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Microsoft to support ODF, PDF in office next year

Support for ODF and PDF will be supported ded through Microsoft Office Service Pack 2, expected to be out in the first half of 2009 By Elizabeth montalbano, IDG News Service May 21,200 8 Microsoft is finally adding support for ODF (OpenDocument format for

Windows10 remove Cortana, Microsoft Edge, contact Support, and Windows feedback apps

In addition to standard applications ( See reinstall Apps for Windows 10), Windows 10 also has a class of application system apps called systems applications, The biggest feature of this type of app is that it can't be deleted using Powersell commands, such as Cortana, Microsoft Edge, contact Support, and Windows feedback.The removal method for this kind of a

Microsoft plans to push the online version of Office to support IE Firefox and Safari

Since the advent of Google Apps in October 29, Microsoft has been plagued by the issue of when to launch online Office software. Microsoft announced the Office Web software at the professional Developer Conference on Tuesday-a lightweight version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote that allows users to use via a br

Poi-microsoft Office read/write support

Recently done a small project, in the middle of a link is to save the data in the collection to a local Excel file, the local Excel file read into the collection POI 'To put it simply: POI is provided by Apache and provides read and write support for documents in Microsoft Office format! HSSF-provides the ability to read and write files in

POI-Microsoft Office read/write support, npoi read/write word

POI-Microsoft Office read/write support, npoi read/write word I recently made a small project. one stage is to save the data in the set to a local Excel file and read the local Excel file to the set. Poi' To put it simply, POI is provided by apache and supports reading and writing documents in Microsoft

Office 2003 SP2 Large Enterprise version download-free, free serial number, Support online update _ Common Tools

this ISO integrated SP2 upgrade package, including all components, free of activation, free serial number, Support online updates! Contains the following components:Microsoft Office Word 2003Microsoft Office Excel 2003Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003Microsoft

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