trace, this is the half month scar, also some people call the small sun. The nail Half Moon mark is the yin and yang meridians boundary, is the human body Essence's representative, therefore also is called the Health circle. The development of the Half moon scar, should be affected by nutrition, environment, physical qualit

April 4, 2015 total lunar eclipse spectacular beauty use Photoshop to make a red moon tutorial

Total lunar eclipse 2015 on April 4, missed today April 4 total lunar eclipse will have to wait three years, how to the April 4, 2015 total lunar eclipse spectacular beauty panoramic view? We can use PS to make the Red moon lunar eclipse, this small series for everyone to use Photoshop to make the Red Moon Tutorial. April 4, 2015 total lunar eclipse spectacular beauty use Photoshop to make a red

"1024 Logging tired"-small white article of the Moon-the total chapter five

Retrospect: time reversal, back to 3 years ago, sister Li was a naïve, ideal, aspiring university graduates, with their dreams came to Beijing, just work on the old king has been constantly harassed, as the saying goes, not afraid of good things, afraid of bad people, Li Sister's mother cerebral congestion admission, Li sister reluctantly under plan and Lao Wang borrow money, but don't want to ...Small orderWork, hello. Early, early, early;After work, Goodbye, bye, worship, bye.We spend most of

(Hitomi ざめた Moon light) pale Blue Moonlight (Moonlight) Ture end--true Ending (happy ending) tips

(Hitomi ざめた Moon light) pale Blue Moonlight (Moonlight) Ture end--Real Finale tips:First nonsense: The ego of the game is classic Classic, do not because H play, this is not as good as the next movie to see, I play these Games n times, every time there is harvest.First correct an error: Hitomi ざめた Moon light should be translated as: Miserable white moonlight, according to ancient booksCang, Qing is also. --

PS How to make a total lunar eclipse Red Moon wonders

1, first install KPT6.0 plug filter, open Photoshop. 2, create a new 640*480 pixel file, the background content is white. 3, Ctrl+i, reverse phase. 4, ctrl+j, copy layer. The filter you want to use requires the layer to have a fill color. 5, use the filter →kpt6.0→kpt skyeffects. Select the night in the style set. Move the moon to a central location and click OK. 6, Next p

. NET2.0 invisible wings, regular expression of the Soul Seekers "moon son original"

. NET2.0 invisible wings, regular expression of the soul-seekers Author: qingqing Moon children Home page: Time: 2007.4.14 This article implements the following:Only 1 digits can be enteredOnly n digits can be enteredYou can enter at least n digitsonly m to n digits can be enteredOnly numbers can be enteredOnly one interval number can be enteredYou can only enter numbers that begin with 0 and not 0Only real numbers can b

Illustrator the beautiful transparent changing moon effect tutorial in the Photoshop mask

To give you illustrator software users to the detailed analysis of the use of the Photoshop mask to draw beautiful transparent changes in the moon effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1-Draw a circle above the dark shape. 2-"Transparent panel" and PS similar also have mixed mode and transparency of the adjustment now the White square is the currently selected object (the actual inside is the above white circle)

How can "talking moon cakes" become popular on the Internet?

650) This. width = 650; "src =" "alt =" 0 "/> Before the official popularization of the Internet to the masses, few people will think that the Internet can affect the traditional industry until the emergence of Internet thinking. The birth of Internet thinking has brought about the disruption of Internet thinking to traditional industries. Apart from Luo Zhenyu's luogic thi

Algorithm series (19) Using astronomical method to calculate Sun Moon (Crescent)

The synodic of the Chinese lunar calendar is the basis of lunar calendars, and synodic is strictly to the sun and Moon, the day of the beginning of the month as the first, so the moon and sun time calculation is the key to make the lunar calendar. This paper will introduce the theory of ELP-2000/82 Moon operation and how to calculate the time of sun and

NET2.0 invisible wings, regular expression of the soul-seekers "moon son original" __web

{n,}$ For example ^/d{8,}$ Describe Match at least n digits Examples of matches 12345678,123456789,12344321 Examples of mismatches only m to n digits can be entered An expression ^/d{m,n}$ For example ^/d{7,8}$ Describe Match m to n digits Examples of matches 12345678,1234567 Examples of mismatches 123456,123456789 only numbers can be en

Photoshop painting beautiful Moon Princess Tutorial

When I accidentally get a moon Princess card, like a shiny card, then let me shocked, how can grow so good-looking! When I met, I kept following the card painting and painting, until later I got a book from my sister, the 4th Book of the American Girl Warrior, excited and bad, just a picture of the picture. It can be said that I painted the road of Beauty girl from the Moon Princess card began. As a loyal f

On the way home, the moon will accompany you to the dawn.

Never doubt, the moon is only in the hometown of Dongshan rise, never doubt, the moon is only hanging in the hometown of the old tree in the village, never doubt that the moon only live in the Spotless Brook in the homeland ... The moon leaves the hometown will not wake the soul, hometown left the

1969 Us (Apollo) moon landing

A short time ago the United States launched a lunar orbit around the moon, and plans to go to the moon again, the 1969 Apollo to the Ascension of the moon, some people questioned the moon 40 years ago, why it costs so much to go to the moon (about $2.7 billion), And now, due

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