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RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (1)

----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: Best practices for sharing Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic. net Time: 11:00:00 | Introduction: Microsoft Visual Basic 6 applications can

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----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: "WPF ..." Time: 2006-12-27 11:00:00 Introduction: this white paper provides a high-level overview of "WPF/E" and introduces the collaboration

DEP protected issues (especially Outlook)

We see this issue quite regularly as we use the MAPI and lots of our users to run our application on TS.Office (and Outlook in particular) are not DEP safe on Windows R2. you ' re wondering what this doesn '

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----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: Checklist: Protecting Data Access Time: 2004-12-10 11:00:00 Introduction: This checklist is the guide section for the units "building secure

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----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: receive SMS messages in managed applications Time: 2004-11-30 11:00:00 Introduction: In this article, we will describe a method to receive SMS

New features provided by Windows Mobile 5.0 for developers (1)

Jim WilsonJW hedgehog, Inc. Applicable:Windows Mobile 5.0Windows Mobile-based devicesVisual studio2005Windows Media PlayerDirect3dDirectDrawDirectShow. NET Compact frameworkActiveSyncPocket OutlookExchange Abstract:Learn about the new features

New functions in Visual Studio Tools for office

There are two versions of Visual Studio Tools for office: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 tools for the Microsoft Office System (vsto 2005) Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office System (vsto 2005 SE) These

Chapter 2 user interface construction

ArticleDirectory New Concept Toolstrip Control Flowlayoutpanel and tablelayoutpanel controls Webbrowser Control Activedocumenthost Control Drill Create an office Interface Interaction with Web Content Interaction

Talking about Exchange Server 2013

Today's mail system has become a core component of each company's information system, it is the entire office automation, business flow (internal, internal and external) central nervous. In order to improve production efficiency and improve market

Research on the concept of Hyper-script virus-vulnerability

The idea of a Hyper script virus Farewell to the past love of the limelight, love the era of bragging, learn some real skills is the hard truth. Study hard and make progress every day. Here's the idea for a hyper-scripting virus. Scripting viruses

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