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Cab file introduction and Production Method

From: 1. What is a cab file? Cab is a type of compressed file on a computer. It is a Microsoft product. It can be decompressed with WinRAR and some cab compressed files can be seen in the DOS boot disk. In

Create and install a cab file on Windows Mobile

Create a cab file, shortcuts, and Chinese characters: Http://   How to install MSIProgramDeploy multiple. Cab installation packages on Windows Mobile devices. Deploying. NET Compact Framework 2.0 applications

OCX Package CAB with JS call specific tutorial

Recently working on a WEB project. You need to call OCX to connect the card Reader. Didn't want to use OCX technology. Because the ActiveX technology is produced by microsoft. This causes the entire system to use only IE browser (other browsers can

Use makecab.exe to create a cab file

Makecab.exe is a tool that is included in Windows 2000 or later. To use makecab.exe to create a. cab file, perform the following steps: Create a targeted file for makecab.exe and save the file with the. DDF extension. The following sample targeting

An analysis of the application technique of CAB compression for ActiveX control

On the CAB compression of ActiveX control Ningfenghua This article briefly describes the cab compression and the steps to compress the ActiveX control into a CAB file using Wincab. keywords ActiveX control; cab compression; Wincab;inf file 1.

OCX Package CAB with JS call detailed tutorial

Recently in a WEB project, you need to call OCX to connect the card reader. Originally do not want to use OCX technology, because the ActiveX technology is produced by Microsoft, so that the entire system can only use IE browser (other browsers can

Analysis of ActiveX Control CAB Compression

Analysis of ActiveX Control CAB Compression Ren FengHua Abstract This article briefly introduces how to compress a CAB and use WinCAB to compress an ActiveX control into a CAB file. Key words ActiveX control; CAB compression; WinCAB; INF file 1.

How to package controls into cab files

Create a signed cab package leechy [original]1. Create a cab package:RunCabarc-s 6144 n remtcardsetup. Cab remtcard. dll remtcard. inf-S 6144: Leave 6 K space for the signature. Inf file format[Version]Signature = "$ Chicago $"Advancedinf =

Summary of ActiveX controls for web-based cab file Packaging

I,ProgramDescription:Program environment: Windows XP SP2, ie 6, Tomcat 5.5, VC ++ 6.0 Program process: the control is made into an ocx file for the client to call local hardware, which is useful to several third-party. DLL files.

Smart Client software factory: cab

Document directory Publish an event Subscribe an event Implementation of event Broker Component Module   From ebookProgramming Microsoft composite UI Application Block and smartClient software factory   Table 1-2. Definitions of

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