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Use SQL Server 2000 Analysis Service in ASP. NET

Summary Many organizations use Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology to analyze their key business data. OLAP-based data Drilling provides a way to query multi-dimensional datasets and obtain modes through drilling data. ASP. NET and

Rdlc reads cube data in Analysis Services

In RDL of Microsoft report services, data can be queried from the cube of the report service by default. However, rdlc requires indirect access to the data in the cube. Compared with RDL and rdlc, they are completely different routines. The

Programming Microsoft Office 2000 Web Components Chapter 4 Section 5

Advanced Programming Skills   Now you have learned how to complete some basic programming operations. Now let's discuss some more advanced skills. Many of these advanced skills are involved in Chapter 7 sales analysis and report solutions. Therefore,

Use Association Rules of SQL Server Analysis Services data mining to implement commodity recommendation function (2)

If you have a shopping website, how do you recommend products to your customers? This function is available on many e-commerce websites. You can easily build similar functions through the data mining feature of SQL Server Analysis Services.   It is

Admdconnection connection string and analysisservice Server Configuration

From: Adomdconnection object: This connection and ADO. net is very similar, mainly responsible for connecting to the target library. but there is a difference, that is, from

How to open OpenDataSource permissions (data operations between different Server databases)-*-access remote database in T-SQL statements (OpenRowSet/OpenDataSource/openq

1. enable ad hoc distributed queries Enable the ad hoc distributed queries service before using OpenRowSet/OpenDataSource. Because this service is insecure, sqlserver is disabled by default. How to enable ad hoc distributed queries SQL Server

Ladder to SQL Server Agent-level two: job steps and subsystems

Reprinted from: to SQL Server Agent-level two: job steps and subsystemsRichard WAYMIRE,2017/10/11 (first published: 2011/02/17)The seriesThis article is part of

Translation (14)--Ladder to SQL Server Agent-level two: job steps and subsystems

Translation (14)--Ladder to SQL Server Agent-level two: job steps and SubsystemsRichard WAYMIRE,2017/10/11 (first published: 2011/02/17)Links: seriesThis article

SQL Server DBA: The tools that we used together in those years

As SQL Server DBA, we often complain that Microsoft's own tools are not good, but can be used to open the box is very rare. The following three separate GUI tools are included in SQL Server 2012 for use by SQL Server DBAs and developers. 1. SQL

Steps for SQL Server Agent-level 2nd: Job Steps and sub-series

Richard WAYMIRE,2017/10/11 (First edition: 2011/02/17)original link: seriesThis article is part of the "Stairway series: Steps for SQL Server Agent".SQL Server

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