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Boutique software recommended Microsoft Official anti-virus software MSE Microsoft Security Essentials

Introduction to MSE anti-virus software download softwareMicrosoft Free Antivirus MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) and all Microsoft security products include a widely trusted enterprise security solution with the same security technology. It protects your computer from viruses, spies, and other malicious software-y

Microsoft's secret: Introduction to Microsoft's Software Development Model

depends on the experience and ability of the group leader. The feature team lead reports to the project development team and is responsible for all the development work of the project. The project development team has a more holistic view of the product, in this way, you are most likely to find problems that are not correlated. Each person in the feature group is an expert in this field who knows how to use products, what their competitors are, and where they will go in the future. Generally, t

Microsoft Software Implementation Technology Course Series: Microsoft Product Cycle Model Training

Microsoft Product Cycle Model Training (Statement: this series of teaching notes is made up of all relevant materials and can only be used for personal study, research, or appreciation. Please indicate the source for reprinting. For commercial purposes, you must obtain the permission of the copyright holder. Thanks for the wonderful lectures given by Microsoft en

My personal naive about open source software and the closed sources software

a controversial idea for open source software is that for the vast majority of software products, 1 of closed-source software products are much more technically content than open source. 2) Most of the open source software is copied from the commercial software. I'll an

Personal blog Job Week2 (case study of Microsoft Bing Dictionary client)

. 1–2 Week, market research, mining the current lack of such software features. 3–4 Week, the research integrates, discusses the characteristic function, does the overall design, including the summary design and the detailed design. 第5-9 Week, began to develop, realize the function. Also began to look for business cooperation. 第10-11 Week, complete UI, artwork. 第12-14 week, testing, including unit testing, integration testing and s

Personal Blog Job Three: Microsoft Cortana app case study

Personal Blog Job Three: Microsoft Cortana APP The case studyWe have a lot of time in our lives to deal with the software, we have to play in class when the mobile games, buy train tickets website, contact with each other, QQ, and so are software, are worth analyzing. Why do you become their users? What did their team

Personal blog 3-Microsoft Bing Dictionary client case study

listening practice, if some interesting content should be more serious.Q: As a dictionary, do you think its basic functions, like translation, lookup, data volume these?A: This function or other dictionary function is not bad, look at Baidu's interpretation of the software, "Microsoft Bing Dictionary based on Microsoft's strong technical strength and innovation capabilities, synonyms comparison, part of th

Fourth time personal assignment-case study on Microsoft Bing Dictionary client

the words or translation it?) )   personally think (just personal opinion), the team in software engineering should improve the main focus on the user experience of the details and the elimination of chicken function . These two points are crucial, the user experience goes without saying, Apple's success has been illustrated by the proof of everything; 2nd, it is necessary to explain: since as a function (

Microsoft releases. NET brand Chinese software again faces "in a"

strategic plan that Bill Gates launched after he resigned as CEO and became Microsoft's chief Software Architect. Bill Gates said that after assuming the position of Chief Software Architect, he devoted himself to the research and development of the idea of, and Microsoft and industry partners will break the current "digital island" on the basis of

My personal understanding of the software testing industry 4

completely broke the technical foundation of my university for four years, when I graduated, I also wrote JSP, ssh, database modeling and design, and a dynamic website using Java. Later, I forgot everything about wool. Based on my personal understanding, The technical threshold for Black Box manual testing engineers is 0, and the technical route length (including the threshold) is 3 M.(3 M for short) The things to be mastered by 3 M usually include

[Reprint] Personal Knowledge Management Software recommendation

more like a blog, real-time search and handwriting automatic recognition (Chinese currently) screen and text encryption are also typical highlights of Evernote, and 3.0 supports ontenote import and the generation of portable versions, posing a huge threat to Microsoft's OneNote. (Currently, no Chinese version is available. You can use the everynote Chinese package created by imxl) Pkmanager-pkm2 is a green software developed by Chinese people. Its

Introduction to Microsoft software development model-collection

Author: hyenachenyao (bluehyena)-from Microsoft secrets published by Peking University Press NorthThe book "Microsoft's secrets" published by Peking University press at the end of 96 is the most professional and in-depth book I have ever seen about the software product development process of Microsoft. Through this book, we can see thatHow does the company ma

Use open-source software Subversion for personal document management

Article Title: use the open-source software Subversion for personal document management. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. There is an open-source version of the control system, or a version of the control system, called Subversion (svn for short), is rapid

[To] introduction of Microsoft software development model (next)

developers and creating a large team. 5. Attribute (and function) as the development Unit The features of Microsoft's software products are the relatively independent functional units that users can eventually see, as is the case with building materials, especially for application software products. System software products, such as NT or 95, are typically not

China Software Security Summit-personal notes

A while ago I mentioned that I would attend several security-related meetings in March. The first meeting. 2008 China Software Security Summit,Http:// by the Electronics Industry Publishing House. Below are my personal notes for some lectures for your reference. Many lectures can be downloaded. Computer Virus development trend and anti-virus product testing Chen Jia

Software engineering personal Work-WEEK1

itself, and was presented by Turing in 1935 in an article computable numbers with a application to the Entscheidungsproblem. The earliest publication of this word was published by Richard R. Carhart in August 1953.Software engineering: It was invented by Margaret Hamilton. The term "Software engineering" was formally introduced and used in the 1968 NATO computer scientists convened an international confere

Minjiang College School of the next 2015-2016 years Software testing course-first assignment (personal assignment)

software development process, while the college also in this course under the heavy Kung Fu, hired a TA, opened a blog (in the United States, Microsoft technical Director) Xin Zou teacher occasionally spends some time to read the blog, I also concerned about the Xin Zou Teacher's microblog and the blog. I hope to spend more time on this course in the next study to improve oneself to meet the requirements o

20 years of Microsoft software Development Technology Review-com, OLE, ActiveX, and COM + articles

made Microsoft decide to let COM workgroups add performance equivalent to VBX on an automated basis. The result of this development process is the OCX control (a special Automation DLL server) that uses COM technology to support all the features of the VBX control, and it is upgraded to a 32-bit control from this point. Unfortunately, the advent of the Internet and Java has enabled them to be re-engineered into ActiveX controls before the OCX could b

My personal understanding of the software testing industry 3

Kaner has a set of bbst courses for black box testing. Can be found online... A full range of English lecture videos and supporting reading materials are provided. It is suitable for three months of black box testing. Black box testing is the basic skill of All testers later. It is not necessary to study after graduation, but it is too easy to learn. His core idea of this course is to teach you how to analyze specific projects, how to analyze them, what to pay attention to, and why the principl

Personal Summary of software engineering

On a hot summer day, at this time, we end a semester course. Learning without thinking is bewildered, and thousands of years ago the Ancients realized the importance of thinking and summarizing the knowledge they had learned. Then, we also want to inherit the ancient people's records, we have a week of 16 weeks of study a serious summary. When it comes to software engineering, it is inevitable that the teacher, who teaches us this course, will tell th

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