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Microsoft enterprise database 5.0 Study Notes (9) ASP. NET web applications

In ASP. NET web forms applications, the recommended method is to save the containerApplicationThe global status provided by the dictionary object. When needed, you can access the container, or even use the HTTP module to automatically inject controls on the page. Generally, you should useApplicationDictionary object to store a single instance of the container. You may decide to create sub-containers of the

Microsoft enterprise database 5.0 Study Notes (11) WCF and ASP. NET web service applications

To initialize the container and populate the dependencies of a Web service application, you must expose user interfaces (such as Windows Forms, WPF, and ASP. NET web forms) in different methods of the application type ). This topic describes possible solutions and resources for ASP. NET web services (asmx), and helps you implement them in WCF applications. ASP.

Microsoft Invited lecturer Xu FrankXuLei was invited to teach Microsoft. NET Enterprise development courses for China Eastern Airlines Shanghai R & D center

Microsoft guest lecturer Xu FrankXuLeiI was invited to teach Microsoft at the Shanghai R D center of Eastern Airlines. NET Enterprise Development Course, Introduction. NET new feature "WCF4.5 development and SOA Architecture Design" "ASP. NET4.5 new WebAPI and MVC framework

10th Lecture: Using. NET to develop large-scale enterprise-level applications

2005.2.22 ou yanliang Basic Content Familiar with Microsoft. NET Object-Oriented Programming in. NET Microsoft ADO. NET Course Introduction How to develop enterprise-level applications

Deploy. NET core applications using Visual Studio ——. NET Core deployment to SuSE Linux Enterprise Server SP2 64-bit (GNOME version 3.20.2)

SUSE Linux Installation ApacheCommand: sudo zypper in ApacheSet up Apache services availableCommand: sudo systemctl enable Apache2.serviceEnable Apache Servicessudo systemctl start Apache2.serviceIf a 403 error occurs because there is no reason to index.html the initial page, add one.Note: The Add file requires permission, so the command sudo chmod a+w/srv/www/htdocs/authorization,This allows you to add the index.html initial page,Try the browser open again: http://localhost/, there is content,

Microsoft Xi'an. Net Club Enterprise Group released

To make it easier for Microsoft Xi'an. net club member turnover, we invite local software enterprise project managers or HR to join the club enterprise group (104575206 ), based on the recruitment requirements of these companies, we will regularly recommend relevant excellent members for free, and include recruitment i

Notes on using Microsoft. NET to build enterprise solutions (1)

related to the project. Architects recommend products and technologies that are cost-effective for projects. Architects do not decide on technology. They only recommend technology based on their own knowledge. So who decides to use the technology recommended by the architect? It is clearly a project manager or a budget manager. The architect's suggestions may be accepted or rejected. 4) clear and detailed design The final responsibility of the architect is to determine the detailed design. The

Learning notes for enterprise solutions using Microsoft. NET (4) Business Layer

specifies the height to be reached, and the rules specify how to reach this height. There are various ways to standardize business rules. If you live and work in a perfect world, every organization maintains its own rule database, so that these rules can be easily shared among various teams in a project. This is not the case in most cases. The process of collecting business specifications begins with the development project. The result is that the business rules are sorted out at the end of the

Using Microsoft. NET architecture for Enterprise Solutions (iii) Design Principles

The original version of the book titled ting Microsoft. NET solutions for the Enterprise Preface Designing a software system is very challenging because, on the one hand, you need to focus on today's needs, while at the same time, you need to be able to adapt to future changes to and increases in functionality. Especially in the past two decades, the IT industry

Reeffecect your web applications for Microsoft ASP. NET 2.0

of the new features brought by 2.0. in 2.0, the provider mode is fully supported, including user authentication, user information configuration, site navigation management, and data binding. The provider mode is also supported. 2. to improve the efficiency of developing large Web applications, Microsoft has introduced a new technology, master pages, or page template. (If you have used Macro

Optimization suggestions for using. Net to develop Windows form network applications provided by Microsoft msdn

This article focuses on the use of Microsoft's DOTNET platform for network-related winformProgramDevelopment. In the. NET platform, network-related content is basically included in the namespace system. net. On msdn, Microsoft provides the following optimization suggestions: Use as much as possibleWebrequestAndWebresponseInstead of converting the data ty

[Weekly Topic] What does. Net lack for enterprise-level applications?

In order to allow everyone to communicate in a more targeted and in-depth manner, the blog Park will launch weekly topics. I hope that interested friends will seriously think about the weekly topics and express your opinions. You are welcome to recommend some good topics to the blog. Please send an email to cnblogs # You can use all weekly questions. This week's topic: What does net la

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