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51st NoSQL Basic concept and MongoDB application, database allocation concept

Tags: nosql NoSQL Basic Concepts and MongoDB MongoDB Basic Application MongoDB Index and copy set The concept of database sharding and the realization of MongoDB sharding I. The basic concept of NoSQLNoSQL (not just SQL), is a technical genre, non-relational database; it is one of the drawbacks of NoSQL to be used in the bi

Concept and pointer of C language files, and concept pointer of C language files

Concept and pointer of C language files, and concept pointer of C language files1. Concepts of C language files In a program, when an input function is called to input data from an external file to a variable in the program, this operation becomes "input" or "read "; when an output function is called to output the values of variables in a program to an external file, this operation is called "output" or "wr

Understand the concept of reflection and the concept of reflection

Understand the concept of reflection and the concept of reflectionI. Reflection Student Feng Weili (sophomore year out of school, now Guangzhou Telecom) listened to the reflection:"Reflection maps various components in the Java class into corresponding java classes.". This sentence is more thorough and incisive than many books have said! After learning these reflection APIs, we will use a compreh

Multithreading, multi-process concept, multi-thread, process concept

Multithreading, multi-process concept, multi-thread, process concept ■ What is multithreading:Multithreading aims to make multiple threads work in parallel to complete multiple tasks and improve system efficiency. The thread is implemented when multiple tasks need to be completed at the same time.The advantages of using threads are as follows:· Use threads to place tasks in programs that occupy a long time

What is bootstrap used (concept) and bootstrap (concept)

What is bootstrap used (concept) and bootstrap (concept) Bootstrap is an open-source toolkit launched by Twitter for front-end development. It was developed by Twitter designer Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton. It is a CSS/HTML framework. It is a WEB page framework (the most popular WEB Front-end framework at present). That is to say, you only need to write HTML tags to call its class, and you can quickly crea

Python Package concept, python Package concept

Python Package concept, python Package concept 1. A python program consists of a package, a module, and a function. A package is a collection of modules. A module is a collection of functions and classes that handle a certain type of problem. A 2-pack toolbox is used to complete a specific task. The 3 package must contain a _ init _. py file, which is used to identify the current folder as a package. 4.

Notification Mechanism (concept), notification mechanism concept

Notification Mechanism (concept), notification mechanism concept 1. notification center) The notification center is a singleton class created using the following code. [NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter]; 2. Notification (NSNotification) // A complete notification generally contains three attributes:-(NSString *) name; // notification name-(id) object; // notification publisher (who wants to publish the no

Schema concept (the pattern concept)

analysis, design, and implementation; On the contrary, the pattern embodies the whole idea of the program, so sometimes it appears in the analysis or in the schematic design phase. This is an interesting phenomenon because patterns can be implemented directly by code, so you may not want to use patterns before you design or encode them in detail (you may not actually realize that you need a particular pattern before you design and code in detail).

Plsql_ Performance Optimization Series 1_ the concept and importance of statistical information (concept)

distribution (histogram information), Number of NULL valuesSELECT -- Number of unique values -- the minimum value on the column -- the maximum value on the column -- Select rate factor (density) -- Number of NULL values -- Number of buckets in the histogram -- Types of histograms from User_tab_columnsV. Cases Case: When you query a table, the resolution plan returns the result set rows are completely incorrect, and after a large number of DML tables are not analyzed, th

Iterator concept, generator Concept

Iterator concept, generator ConceptIteratable objects: Objects that can be directly acted on by the for King are collectively referred to as iteration objects: Iterable 1 # to determine whether an object is an Iterable object, first import the Iterable module in collections 2> from collections import Iterable3> isinstance ([], Iterable) 4> True5> isinstance (100, Iterable) 6> FalesIterator Can be called by the next () function and continuou

Decorator Concept & amp; Concept of actual use of dry goods and Decoration

Decorator Concept Actual use of dry goods and decoration ConceptDefinition: Essentially, it is a function (decorated with other functions) that adds additional functions to other functions. Principles: The source code of the decorated function cannot be modified. The call method of the decorated function cannot be modified. Implement the knowledge reserve of the decorator: Functions and "variables" High-order functions Nested Functions De

Android color design concept and android Design Concept

Android color design concept and android Design ConceptColor Colors are inspired by contemporary buildings, road signs, crosstab charts, and sports ground pavilions. This creates a bold color expression that activates the color and is in stark contrast to the monotonous surrounding environment. Emphasize bold shadows and highlights. Creates unexpected and vibrant colors. Color sample-0.13 MB (.zip) UI palette The color palette is based on some basic

Mo Ge: I created the concept of App self-promotion !, App Concept

Mo Ge: I created the concept of App self-promotion !, App Concept [Mo Ge: 1 million articles per day]Yesterday I joined Cui, a new post-90 member of the group (cuinianyyyy9). I have previously asked me about how to develop and start a business from. Net to mobile IOS. I said that if you go to IOS, you need to learn a new language, and then you need to buy an Apple Computer + iphone + ipad, you need 20 thous

Basic orchard concept definitions-orchard basic concept definition

ArticleDirectory General CMS definitions --- general definition of CMS Orchard concepts-orchard Concept Ui composition -- interface Synthesis Orchard is a Web CMS system that helps us build websites through existing modules. If we want to use the orchard CMS system to create website applications more efficiently, we need to familiarize ourselves with some basic concepts and terms of orchard. This article will explain some concept

The concept of modeling language is related to the concept of programming language (must read for beginners)

1. generalization (generalization)In C + +, the corresponding inheritance, such as B is a generalization, in C + + performance as:Class B:public a{public : B () {} Virtual ~b () {}}2.implementation (realization)In C + +, corresponding to the concept of virtual functions, such as B implemented a. is to implement the detailed function (interface) of the virtual function in a, which is represented in C + +:Class a{ public:a () {}virtual ~a () {

OutputCache learning-concept, outputcache Concept

OutputCache learning-concept, outputcache Concept For more information about caching, see here. Cache category: Client Caching) Proxy Caching) Reverse Proxy Caching) Web Server Caching) Benefits and Applications of Caching: This allows resource files such as css, js, image, and aspx to read the local file during the second access instead of requesting the server again, reducing the client's pressure

FreeMarker concept introduction (1), freemarker concept Introduction

FreeMarker concept introduction (1), freemarker concept Introduction1. What is FreeMarker? It is a tool that generates text output based on templates and is written in java. It has nothing to do with specific containers and does not know HTTP or Servlet. Therefore, it can be applied in non-Web application environments. Just like a factory where raw materials (such as data and text) are handed over to FreeMa

MySql concept (2): mysql Concept

MySql concept (2): mysql Concept I. SQL specifications? SQL is the abbreviation of Structured Query Language (Structured Query Language. SQL is a set of operation commands for databases. It is a fully functional database language. When using it, you only need to issue the "what to do" command, and the "how to do" command does not need to be considered by the user. SQL is powerful, easy to learn, and easy to

7. C ++ class and encapsulation concept, 7. c encapsulation Concept

7. C ++ class and encapsulation concept, 7. c encapsulation Concept Classes are generally divided into the following two parts: -ClassOfInternalImplementation -ClassOfExternalUsage For example: UserTo use a mobile phone, you only need to knowHow to Use. WhileMobile phone developers, You need to consider the mobile phoneInternal implementationDetails. Class Encapsulation Not every member variable and m

Concept of the javaweb framework-its own object storage pool and the concept of the javaweb framework

Concept of the javaweb framework-its own object storage pool and the concept of the javaweb framework Original Design:When a website provides services, many objects such as bean and dao are created frequently. However, these objects can be reused.Design Concept:The ObjectPool of the object connection pool uses the single-State design mode. It comes with a thread and callsClearObject method,To ensure synchro

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