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iOS Camera/photo album Get pictures, Compress pictures, upload server method summary

These days in the iphone above an application of the development, there is a need for Camera/photo album programming and image upload problems, summed up here. "Partial Knowledge" Images in the iphone are usually stored in 4 places, "photo albums,

Android apps use ContentProvider to scan local pictures and display _android

Before a group of friends asked me, there is no local picture selection demo, similar to the effect of micro-letter, he said there is no online demo, asked me if I can write a demo on this effect, so I studied the next micro-letter of the local

Android optimized query loads a large number of local album Pictures _android

I. Overview Explain the optimization query photo album, before we look at the requirements of the PM, PM's demand is very simple, is to do a similar micro-letter local Photo album query control, mainly contains two two parts: Enter the image

Web Design Usability Guide-How to use pictures successfully

As the saying goes, a picture wins thousand words. Whether this is true or false, pictures are an important part of the Web page. Since embedding picture steps becomes simple, we can see that many of the sites are embedded with many images, some of

Life convenience small code, after taking pictures, batch recursively zoom catalog pictures.

The new SLR for a week, and today finally found a chance to take the wife of the mother to the Litchi Park took a day's photo, back ready to upload to the album, suddenly found that each picture is a bit large, find tools are also very tired, direct

How to handle color pictures in web design is best

In the newspaper typesetting process, often encounter the processing of color pictures, when opening a color picture, it may be RGB mode, it may be CMYK mode. In the use of Photoshop, is the RGB mode, or CMYK mode for color image processing? This

Cross-domain download pictures go on all sorts of detours and difficulties encountered

First of all, I am programming rookie, just do programming soon. Welcome to shoot Bricksfeatures to implement :We have a travel website (North-South tour), can publish travel notes. Rich Text, write Raiders, upload pictures (we will be cut into the

Android LruCache Compress pictures effectively avoid program Oom

Reprint Please specify source: main content of this article comes from Android Doc, I have done some processing after translation, English good friends can also directly read the original

android-loading pictures to avoid oom large images efficientlyWe often use a lot of pictures when we write the Android program, different pictures will always have different shapes, different sizes, but in most cases, these

What mode to process color pictures best

In the newspaper typesetting process, often encounter the processing of color pictures, when opening a color picture, it may be RGB mode, it may be CMYK mode. So when using Photoshop, is it using RGB mode or CMYK mode for color picture processing?

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