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First knowledge of MFC----MFC introduction, first knowledge of mfc ---- mfc

First knowledge of MFC----MFC introduction, first knowledge of mfc ---- mfc I. Concepts and functions of MFC 1. What is MFC? Full name: Microsoft Foundation Class Library (Microsoft Basic Class Library) 1-

Vs2010-mfc (MFC Common Class: MFC exception handling)

Transferred from: previous section describes the CFile file operation class, this section is mainly about MFC exception handling.In the chicken Peck Rice C + + Programming starter series The last section of the chicken Peck Rice: C + + Programming Primer Series 50 (Exception handling) in the C + + standard exception handling mechanism, if you have not learned this aspect, you can go to the tutorial to learn

Mini run game based on MFC design (game development, MFC explaining, threading and process communication)

Mini run game based on MFC design (game development, MFC explaining, threading and process communication)Course Lecturer: The Wind is tonightCourse Category: Game developmentSuitable for people: BeginnerNumber of lessons: 36 HoursUpdate level: CompleteType of Service: Class C (General Service class course)Using the technology: MFCRelated items: Mini run gameFor you to share a set of courses, interested can

One of the basics of VS2013/MFC programming (using the MFC Wizard to generate a single document application framework) __MFC

on how to install the VS2013 and MSDN, there are many tutorials on the web, again not to repeat, I believe that everyone has been installed. This MFC programming entire process uses the Simplified Chinese specialized edition VS2013 to carry on the operation. This gives you a simple example of how to generate a single document application framework. Solutions and Engineering The concept of solution and engineering has been discussed in the introduction

What is the difference between MFC applications, MFC ActiveX, and MFC DLLs?

The MFC application is meant to create an MFC application, and the last generated file should be an EXE file.MFC ActiveX is to create an ActiveX project meaning that the last generated file should be an ActiveX file.MFC DLL is to create an MFC DLL project meaning, the final generated file should be a DLL file.MFC DLL files can be called by other projects.Reprint

MFC Study Notes 2--mfc and Win32

1. Relationship between MFC object and Windows Object The most important encapsulation in MFC is the encapsulation of Win32 APIs. Therefore, we need to understand Windows Object and MFC object (C ++ object, a C ++ class instance) the relationship between them is one of the key to understanding MFC. Windows Object is a

One of the six core mechanisms of MFC: Initialization of MFC programs

Many do software development people have a kind of the spirit of the matter, such as the MFC we have been using, very convenient, do not learn too much of the original rational knowledge can make a variety of window procedures, but like to delve into the friend certainly want to know, exactly what Microsoft helped us to do something, let us in its framework can be simple to write programs. This article began to share with you a colleague written by th

Multi-threaded MFC object pointers created in MFC cannot be transmitted between threads

For most mfc objects, do not pass them between threads, whether on the stack or on the stack! The reason is as follows: 1. Most of the mfc classes are not thread-safe. Calling the member functions of the input object may not report errors, but it may not be able to implement the predefined functions of the program! 2. Most of mfc interface-related classes are imp

How to make an MFC DLL with MFC interface

Recently in the development of a component-based MFC interface, the interface needs to be encapsulated in a dynamic library.One: Project creation Step 1. Create an MFC DLL project and select "using MFC in a shared DLL”。 2. Run-time Library select:c/c++--> code Generation---run library "multithreaded Debug DLLs (/MDD)”。 Two: Define the export interface base class

C++MFC Programming Note day08 MFC dialog box use

An MFC dialog box1 classificationMode and non-modal2 related classesCDialog Class-The parent class is a CWnd, essentially a window, the parent class of a dialog box class.Ccommondialog class and subclass-Common dialog box, Color dialog box, file dialog box,Find Replacement dialog box, Font Settings dialog box, Print Setup dialog box, andPrint dialog box.CPropertyPage Class-Property Pages dialog box.3 in the Win32 Wizard, use the

[C ++/MFC quick learning series] sequence, mfc quick learning

[C ++/MFC quick learning series] sequence, mfc quick learning In order to understand the OCCT source code and lay the foundation for better use of OCCT, I plan to study C ++ and MFC in my spare time. By the way, I will give a simple tutorial, you can also record yourself and serve everyone. Because most of the time is usually used to write papers, the part of thi

VS2010-MFC (using the MFC Wizard to generate a single document application framework)

One.VC + + and MFCTalk about VC is unavoidable to mention MFC,MFC full name Microsoft Foundation Classes, that is, Microsoft Foundation Class Library . It is the core of VC + +, is a combination of C + + and Windows API, very thorough in C + + encapsulated the Windows SDK (software Development Kit, software Development Kit) in the structure and functionality, also provides an application framework, This app

First look at MFC (MFC operating mechanism, which is explained by Sun Xin C ++ in the third lecture)

With a certain degree of Windows 32 programming knowledge, you can learn MFC. Before learning MFC, you must understand what is the message loop in windows32 programming. MFC is actually an encapsulation of Windows API functions. In Windows programming, creating a window involves the following four processes (if you do not understand it, please refer to the blog

MFC six mechanisms (1) Initialization of MFC programs

This chapter introduces the document/view architecture of MFC, explains the data structure of implementing the structure, and then writes a console application to simulate the initialization of MFC, clarify the sequence of MFC initialization, and then explain how to create a most basic MFC application. MFC's most impor

Getting Started with MFC (III)--MFC Picture/Text control (a small program that loops through text and pictures)

Conventions include links to the previous blogs: Introduction to MFC (a) simple configuration: Getting Started with MFC (ii) reading input characters: Body/////////////////////////////////////////////////// First, create a new MFC project and habitually


MFC DLL Generally, there is a lot of knowledge about DLL in the introduction to Windows programming, while the introduction to MFC is rarely mentioned. Even if you use MFC to write a dynamic link library, it is necessary for programmers who are initially familiar with DLL to understand the background of DLL. In addition, MFC

(1) Introduction to MFC and comparison between MFC object and Windows object

MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class Library)  Microsoft Foundation Class Library (Microsoft Foundation Classes, MFC) is a class library (class libraries) provided by Microsoft, whichencapsulates the Windows API in the form of C + + classes. and contains an application framework to reduce the workload of application developers. Encapsulates classes that contain a large number of Windows handles encapsulating cla

MFC Tutorials (1)--MFC overview

MFC is a programming framework The various classes in the MFC (Microsoft Foundation class Library) combine to form an application framework that allows programmers to build applications under Windows on this basis, which is a simpler way to compare the SDK. Because the MFC framework, in general, defines the outline of the application and provides a standard impl

MFC learning notes 1--mfc Overview

1. What is MFC? MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class Library) is a programming framework consisting of various types Objective: To allow programmers to establish applications in Windows based on the framework. The MFC framework defines the outlines of applications and provides standard implementation methods for user interfaces, all the programmers have to do is fill

&MFC message routing __mfc for MFC message loops

It should be clear that MFC's message loops (:: GetMessage,::P eekmessage), Message pumps (CWinThread::P umpmessage) and MFC messages are routed between windows in two different things. In an MFC application (the application class is based on CWinThread inheritance), you must have a message loop that reads the message from the application's message queue and sends it out (:D ispatchmessage). and message rou

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