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About IT foreign companies (12): Also about job-hopping for IT foreign companies (9): there are multiple ways to promote IT foreign companies (10 ): programmers are not program IT foreign companies (11): Why are your employees not working hard?

your team stand out from the 1000 teams of the same type, so you are not the key. Of course, if you are familiar with a very good technology, there will be a total of 100 people in the market, and there will be more than 100 companies that want to use this technology, so it is because of your technology that makes your company stand out. You naturally become the key point, and most of the 10 million won't be too much. Therefore, the programmer's pric

One-minute distinction between first-class companies, second-tier companies, three-stream companies

First-class companies busy educating people, second-rate companies busy hiring, three-stream company busy substitution;First-class companies rely on culture, second-rate companies rely on process, three-flow company by capable;First-class companies to do the standard, second

How to effectively differentiate small companies and startups (i): Characteristics of small companies

Why did you write this article?Now there are a lot of "small companies" disguised as "start-up companies." Because everyone has a false perception that "startups are small companies," so it is easy to be deceived by such a disguised company. Wait until such a small company later found that this TM is a start-up company Ah, clearly is a small company. The main pur

How programmers learn from "small companies" and "Big companies"

Introduction: AuthorBruce LeeI published an article in the blog 《How programmers learn from "small companies" and "Big companies"This article describes how to learn, grow, and increase your value in different working environments. The content of this article is as follows: Preface: I have been working in the software industry for several years. I have changed many development languages, skipped the slot, an

Large companies or small companies?

There will always be choices in the workplace, especially for those of us, the frequency of Job hopping should be quite large in all industries. So what kind of company should we choose? Large or small. I have been working for more than three years and have experienced a small amount of work. Recently I have interviewed many companies in different forms and talked about my feelings and thoughts. In small co

PHP for more than a year, want to leave, but do not know to small companies or big companies better,,,,

Please brother and sister brother and sister to give a proposal ha ..., because the younger brother is self-study has been no one brought .... So I would like to thank you for your help in career planning and personal development. Reply content: Please brother and sister brother and sister to give a proposal ha ..., because the younger brother is self-study has been no one brought .... So I would like to thank you for your help in career planning and personal development. As far as possib

Service leasing companies-new forms of companies in the SOA Environment

SOA is destined to become an opportunity for business restructuring within the world, and will also promote many emerging companies, such: Service Leasing Company. Today, SOA has come to us practically. within the enterprise, SOA has become a major opportunity for business process restructuring. Many theories and practices guide this revolution, at the same time, SOA is also promoting the emergence of some new forms of

What is the current work of php software engineers )? For example, what are the differences between large companies and small companies?

What is the current work of php programmers (I know it is webpage )? For example, what are the differences between large companies and small companies? What is the current work of php programmers (I know it is webpage )? For example, what are the differences between large companies and small companies? What is the curr

Internet Finance Companies (more than 100 companies) Recruit for front-end development, with more than 100 front-ends

Internet Finance Companies (more than 100 companies) Recruit for front-end development, with more than 100 front-endsJob description: A mobile project of the company. recruitment requirements: 1. familiar with html (html5), css (css3), javascript; 2. familiar with front-end class libraries such as jQuery or zepto; 3. understanding of modularity, less or sass; 4. focus on front-end specifications, code quali

Career-differences between small companies and large companies

ability to learn at ordinary times. These are all unavoidable in my previous career. I should cherish them well. Of course, the company's lack of technical improvement, I can spare time to think more about code exercises, and actually use what I learned to practice in the company's projects or projects. There is an experienced leader who gives you the freedom to do things and is willing to guide me carefully. It should be said that I am very lucky. During these days I am a little confused, tha

[Recommended] It foreign companies (1): the same is true for foreign companies [

Find it here Http://topic.csdn.net/u/20100501/09/64e41f24-e69a-40e3-9058-17487e4f311b.html It foreign companies (1): That's the case for foreign companies.It foreign companies (2): a variety of foreign companiesIt foreign companies (3): Strange interviewIt foreign companies (4): An exciting induction speechIt forei

Talk about the difference between some big companies and small and medium-sized newly established companies

I am 2015 graduates, Java development, before 2014.12-2015-4 in a relatively large IT company (about five thousand or six thousand people) internship for four months, and then went to another one just set up a year or so of small and medium (200 people) Internet companies, so far internship for two months. So the difference between the two companies is more profound. In this talk about their feelings, welco

Ranking of Chinese software companies and world-renowned software companies

Technology Group Co., Ltd. 3062250 shengqu Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 30461 World-renowned software companies * 1 Microsoft Corp. (Microsoft)* 2 IBM Corp. (International Commercial machine)* 3 Oracle Corp.* 4 Computer Associates International Inc.* 5 Hitachi Ltd. (HITACHI)* 6 SAP AG* 7 Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)* 8 Sun Microsystems Inc. (Sun Microsystems)* 9 Compaq Computer Corp. (Compaq)* 10 lelesoft Inc.* 11 parametric Technology

Large companies and small companies

Recently, I heard a saying that a large company is better than a small company on the grounds that the boss of a small company and youEmployees have direct interests, and they are relatively independent. If you get more, they will get less; while big company bossesThe benefits are not big for you. No matter how much you give, there is so much "above" for him.To big companies. This adjustment was recognized by many people. I thought it was justified a

The software industry chooses big companies or small companies

think about it).The salary is actually satisfied, but day in, repeat work let me feel particularly no meaning, although in spare time to learn new knowledge, but I think in this company stay there is no future, so decided to job-hopping, just met a friend, he was in the game industry is relatively a good company. Told me that the company has recruitment, let me try. Then I went, and the result was hired. But it was the first time to leave, and how can not be determined. Tangled for a long time.

WPF outsourcing companies-Why do companies choose WPF?

course, many developers mainly focus on technical research, and a few companies have begun to work on WPF-based product R D. 1. The official version of WPF has been released (with the official version of. NET Framework 3.0). You can download it from msdn for free. 2. the corresponding technical support has started, but it is currently limited to major customers, mainly for pre-sales technical support. Technical support for General developers may not

Do not open a blank check to employees for start-up companies or developing companies.

Original article: Do not open a blank check to employees of an entrepreneurial or developing company ~~!!! By Terry _ Dragon Our company situation:1. In less than two years since its establishment, it was expected to become NASDAQ in 2013;2. No overtime work, no change, no overtime work. Even if you work overtime until half past eight the next day, you have to punch in to work;3. The application of several new technologies by Niu Yi does not offer training or understanding, because the compa

Is there a shortage of blockchain developers? The big companies offer a serial trick.

Click "CSDN" above, select "Public number" Critical moment, first time delivery. "CSDN Editor's note" with the growing popularity of blockchain, hundreds of related startups are springing up all over the world, followed by a shortage of blockchain developers in the talent market in the awkward situation, which has a dedicated team to ensure that blockchain technology companies are few. This article summarizes the current number of

Website construction companies do not make money for the reasons

First of all, the characteristics of the Web site construction: This line in the most downstream of the ecological chain, low profit, high cost, and still rising every year, because the main labor costs, the difficulty of the money, but also require a monthly continuous new orders to enter, but there is no sustainable consumption, doing this line of small companies, large companies are not many. Really big

Optimization difficulties deepen network companies to avoid failure to receive orders

Today I and Zhengzhou, a network company in the group chatting, the current in the optimization is increased, the increase in costs and unpredictable, many network companies for the sake of insurance in the receipt of the list is often more than thousands of keywords, take a respectful attitude. Wise just learned that the site optimization is not as good as before, in order to reduce the risk of the enterprise or safe is better. For these doubts the n

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