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Samsung S7 can't read SD card? S7 Unable to read SD card solution

SD card If there is no problem, in general format can solve the problem. But make a good backup of your data. If the card itself has problems, it is not read out card. This is a good job, you can add other people's cards to try. If the identification, the phone is no problem, the problem is the

Samsung S7 How to export contacts to SD card, Samsung S7edge export contact to SD card

Why should I back up my contacts to the SD card? Contact Backup to SD card benefits can be used in mobile phone upgrades or format or restore factory settings for recovery, and contacts to back up to the SD card can also import c

Samsung mobile phone Galaxy sm-c5000 (6.0.1) How to format the SD memory card?

When you need to format SD card, the contents of the cell phone SD card are all cleared away, so do the data backup in advance 1. In Samsung mobile phone Galaxy sm-c5000 (6.0.1) "Set".2. Locate "Battery and storage" in the Se

Samsung Galaxy S5 4G applications move to SD card method

Samsung G9008W support to move installed parts of the application to the external SD card (note: Not all applications are supported to move to external SD cards, depending on whether the software supports) in order to save the phone's built-in storage space, Enable your device to download and install more applicatio

Best smartphone TOP4, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Tops

After the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 series two new machines, I saw in the Zhongguancun online report that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has been rated as the best smartphone in five major European countries, the UK, France, Spain, H

How does Samsung I9100/I9100G transmit MP3 files from the Micro SD card to the mobile phone?

You can transfer MP3 files from one memory card to cell phone memory by following the steps described below: Insert the micro SD memory card into the storage card slot. 1. On the standby screen, click "Application". 2. Select "My Files". 3. Select the specified folder fo

Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone to open the easy mute function method

Easy mute function means that when you have an incoming call or alarm clock, you can put the palm on the screen or flip the device to turn off the sound of calls and alarms, if you want to turn on the function, please follow these steps:1. In standard mode, slide the screen to the left.2. Click "Settings".3. Slide up the screen and select "Advanced Features".4. Slide the screen up and click "Easy Mute".5. Click on the "Off" right side "slider", show "open" Representative open.When you have an in

How does Samsung S7 edge (6.0.1) install SIM card? (G9350)

To install the SIM card for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (6.0.1) G9350, follow these steps: 1. Insert the Kari into the small hole on the SIM card to eject the Cato. (Note: Make sure that the pin is perpendicular to the small hole, otherwise it may damage the

How does Galaxy MEGA install SIM card and SD card? (I9200)

Note:1. micro SIM card and nano SIM card are two different types of cards, do not insert iPhone5 supported nano SIM card into the micro SIM card slot of the GT-I9200, this is a man-made cause, according to the repair regulations,

Does Samsung Galaxy S6 support inserting external SD cards? (G9200)

The 32 GB built-in hard drive is configured for Galaxy S6 to meet user needs, so no SD card plug-in is configured. If you want to transmit data from the old Galaxy device to the new Galaxy S6, you can use the Smart Switch software to easily transfer existing data (including

How does Samsung Galaxy S5 move multimedia files to SD cards?

1. To move the file I need to click "App" in the phone to enter.2. Then we will see the following figure, called "My file" click to enter, as shown in the following figure.3. Then we find the "Device storage" in the phone as shown in the following image.4. The following figure we found the file to be moved to the SD card, as shown in the pictures file.5. Then we go to the folder, and then click

Samsung A7 (2016) mobile phone to export SIM card contact to SD card

Why do you want to import the SIM card contact to the SD card, there are several reasons for this one is to import SD card can set the contact head and so on, another SIM card storage space is limited to import to the

How to install SIM card/uimka A5 SIM card/uimcard for Samsung GALAXY A5 tutorial

To install the SIM card/uim card for the Samsung GALAXY A5009, follow these steps:1. Insert the Kari into the small hole pop-up card slot on the UIM or SIM card slot. 2. Gently pull the Uim or SIM

How can the video and audio files in the Galaxy Note2 SD card be played out? (n7100,n7102,n7108,n719)

related applications in your device generally support the following file formats: • Music: mp3, M4A, MP4, 3GP, 3GA, WMA, OGG, OGA, AAC and FLAC. • Image: bmp, GIF, JPG, and PNG. • Video: 3gp, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV and mkv. • File: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf and txt. In addition, some file formats are not supported and may be related to the software version of your device. Please download kiesfrom Samsung tocheck the current soft

Burn the image file to the SD card in Ubuntu-based on the Samsung 210 Development Board

$ lsAndroid kernel uboot uboot_20111124.tgzLqm @ lqm :~ /S5pv210 $The android compiling script MK is in the android directory, so the kernel directory is ../kernel.Modify the device/Samsung/smdkv210/boardconfig. mk file:# Board_sdmmc_bsp: = false# Modified for sdcard image.Board_sdmmc_bsp: = true # Board_userdataimage_partition_size: = 1073741824# Modified for sdcard image.Board_userdataimage_partition_size: = 370147328 Modify the system/extras/ext4_

I9128 how to retrieve SIM card and micro SD card

To remove the SIM card and SD card from your mobile phone, follow these steps:1. Remove the back cover of the mobile phone.2. Remove the cell phone battery.3. Use your nails in the gap of the micro SD card, and use another nail to

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) mobile phone installation SIM card tutorial? (A7100)

If you need to install the SIM card for the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016), follow these steps:1. Insert the Kari into the small hole on the SIM card to eject the Cato. (Note: Make sure that the pin is perpendicular to the small hole, otherwise it may damage the device.) )2. Gently pull the sim

Samsung C5 sm-c5000 (6.0.1) How to install SD memory card to cell phone

To install the storage card, follow these steps:1. Note that when we buy a mobile phone, we will send a "pin", we take out the prepared needle and then aim at the small hole on the phone side to eject the Cato card. (Make sure the pin is perpendicular to the small hole.) Otherwise, the device may be damaged. )2. Pull the Cato gently out of the Cato slot.3. Now put the golden contact of the

Samsung A9 How to export the phone contacts to the SD card? (A9000)

To import the phone's contacts into the phone's SD card operation process we together to see, the specific is very simple. 1. Click the "Contact" option in the Samsung A9 interface to enter.2. Enter the contact interface by clicking the "more" option to open the entry.3. Click the "Settings" option, as shown in the Drop-down menu below.4. Click "Import/Export Co

Samsung mobile phone How to determine whether the application is installed in the SD card

Note: Some software can not be installed in the SD card, while some applications are installed in the SD card some data it is still cached in the phone, the problem may be to improve the performance of the application done, but the amount of data will not be very large. 1. We clicked "Application" in

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