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Xbox One: Microsoft stores all have Xbox One themes.

Tags: Xbox One Microsoft Store Suning experience Xbox OneIf you want to continue watching and try Xbox, go to the Microsoft physical store and try it ~ You can try all five hosts.The address is the Suning Lenovo bridge store, and the Mic

Microsoft Xbox One stops joining the TV DVR feature without first cutting

Microsoft will no longer add TV DVR features to Xbox One, according to the foreign media The Verge report. Microsoft initially announced the addition of the TV DVR feature to Xbox One at the Gamescom Cologne game show last August, and said at the time that the feature would be available in 2016. But now, after careful

Microsoft: Xbox One is also a Windows PC

(Original title: Microsoft: Xbox One is also a Windows PC)Earlier, Microsoft brought the new Windows 10-based system to Xbox One, with players not only gaining a new system interface, but also being able to stream games with their own Windows PC and even compatible with previous Xb

Microsoft launches Xbox Live Account Migration Service

Recently, the Microsoft Xbox Department officially launched the Xbox Live Account self-service migration services, enabling players to use in different countries and access to their entertainment content of the game. Players only need to access the relevant service page to complete all the account migration work, the whole process takes only a few minutes.

Microsoft wants to implant IE into the Xbox 360 to support Kinect gesture control

Microsoft recently tested the stable version of IE9 browser on the Xbox360 game host, according to TheVerge, a tech blog reported on July 9, Beijing time. The Xbox360 is now configured with the Bing voice search function, but the media search results are limited. Microsoft added the new version of Internet Explorer to Xbox to extend the search function to the en

Microsoft launches Xbox One handle including headphone port is that true?

Currently, the Xbox One handle does not include a headphone port, and users often need to purchase an additional standalone stereo headset adapter to use the headset on the console. Microsoft's spoiler program will release the new Xbox One handle next month with an additional headset port. In the Xbox One Support Forum Update blog post, the new gamepad will be av

Microsoft has done a bit operation for your enumeration.

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