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Office Home & Student 2013 RT to reduce battery consumption

In an official blog at office Next, Microsoft details office home and the student 2013 RT edition that comes free of charge with the Windows RT Tablet PC. Office Home Student 2013 RT Not only provides longer battery endurance, but also is very powerful on the arm platform.

Microsoft student center dreamspark

Here we will introduce you to the Microsoft student center. First, you need to register a student account and click here to apply for an account. Figure 1 shows how to register a student account and use the teaching video in pluralsight. The First Login will require you to change the password Click here to open drea

[Resolved] Invalid Microsoft Download Manager from Microsoft Partner resource and MSDN download system and software

There is a itellyou that updates all of the MSDN packages. If you have Microsoft's registered account, or from the Microsoft official website to download better. and compare the system in your account with the itellyou. found that the SHA1 code is not the same, it is estimated that the official assigned serial number may not be used in the Itellyou downloaded software package.In such a practice. Start tossi

Windows Home Server OEM Official Edition Download address _ Common Tools

Microsoft has revealed that the predecessor of Windows home Server is Quattro, the first time Microsoft has targeted Microsoft Server software at ordinary users. The Windows home Server software program development package includes system protection, file sharing, family sec

Windows 10X64 IOS Professional Edition & amp; Home Edition download and permanent activation, x64ios

Windows 10X64 IOS Professional Edition Home Edition download and permanent activation, x64ios I haven't updated my blog for a long time. I have been computing for four years. Well, today I have a whimsy and want to record the process of installing Windows 10 today. In 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10. At that time, genuine Windows 10 and Windows 8 could be u

Microsoft Push DreamSpark program to provide students with free software download address _it industry

Microsoft pushes DreamSpark program to provide students with free software Microsoft chairman Bill Gates announced that it will provide free development and design tools to millions of universities and high school students around the world to explore the creative potential of students and help them embark on academic and professional success. According to foreign media reports, Microsoft's DreamSpark

Microsoft announced that SP3 has been available for download on the 29th of RTM.

preparing to release it to the Web (that is, you! On October 16, April 29, the download center of Windows Update and Microsoft was used. Online files for Windows XPSP3, Such as Microsoft Knowledge Base articles and Windows XP Technology Center on Microsoft technet, will be updated. For customers, Windows XPSP3The auto

Microsoft Windows original operating system CD-ROM series download _ Common Tools

ChineseIntroduction: The earliest version, commonly known as the 505MB versionCapacity: 505MB (530,186,240 bytes)Volume Label: WXPFPP_CNmd5:109e362420790ac40e500d940bff814cThunder Download Http:// ...-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Windows XP Pro SP2 v

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 download, registration, installation process, feature list, problem resolution

PS: Please look at the reply. There may be issues that are not mentioned in the article. may be helpful to you oh ~ VS2015 official version out, although there is no ultimate flagship version, but also very excited to say. Ha ha.There may be small partners, because the working environment is not allowed, or afraid of any problems.So dare not install vs2015. Can only be looked at helplessly.So, I decided to take a risk of reloading the system, try to install it, and just try what serial numb

The 40-minute video of Nigel Parker demonstrates 31 Microsoft technologies (for download)

integration demo-details (17: 07)18. code) 19. Microsoft popfly (22: 21)20. Windows Live photo gallery (26:16)21. Windows home server (26:55)22. LCI int é grale (28:30)23. livestation (29:28)24. webguide (30: 03)25. HSN. TV (31: 25)26. thirteen23: denounce (32: 04)27. How about it? (32: 47)28. the-hub. TV (33: 53)29. Glenn Conner interview-Amazon demo Silverlight 1

Official download for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Official edition

First of all, see there is no such news in the Garden, so venture to send home, if there is something wrong, please remove and understanding.Although the release of the released MSDN official version, but this morning to see the official version of Microsoft's trial, still can not help but excited, I believe that in a short time, will be able to find on the Internet from MSDN out of Windows 8 official version (although I have already installed a leake

Microsoft May 2007 security Update ISO image Simplified Chinese download _ Common Tools

This image file contains the Windows security update that was published on Windows Update before May 8, 2007. Does not contain security updates for other Microsoft products. This CD image is intended for use by corporate administrators who manage large multinational organizations, who need to download multiple language versions of each security update and do not use automated solutions such as WSUS. Use thi

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