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Microsoft sync framework series (III): Background of Microsoft synchronization framework and problems to be solved

The C \ S and B \ s systems with persistent connections have inherent defects. The occasional Connection System (OCA) attempts to solve these problems while introducing new problems. There are many challenges in developing offline systems. These challenges are all faced by Microsoft sync framework and should provide reasonable solutions for application developers

Microsoft. Office. Core references and Microsoft. Office. Core. MsoTriState Problems

I wrote an article on csdn for the first time. Because you need to createExtract ppt textProject, first contact with office development. The following is the source code: Using system; The code is quite simple, but adding references wastes my effort for half a day. The first step is to change the installation of office2003. For more information, see msdn Http:// (office.11). aspx # ehaa In this way, the following content will appear in your referen

Analyze Microsoft Telnet configuration problems

In Microsoft, Telnet is disabled by default. Therefore, we need to manually start this service. Next, let's analyze some issues about Microsoft Telnet settings. We usually encounter many problems. Here we will mainly introduce the port problems in Microsoft Telnet settings.

Microsoft Telnet port problems

We usually encounter many problems in the content related to Microsoft Telnet settings. Here we will mainly introduce the port problems in Microsoft Telnet settings. So I hope it will help you. Telnet to port 25 to test smtp communication _ exchange server this article describes how to telnet to port 25 on a computer r

Completely solve Windows XP startup problems. Microsoft official information

Use the advanced clean boot troubleshooting or troubleshooting console to fix Windows XP startup Problems Many of the problems you encounter on Windows XP-based computers may be caused by incompatibility or corrupted programs. To determine whether this is the case, run the clean boot command or restart Windows but do not start the problematic program. This article describes how to perform advanced clean st

Microsoft FTP7.5 for iis7.x Some of the problems and solutions in use _FTP server

Recently installed on the IIS7.0 Microsoft FTP7.5, but the process of using FTP7.5, but encountered a lot of problems, online to find useful information is not much, after an afternoon groping, here to share out, hoping to help those in the use of Microsoft A friend who encounters a similar problem when FTP7.5. This article only describes the setup issues for the

Microsoft Office Word problems that need to be closed

Microsoft Office Word has a problem and needs to be closed. Case 1: method: the template may have a problem. Try to close all open documents first, paste the following address into the IE Address Bar and press enter to open the directory % appdata % \ microsoft \ templates and then delete the Normal directory. dot template, and then run Word again. Case 2: When a WORD is run, a dialog box such as the questi

To solve these nine problems, Microsoft Edge may become an artifact (1)

To solve these nine problems, Microsoft Edge may become an artifact (1) Internet Explorer has gone through 20 years, but it has not gotten better yet. Instead, it has become one of the most negative-feedback browsers, So Microsoft has chosen to give up, re-develop a browser named Microsoft Edge built into Windows 10 a

Microsoft ftp7.5 for iis7.x Problems and Solutions

Microsoft ftp7.5 has been installed on iis7.0 recently, but many problems have occurred while using ftp7.5. There are not many useful materials available on the Internet. After an afternoon's exploration, I will share them here, hope to help those who encounter similar problems when using Microsoft ftp7.5. This art

A possible solution to Microsoft Visual Studio problems that need to be disabled

Recently, Microsoft Visual Studio encountered a problem as soon as it opened the website and needs to be closed. Send an error report to Microsoft. I checked online materials. Some people said it was a cache problem. It is recommended that you delete all the cached files of Microsoft Visual Studio and reset the development environment. No. Save the project and un

Discovery and solution of Oracle services for Microsoft Transaction Server Problems

, oracleconnection owningobject, Boolean Isintransaction) at system. data. oracleclient. oracleconnection. openinternal (oracleconnectionstring parsedconnectionstring, object TRANSACT) at system. data. oracleclient. oracleconnection. open () at Microsoft. practices. enterpriselibrary. data. database. openconnection () at Microsoft. practices. enterpriselibrary. data. database. executenonquery (dbcomman

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 users reflect new problems with device batteries

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 users reflect new problems with device batteries According to user feedback, after updating Microsoft's Fix Pack, users were unable to charge surface Pro 3, and many devices stopped charging at 67% to 84%, and the batteries used by these devices came from LGC. The battery vendor, which had previously been on the Simplo, appears to have had an impact on other manufacturers ' batte

ResultSet problems caused by Microsoft driver in JSP website development

:// Download and unzip to find the jtds-1.2.2.jar, put the JSP project WEB-INF/lib directory Database connection file DbConn. java PackageCom. database; ImportJava. SQL .*; PublicClassDbConn { // Private static String driverName = "com. microsoft. jdbc. sqlserver. SQLServerDriver "; // Private static String dbURL = "jdbc: microsoft: sqlserver: // localhost: 1433; Data

Thoughts on Microsoft. Practices. enterpriselibrary. Data. sqlce Problems

When the sqlce assembly in Enterprise Library is used in the current project, the following problems are encountered, and the solution is found by analyzing the causes. Here, I will share with my friends. Error prompt: Assembly "Microsoft. practices. enterpriselibrary. data. sqlce, version =, culture = neutral, publickeytoken = b03f5f7f11d50a3a "uses the" system. data. sqlserverce, version = 9.0.242

System crash Microsoft ANI vulnerability patches cause serious problems

Microsoft released the ANI security patch, but it also caused a lot of trouble while fixing the vulnerability. A forum administrator said: "Some users in our security forum have noticed that Microsoft's latest Windows Patch (KB925902) has caused many problems. Most obviously, the patch prevents anti-virus software from being loaded. Some people say that the computer cannot even be started after the update

Artificial traps in ASP. NET are not Microsoft problems, but some pitfalls in ASP. NET.

Let's just talk about two things. This article appears on the homepage. Extract a microblog and try to avoid the problem of incorrect direction in technical understanding: it is not a Microsoft problem, it is your understanding problem. "Clear thinking is far more important than hard work. the right direction is more important than diligence, and doing the right thing is more important than doing the right thing. People and things are often evaluated

Reference Microsoft. Office. Interop. Excel Problems

Transferred from:,,, Author: Fang jixiang Operation background: Excel operation Problems: Add reference locally (com): Microsoft Office 11.0 Object Library, and write the program to debug normally. when deployed to the server, an exception occurs. Excel. Application is not an Object. Initial Diagnosis: The Excel component is not installed on the server. Step 1: try to so

Some Problems in actual operations of the MVC tutorial on Microsoft ASP. NET official website

I always recommend that you directly read the official website developed by Microsoft However, its tutorials are often updated quickly. For example, MVC's "ASP. net mvc tutorials" is updated several times. The earliest example in Beta is a task list. Currently, the translation tutorial on the msdn Chinese website is based on that version, but now the demo of the mvc1 official version has already become a movie list, so you should

How to solve problems that Microsoft Cortana Cortana can't search

WIN10 integrated Microsoft Virtual Intelligence Assistant Cortana, support real-time fast search, if you need to quickly open the application, such as command line, drawing, Calculator, control Panel, etc., as long as the input can be opened directly, quite convenient, but recently found that the search function is sometimes not useful, This time just restart the explorer process can be, the reason is that the Explorer takes too many interactive actio

Problems with Microsoft Excel application cannot be seen on 64-bit systems

Before you encounter a problem, you do not see Microsoft Excel application in the Windows Server R2 system, "Component Services", "DCOM", and reinstalling Office is still a problem.Reason:In the x64 environment of Windows Server R2, there is no control over DCOM that is executed in x32, which means that MMC runs in x64 mode, and it is unable to manage DCOM running in x32 mode.If you open Excel, you can see that Excel is running in 32-bit modeOpen Comp

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