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Use NFV and SDN to implement 5G network slicing and nfvsdn5 g Slicing

Use NFV and SDN to implement 5G network slicing and nfvsdn5 g Slicing Network Slicing Network slicing will play a key role in the implementation of 5g, which allows operators to run multiple virtual networks on a single physical infrastructure. With the 5g commercialization in 2020, many people are wondering to what e

Why does the model with mesh (mesh) Add rigid bodies rigidbody and meshcollider, or will it go through the floor?

Two gameobject are placed in the air, one is cube, the other is an eggplant model.Cube's Collider is Box Collider, the Collider of the tomato juice is the mesh Collider, they all add the rigid body (rigidbody) component, check the gravity gravityHowever, the result of the operation is:The cube is falling and falling to the ground and stopping.Eggplant whereabouts, did not stop, penetrate the ground, has been down.Pepsi is not the solution ...Finally,

Unity3D: Modify the mesh data of a model, and unity3d model mesh

Unity3D: Modify the mesh data of a model, and unity3d model mesh [Dog learning network] after a model is imported into unity, you can use the Inspector panel of unity to pan, rotate, and scale the model on a certain coordinate axis (1 ).Figure 1The Inspector Panel provides what you see is what you get. After adjustment, you can see the effect immediately, which is quite convenient. However, these f

Deep understanding of slicing principles and deep understanding of Slicing

Deep understanding of slicing principles and deep understanding of Slicing A data element is obtained by specifying the subscripts or by specifying the subscript range. This access sequence is called slice. In some cases, it is also called a shard. For details about how slice works, refer to my previous article: How slice works in Python. First, analyze the slice operation from the bottom layer:Internally,

Unreal Engine 4 Create destructible mesh (destructible mesh)

Tags: Unreal Engine Mesh The physical engine of Unreal Engine 4 uses physx. It supports grid damage, fabric, and physical particles. The previous work that requires encoding can be completed. In Unreal Engine 4, you only need to drag and drop to complete the work, which is very convenient. This demonstration creates a destructible grid. First effect: I made a cone, let it fall from the sky, and then break down. The specific production steps are

The mesh mesh in the axiom3d:ogre is decomposed into a point line polygon.

This demand may be more eccentric, general mesh we assembled the vertices, index data, directly into the index buffer rendering. But if there are special needs, such as the need to label mesh vertices, lines, polygons, and special display of this information.At the beginning, I was thinking of analyzing the mesh vertexdata and indexdata, the analysis of the verte

Mesh profile (3.8) mesh security

(translated from "Mesh Profile v1.0" 3.8 mesh security)Security ToolboxEncryption functionCMAC functionCCM FeaturesS1 Salt generation functionK1 Export Function (How to understand derivation? )K2 Network key export functionK3 Export functionK4 Export functionSerial numberSerial number, which is a 24bit value contained in the network layer PDU seq field. Mainly used to avoid replay attacks (replay attacks).E

Geodesic-based robust blind watermarking method for three-dimensional mesh animation by using mesh segmentation and vertex Trajectory

Before the test, interrupted the work of the laboratory, now the examination is over, can not be wasted. recently read an article about the sequence watermark, the general idea is: for a grid sequence, first processing the first frame, on the first frame, the mesh segmentation algorithm (SDF) to divide the mesh into several meaningful regions. In each area, the geodesic distance of the point-to-region bound

Calls the mesh part in the platform. Deletefocusedrow () After iterating through the mesh parts. Datatabel times wrong

' Prompt when accessing a DataTable: Deleted rows cannot be accessedFor each Dr in mesh Part 1. DataTable.RowsIf IsNull (dr["ID"]) Thenshowinformation ("ID cannot be empty")EndEnd IfNextas shown in this circular judgment, if the data in the mesh Part 1 has been deleted, that is called: mesh parts. Deletefocusedrow (), then an error is raised: The deleted cannot b

Hexagonal mesh for image processing and hexagonal mesh for image processing

Hexagonal mesh for image processing and hexagonal mesh for image processing I. Principle Based on the input parameter blockSize, the image is segmented to determine the center of each block to all The mean value of the sum of pixels is compared with each pixel in the block. The Geometric Distance between RGB values is the smallest center, overlap Generate the update operation until the maximum number of cyc

Xcode Slicing Fine Solutions

slicing and picture stretching The image slicing feature has been supported since Xcode 5, which is a very powerful feature that solves the tension problem of irregular images to some extent. However, many students do not know this function, or in the understanding of the function is not thorough, resulting in the use of such problems. Simply put, this feature is used to stretch the picture, which is the v

Excellent explanation of the combination of Wireless Mesh Network and writing Relay Technology

The wireless mesh network is comparable to a small-sized Internet, which can better play a wireless role in enterprises. Then, the wireless mesh network is also combined with other technologies to play a more powerful role. The following is a detailed description of the knowledge of Wireless Mesh Network + cooperative relay technology. Combination of Wireless

What is 5G network slicing? What kind of cutting with a knife ?, What is 5 GB

What is 5G network slicing? What kind of cutting with a knife ?, What is 5 GB If a 4G network is used as a knife, it can be ground-blown or broken. 5G networks are a Swiss Army knife, which is flexible, convenient, and versatile. 4G networks are mainly produced by smartphones. In the 5G era, we will face the next big thing-Iot. In the era of No-things and no-things, there will be a large number of devices connected to the network. These devices belon

Performance testing of VOIP applications carried by wireless Mesh Networks

With the rapid development of various wireless data networks, the market has already put forward demanding requirements for various technologies. Only technologies that meet user needs can survive well. The Mobile Self-Organizing Network (MANET) originating in the military field has received crazy attention from various research organizations since the end of the last century, because it is easy to deploy, self-managed, and does not rely on infrastructure and other features to meet the needs of

Basic knowledge of Wireless Mesh Network Access Technology

Wireless Mesh Network access technology is worth learning. Here we will mainly explain what wireless Mesh network access technology is, and also introduce the features of wireless Mesh network access technology, I hope to help you understand the wireless Mesh network access technology. The term "

Analyze the shortcomings of wireless Mesh Access Technology

Wireless Mesh Access Technology The physical characteristics of wireless communication determine that the shorter the communication distance, the higher the bandwidth, because with the increase of wireless transmission distance, various interference and other factors that lead to data loss will increase. Therefore, selecting to transmit data through multiple short hops is an effective way to obtain higher network bandwidth, which is the advantage of

Introduction and application of wireless Mesh Access Networks

Wireless Mesh access networks are worth learning. Here we will mainly introduce wireless Mesh access networks and their application instructions. As a new generation of Wireless LAN technology, the wireless Mesh access technology has gradually become the focus of the business community and consumers. The term "Mesh" or

The application of network slicing in 5G

5G and network slicingWhen 5G is widely mentioned, network slicing is the most discussed technology. such as KT, SK Telecom, China Mobile, DT, KDDI, NTT and other network operators, as well as Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and other equipment vendors think network slicing is the ideal network architecture of the 5G era.This new technology allows operators to cut off multiple virtual end-to-end networks in one har

Deploying wireless IP voice transmission (wVoIP) over a Wi-Fi Mesh Network)

For wireless data networks, voice is a "killer application ". The high-performance Wi-Fi mesh network system is a killer IP wireless network. However, not all mesh networks are identical. As wireless mesh networks become increasingly popular-almost every day, people announce the newly deployed public and private networks. To add voice applications to business nee

Automatic Generation of triangular mesh contour lines and program implementation

Triangular gridded method. 1. Area gridded and grid point numerical1.1 area gridding divides the grid into two types based on the distribution and quantity of discrete points in the Area: Rule grid and non-Rule grid. the former refers to dividing an area into a matrix mesh based on a certain distance, which is conducive to engraving the rule boundary area. The latter mainly refers to a triangle mesh and any

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