metal gear solid hd collection metal gear 1 and 2

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Illustrator design of Metal Gear poster production Course

To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis of the design of Metal Gear posters to share the production of a tutorial. Share list: Okay, the above information is small make up to you illustrator of this software users brought the detailed design of Metal Gear poster production tutorials to

"Translation" Nishikawa "experiment made by the game graphics""guilty GEAR xrd-sign-" in the realization of "real-time 3D graphics cartoon animation" Secret, previous (2)

paper is also thinner. It is the texutre that has this impression. The Secret of the contour (1) ~Back MethodIn addition to formingguilty GEAR xrd-sign-is a part of the Contour Line (stroke) In addition to the anime-tuned visual elements that serve as a fairly basic part. It's called the comic book.ペン into the Forgetれmisaki (after the pencil draft, with ink strokes), the performance of the situation inguil

Guilty Gear Xrd Resource Rip (1)

,Nishikawa's article also mentions that the role of story mode is to use a different set of resources. Drama_ dialog Mode Mom_ Monster Ui_ Appendix is full of game characters, with a character set map, find their favorite character import it, here to the new role of home machineElphelt Valentine, for example,Her folder prefixelp_ role model inmeh, inELP_MSH_01_PS3_SF this folder.role name, file name and corresponding settings in the resourceAxl_ AXL lowアクセル=ロウbed_ Bedmanベッドマンchp_chipp zanuffチップ=

Back Gear | Digital Triangle 2

DescribeDigital trianglesRequest to go to the last mod 100 maxInput formatLine 1th N, which represents n rows 2nd to n+1 behavior each weight valueOutput formatMoD 100 Maximum ValueTest Sample 1Input2199 98Output99Topic Analysis:The digital triangle is a classic topic, so it has a lot of hardening versions. I made a 2--4. Although they are much the same, I still send it up so that we can expand our thinking

Flash mouse painted metal solid frame effect

This example for the Flash Mouse Painting Beginners series of courses, today we learn to draw metal stereo frame effect, tutorials more detailed, suitable for flash beginners to learn, hope friends like ~ ~   (i) Preparatory work: 1. Create a new graphic symbol, insert 6 layers (a total of 7 layers), from top to bottom, respectively, named: Flowered Flash Outside pattern Framework Photo Frame Bottom

1. Experience with bare-metal development environment (Redhat 6.4 + vbox)

1. Experience with bare-metal development environment (Redhat 6.4 + vbox)I. General process for bare metal developmentNote: This assumes that you have built a bare-metal development environmentOur bare-metal general development process: Figure

Tiny4412 Learning 1: Compile uboot, experience bare metal, tiny4412uboot

Tiny4412 Learning 1: Compile uboot, experience bare metal, tiny4412uboot First, we create a folder in ubuntu. my folder is: /Home/wang/tiny_4412 has Datasheet shc (schematic PCB folder) src tools There are Codes u_boot Codes is the bare metal storage location, and u_boot is a friendly installation package Tools has Arm-linux-gcc-4.4.3 installation package, dnw in

Arm interrupt Analysis 2: interrupt handling on bare metal

Bare metal handling of eint4 interruptions This is the bare metal processing of eint4 interrupt based on S3C2410. When the interrupt occurs, the LED light is reversed. The following is a circuit diagram. The external key is connected to the eint4 pin of the CPU. That is, pressing the key causes an interruption. According to the previous introduction, the interrupt handling process includes initialization

Arm bare metal Development (2) interrupt programming

The following bare metal program is based on gt2440 and the compiler is a arm-linux-gcc-4.4.3. Program layout: the source code is composed of two files: interrupt. s and led. C. The interrupt is responsible for initialization, And the interrupt processing program is defined in led. C. Program process: first install the abnormal vector table, disable the Watchdog in the reset exception, then enter the normal interrupt mode, set the treasure pointer for

Tiny6410 bare metal programming -- (2) Assembly light-up led

The tiny6410 Development Board supports both NAND and SD startup modes. In my understanding, it means "nc" is not connected. Om [] = 01111, boot_eint [] = 000, refer to the following table to indicate that the SD card is enabled. The switch is not described in the schematic. The LED diagram is as follows: Gpk4, 5, 6, and 7 light-emitting diodes are switched ON when the light-emitting diode is switched on. Arm Assembly MoV command

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