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OpenGL 3 & DirectX 11: The war is over: the day when the drawing API is fighting?

(Image Source: Source:OpenGL 3 DirectX 11: The war is over CurrentlyDirectXAndOpenGLIn an age that has been quite popular, we gradually seem to have forgotten the grievances of the two. On the famous hardware websiteTom's HardwareIn this column, the author leads us to review the ups and downs in the "Drawing API war" and the future prospects of OpenGL 3 and

Tutorial 1: setting up DirectX 11 with Visual Studio

can now setup your ide to work with the DirectX 11 SDK. Please note that some ides will need to be installed first before installing the DirectX SDK. Setting up Visual Studio 2010 In Visual Studio 2010 I used the following steps: First you need to create an empty Win32 project so select file-> New-> project. Then select Win32 project from the choices. Give the

Configuration of the most simplified DirectX 11 Development Environment vs2010

Reprinted from: Before writing DirectX 11-based applications, we certainly need to add the DirectX SDK function library support to the IDE so that the compiler can compile our code, understand the functions in directxsdk that we call in the code. Otherwise, the compiler will report undefined XXX and other e

Simply use Microsoft. DirectX. directsound to play a wave audio file

Use devicescollection to enumerate multiple sound card devices (playback devices/audio output devices) on a computer ), Using their guid to create a device for playing a sound, you can hear the sound on two sound cards through traversal. Below is a brief C # code: Microsoft. DirectX. directsound. devicescollection sound_devices = new Microsoft.

Microsoft plans to add physical computing to DirectX

Microsoft plans to add physical computing to DirectX Author: P 2MM Editor: P 2MM 11:25:00 according to Microsoft's recruitment inspiration, Microsoft is preparing to add physical computing to the DirectX API. according

DirectCompute & DirectX 11 computing coloring machine programming Overview)

Document directory Sample Code Device management Select the video card to use Run the computing coloring Tool Resources in DirectCompute Computing coloring machine (CS) HLSL Programming Note: DirectX has always been the core technology of Windows and game development. DirectX provides a program running on the graphics card-the Shader ). Before DirectX

DirectX 11 Game Programming Learning Note 7:6th Chapter drawing in Direct3D (drawn in Direct3D) (Focus review + Errata)

d3ddecl_end () that represents the end of the array, and the D3D11_INPUT_ELEMENT_DESC array used by DX 11 does not have this thing.2, D3d11_input_element_desc introduced the Semanticname and semanticindex these two things, you can let us customize the vertex structure of the use of each component, not like D3DVERTEXELEMENT9 Only a few predefined D3ddeclusage enumeration type variables can be used in the array.3, because Semanticname is our own creati

3D Game Programming with directx 11 exercises answer 8.2, programming8.2

3D Game Programming with directx 11 exercises answer 8.2, programming8.2Chapter 8 Question 2 1. First find the Directx Texture Tool, which is located in Introduction to 3D game programming with directx 11 Compared with the basic content of longshu, The DX11 feeling is q

The beauty of DirectX 11 (1)-Device & Resource

The beauty of DirectX 11 (1) --- Device resouRCE Author: Clayman For personal use only, do not reprint, do not use for any commercial purposes. This is a series DirectX11 OfArticlePart 1 is from Computation with direct3d11> A book (I don't have an electronic version. Don't ask me for an electronic version @_@!! If you are interested,HereYou can find the source code of this book), but it is not a

C # Video Player using Microsoft DirectX

C # Video Player using Microsoft DirectX Using System;Using System. Collections. Generic;Using System. ComponentModel;Using System. Data;Using System. Drawing;Using System. Text;Using System. Windows. Forms;Using Microsoft. DirectX. AudioVideoPlayback;Namespace playVideoProject{Public partial class Form1: Form

Microsoft DirectX PHP3 safe_mode Failure vulnerability

"Php.h" #include @@ -51,6 +51,7 @@ #include "safe_mode.h" #include "Php3_list.h" #include "Php3_string.h" + #include "exec.h" #include "file.h" #if Have_pwd_h #if MSVC5 @@ -575,7 +576,7 @@ PVal *arg1, *arg2; FILE *FP; int id; -Char *p; + Char *p, *tmp = NULL; Char *b, buf[1024]; Tls_vars; @@ -600,7 +601,11 @@ } else { snprintf (Buf,sizeof (BUF), "%s/%s", php3_ini.safe_mode_exec_dir,arg1->value.str.val); } -fp = Popen (buf,p); + + tmp = _php3_escapeshellcmd (BUF); + fp = popen (tmp,p); + Efree (

Vertical synchronization settings in DirectX 11

when the vertical synchronization is disabled for games transplanted to the PC, such as the ghost WARRIOR 3. 2. Code for setting vertical synchronization in DirectX 11: bool D3DClass::Initialize(int screenWidth, int screenHeight, bool vsync, HWND hwnd, bool fullscreen, float screenDepth, float screenNear){ HRESULT result; IDXGIFactory* factory; IDXGIAdapter* adapter; IDXGIOutput* adapterOutput;

3D Game Programming with directx 11 Exercise answers 8.3, programming8.3

3D Game Programming with directx 11 Exercise answers 8.3, programming8.3Chapter 8 Question 3 1. Copy flare. dds and flarealpha. dds to the project directory. 2. Create a shader resource view HR(D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromFile(md3dDevice, L"Textures/", 0, 0, mFlareSRV, 0)); HR(D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromFile(md3dDevice, L"Textures/", 0, 0, mFlareAlphaSRV, 0)); 3.

The beauty of DirectX 11 (4)-append/consume, byte address and indirect Argument Buffer

The beauty of DirectX 11 (4) -- append/consume, byte address and indirect Argument Buffer Author: Clayman For personal use only, do not reprint, do not use for any commercial purposes. Append/consume Buffers Append And Comsume Buffer All SBV . Essentially, they all need UAV Resources, but they are HLSL Implements a stack-like access behavior: Use Append () Function Elements Push To B

Analysis of Hieroglyph3 (open-source Rendering Engine Based on DirectX 11) Framework

Hieroglyph3 is a Rendering engine based on Microsoft's latest graphic API: DirectX 11. It is also a supporting teaching material for Practical Rendering and Computation with Direct3D 11. It provides a more convenient and easy-to-use secondary encapsulation for DX11, making it easier to use dx, without having to manually repeat the lengthy and unchanged code each

DirectX 11 Game Programming Learning Note 2: Article 1 chapter vector Algebra (vectors algebra)

(V[a],v[b], v[c], v[d]), and as far as A,b,c,d out 0,1,2,3 this range, what happens, ask the reader to do their own research.Xmvectormultiply (U,V)-Returns a vector in which each component of the vector is the product of the corresponding component of U and the corresponding component of V;Xmvectorsaturate (v)-Returns a vector of the values resulting from the saturate operation of each component of V, saturate (x) returns 0 (if x==================================================================

Microsoft cool people behind DirectX 10

Java developers. Coupled with the powerful appeal of Google Community They all opened up special discussions. But is GWT omnipotent? A Slashdot reader commented that GWT is only a small wave of waves in the vast sea of Web application development. Check whether GWT is suitable for you. You 'd better read what GWT can do before using it? This article. Related Links: CA = dgr-lnxw01GWT4Ajax M

DirectX 9.0 (11) Terrain Rendering

grid size, align the center of the grid with the center of the world coordinates. When we have a plane mesh, we will change the Y coordinate of the vertices in the mesh based on the data in the height graph, so that we can create a high and low terrain mesh. The following is my model: The following figure shows how to use the Phong color model to illuminate the point light source: Multi-texturing In texture ing technology, multi-texturing is used to combine different textures to form a textur

Loaderlock message Microsoft. DirectX. dll "is trying to execute managed code within the OS loader lock.

Today, a friend in the group asked "loaderlock message Microsoft. DirectX. dll detected", trying to loadProgramLock execution hostingCode." I have never done any projects in this area before, so I don't know how to solve this problem. What should we do? You can only turn to the Internet. Google it, haha .. Sure enough, someone has encountered this problem before, so you don't have to worry about it. Record

Microsoft Data Mining algorithm: Microsoft Linear regression analysis Algorithm (11)

average response rate to see, reduced to 80%Let's take a look at the prediction results:Hey, there has been 0.1 below the response rate, it seems to follow this rule to adjust, basically can meet the requirements of the boss, the average response rate is reduced to 80%.Interested children's shoes, can follow this law analysis and mining, to correct the number of each position and the adjustment of the work rounds.ConclusionThis is the end of this article ... This and the previous

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