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"MicroServices," the ongoing deployment under the MicroServices scenario

Over the past two years, the authors have been involved in the MicroServices team in overseas deliveries to enhance the scalability of the Finance system for customers. The author's team, 3 pairs of development (pair programming, 2 dev for pair) Support 11 services for customers, and the continuous deployment pipeline (CD pipeline) is an essential technical practice. This sharing author will share the ongoi

"Summarizing" the MicroServices (microservices) architecture in an AWS cloud computing environment

: Download the full MP4 file1. Churyang Summary Micro-service is not a stone crack inside, is based on similar SOA, Blackboard, C/S and other application architectures based on the integration of Agile development, devops and other concepts based on the development of The advantages of microservices compared to traditional applications (rapid deployment, de-center, good isolation, etc.), and ma

Chris Richardson microservices Translation: Building process communication for microservices architecture

Chris Richardson Micro-Service series translation of all 7 links: Micro Service Introduction Building the Use API Gateway for microservices Building process communication for microservices architecture (this article) Service discovery in micro-service architecture Event-driven data management for micro-services Micro-Service Deployment

Micro Service guide North (i): what is microservices

: When it comes to monomer applications, for example, the typical monomer application is ERP, CRM, BPM and other software. For ERP and large CRM applications, it is possible that one software contains hundreds of function points. The development, maintenance, deployment, error correction, extension, and upgrade of such software will be a major problem for the person concerned (nightmare). 2. What is the SOA architecture SOA is a

Microservice architecture (I): What is microservices?

, automatic deployment, smart endpoints, and "de-Centralization" Control of language and data around business capabilities. The Thinking of microservice architecture comes from the comparison with the overall application. The encapsulation of application components is the main difference between the overall architecture and the microservice architecture. The microservice architecture puts the related business logic and data together to form an inde

The first step in building microservices: Where does microservices come from?

Many people talk about " microservices " and are grappling with an old problem more than 20 years ago ; Particle size "; What is the " granularity" of microservices partitioning ? More than 20 years , many people are taking a " Standard answer " ; particle size Span style= "font-family: ' Helvetica Neue '"; In doing software development. Unfortunately, when you have been using the so-called " Standard a

Microsoft Service Fabric for the microservices framework

Software Components for common microservices architectures:Docker (Mature application)Spring Boot% Spring Cloud (technology trends)Service Fabric (behind a rising star is the driver of Microsoft Cloud)The four common microservices architectures are Zeroc Icegrid, Spring Cloud, Message Queuing and Docker Swarm.The actual production is mostly a combination of pattern applications such as best practice Spring

Start with Spring Cloud and talk about the path to microservices architecture practices

usability and extensibility issues.MySQL cluster: Stores data that has transactional requirements for members, commodities, orders, and so on.Kafka: All messaging services that support the platform.ES (Elasticsearch): Provides a platform for products, members, orders, logs and other search services. Integration layer: This feature is the biggest highlight of the entire platform, including the practice of continuous integration of CI, continuous delivery CD, DevOps culture, allowing everyone t

Building Microservices-PDF documentation, microservices-pdf

Building Microservices-PDF documentation, microservices-pdf I translated several articles in English that are based on Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS to facilitate sharing and exchange, and sorted them into PDF documents. PDF document directory: Directory I. microservice operation model... 3 1. Prerequisites... 3 2. Extension... 5 3. problem... 6 4. required components... 7 5. Reference Model... 8 6. Next s

Read the story between Spring Boot, microservices architecture, and big data governance

convenience to our traditional development, so if you have used spring boot to develop a project, you will no longer be willing to develop the project in the same way.To summarize, using Spring Boot can at least bring us the following improvements: Spring boot makes coding easy, and spring boot provides a rich solution to quickly integrate solutions to improve development efficiency. Spring boot makes the configuration simple, spring boot provides a rich starters, and the integrati

"MicroServices" Six: Easy to fix springcloud microservices-API Gateway Zuul

Through the introduction of the previous articles, we can easily build up a few of the more important infrastructure services in the microservices system. So, in this blog post, we'll focus on how to design API Gateway concepts by agreeing to expose all microservices APIs. This series of tutorials"MicroServices" easy to fix springcloud Micro Service catalog

Using spring Cloud Zuul as a gateway to integrate multiple microservices into one swagger service under the MicroServices architecture

Attention:If you are working on microservices, there is a need for mutual invocation between services, and the interfaces between services and APIs must generate the management documentation of the system. If you want to better manage your API, you want to have a tool to solve all the API-related things one-stop, then, swagger will be a good choice, the following for you to introduce swagger is the use of methods, if there is wrong, but also to correc

Service splitting and service discovery of microservices

small, resulting in faster iteration. For the interface to upgrade the part, to ensure that the gray level, the first interface is added, instead of the original interface changes, when the registration center to monitor the call situation, found that the interface has not been used, and then deleted. The second problem that microservices solve is high concurrency. The characteristics of the Internet a product is to accumulate a large number of use

The "Spring Cloud and Docker microservices Architecture Combat" companion code

file upload micro-service 1248.8 Zuul Filter 1278.8.1 filter type and request life cycle 1278.8.2 Writing Zuul Filter 1288.8.3 Disabling the Zuul filter 1308.9 Zuul fault-tolerant and fallback 1308.9.1 add fallback for Zuul 1318.10 Zuul High-availability 133The 8.10.1 Zuul client is also registered on the Eureka Server 1338.10.2 Zuul Client not registered on Eureka Server 1338.11 Integrating non-JVM microservices with sidecar 1348.11.1 writing node.

Read the story between Spring Boot, microservices architecture, and big data governance

efficiency. Spring boot makes the configuration simple, spring boot provides a rich starters, and the integration of mainstream open source products often requires simple configuration. Spring boot makes deployment simple, and spring boot itself launches the container, with just one command to start the project, and the combination of Jenkins and Docker Automation operations is easy to implement. Spring boot makes monitoring simple, sprin

Gilt how to deploy microservices to an AWS environment, introducing Ion-roller

use of custom scripts and Capistrano. This is a way to work, but it also poses a lot of difficulties. The first attempt at virtualization is manifested in poor performance at peak times of daily visits, where a large number of services are eventually intertwined in the same physical environment, leading to performance anomalies and sometimes downtime due to lack of separation of resources. At peak times, a large-scale deployment of a service consumes

"MicroServices" four: Easy fix springcloud microservices-load Balancing Ribbon

Load balancing is an essential name for any high-availability, high-load system. In a large-scale distributed computing system, a service in a single case, it is difficult to deal with a variety of unexpected situations. Therefore, load balancing is a solution that allows the system to distribute traffic in the event of a performance bottleneck or in some of these states. In the Springcloud system, many of Netflix's best products have been added, one of which is the Ribbon for server-side load b

Deep Solution microservices Architecture: From the past to the Future | Architecture (2015-07-15)

time, more vendors, such as IBM, Oracle and so on, are also proposing SOA-based solutions or products.microservices and SOAIn fact, the microservices architecture is not a completely new concept. By carefully analyzing the concept of SOA, you will find that it is almost identical to the idea of microservices we are talking about today. After all these years of SOA, why did you propose a micro-service archi

How to properly implement the internal consistency of microservices through localization events, and the final consistency between event bus across MicroServices

timeProblems with this scenario:Publisher is sent successfully, and the local publishevent event is published , meaning that it is not known from the publisher side Subscriber consumption failure needs re-consumptionSolution: Get publishevent for event retry by detecting publishevent subscribeevent Republish publishevent to subscriber 5. Support the above programming model with NuGet installation componentsInstall-Package SmartEventBus.RabbitMQImplInstall-Package SmartEventBus.R

Quickly set up Feign in microservices and set up Feign in microservices

Quickly set up Feign in microservices and set up Feign in microservices Build a declarative REST client feign in the microservice architecture ].Feign is a declarative Web service client. This makes writing to the Web service client more convenient. Use Feign to create an interface and annotate it. It has support for pluggable comments, including Feign comments and JAX-RS comments. Spring Cloud supports Spr

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