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Microsoft releases the new version of Silverlight 4 and updates Silverlight tools and SDK.

Microsoft updated Silverlight 4 in September 1, and also upgraded the SDK.Tim HeuerOn the blog, I explained the upgrade and fixed the following problems: SDK feature to enable add new row capabilities in DataGrid Control (adds the new row function for the DataGrid Control) Improving Startup Performance of Silverlight applications (Improving the Startup

The Silverlight 3D open-source project is based on codeplex and Microsoft open-source projects. It is mainly updated to the Silverlight RTM version.

These projects come from the network. Some of them are the source code and examples shared by the author on codeplex, some are demonstration projects when Microsoft pushes Silverlight 5, but they use Silverlight 5 Beta or earlier versions.Vs2010 + Silverlight 5 RTMCannot be used normally. These projects are all offic

10 things you should know about Microsoft Silverlight

Designing a suitable website is very important for any growing enterprise, but how to make your website have rich Internet applications (RIA) is not that simple. To reduce the burden on developers, Microsoft recently launched Silverlight, a cross-platform and cross-browser plug-in for Web developers. This plug-in is currently available in the form of "Candidate edition" to support application development wi

Chrome disables NPAPI plugins (including Silverlight, Java, and Unity)

plugin is not improved.Of course, Silverlight has been abandoned by Microsoft, the official website closed, a few years has not been updated, has long faded from public view. Java because of the release of javafx2.x , a little still struggling, but because Java currently has to trust the applet program must be signed , so that ordinary users posted to the online program will be banned by the Java plug-in,

Microsoft will launch the new features of Silverlight 3.

greatly improve its plotting function. Pixel and media APIs You can now read/write pixels from Bitmap. This function can be used in two ways: in-memory bitmap or save the visual in-place image. It also supports raw audio/video APIs for dynamic sound generation, custom video codec, or alpha video channels. In-memory bitmap or save the visual in-place graph. This is a new function added by Microsoft to learn the Flash Player bitmap method. The eff

Microsoft Silverlight 4 officially released

Silverlight 4 browser plug-in (SilverlightRuntime ): Http:// Silverlight 4Tools: Http:// B /4/5B46BF8A-9350-49D5-B1E7-7789818FBF41/Silverlight4_Tools.exe New features in Silverlight 4: Http://

The Microsoft Silverlight team issued an official supplemental statement on the PDC meeting (Fengyun translation Edition)

Last week, we held our PDC meeting at Redmond on Microsoft campus. More than 100,000 developers have used Silverlight for live streaming (with real-time and on-demand meetings) to watch the live broadcast. If you have no chance to attend this meeting, I recommend you watch it online. During the meeting, we talked about the details about Silverlight in other thi

Connecting Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash

"If you look at Microsoft's website, you will find that it uses a lot of flash ......" Adobe CEO Bruce chizen and Microsoft once again tit for tat. In the field of electronic documents, Adobe and Microsoft started to compete a few years ago. As Microsoft officially launched Silverlight in September, the two sides will

Ubuntu under Chrome run Silverlight program

Under Ubuntu 14.04.1 run terminal, install Pipelight enter the following command:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pipelight/stablesudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get Install--install-recommends pipelight-multisudo pipelight-plugin--updateEnable the Silveright plugin:sudo pipelight-plugin--enable SilverlightIt is important to note that the installed chrome must be in the following version 35.Reference: under

"Flash killer? Microsoft Silverlight

CNET technology news network August 28 Beijing report Microsoft today announced that its new generation of Internet Multimedia Interactive Content playing application plug-in-Silverlight will be officially released in September this year. According to Lin Yi, director of the platform and Development Cooperation Department of Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd.,

Ebook download: Microsoft Silverlight 4 business application development: Beginners Guide

offers learning and techniques through a suite of business applications. it contains step-by-step instructions for developers who want to build rich business applications using Silverlight. the book focuses on practical examples and has a friendly approach, with the opportunity to learn by experiment and play. it uses privileges strations, screenshots, and interactive experiences to understand the most complex topics related to

Microsoft will release the final Silverlight 3 version in July 10

A Microsoft spokesman confirmed on September 18 that Microsoft plans to launch Silverlight 3 and Expression Studio 3 software design tools in September. Silverlight 3 has more than 50 new features, including 3D, graphics processor acceleration, H.264 video support, and browser-based features added for

Microsoft released the Bing map Silverlight Control 1.0.

After several months of CTP preview, Microsoft finally released Bing map Silverlight 1.0 (Bing Maps Silverlight control version 1.0 ). I don't have to worry about the benefits of Bing map Silverlight. In short, it is to create the next-generation lbs location service application through RIA (rich Internet application.

Microsoft's gorgeous turn on Silverlight

The sound of the annual PDC (Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference) represents the focus of the software giant's work in the coming year. The 3 keywords at this PDC conference are IE9, Windows Azure, and Windows Phone,silverlight are hardly mentioned. After the meeting, Bob Muglia said in an interview: "Our Silverlight strategy and focus going forward has shifted." It's a lot of developers who are

Microsoft MVP reviews the features and value of Silverlight

"Silverlight is a client-run time that provides developers with a platform for design and development and delivers a rich and interactive experience on the Internet." It can be imagined that the phrase extracted from the first paragraph of the "Silverlight 2 in Action" I wrote did not have a descriptive effect on the excellent features of Silverlight. In fact, if

Microsoft will release the beta version of the Silverlight 2 browser plug-in.

January February 24, Microsoft Developers Department General Manager Scott Guthrie disclosed in a Microsoft blog on Friday (February 22) that Microsoft will Release "Silverlight 2" Browser Plug-in technology Test . This test version will emphasize a wide range of Internet Application Program Deve

Microsoft officially releases expression 3, Silverlight 3

Microsoft today officially released a new generation of web-rich Internet Applications (RIA) and media experience creation Kit Expression 3, full support for simultaneous release, yesterday's public Silverlight 3. According to Microsoft's official view, expression enables developers and designers to build a higher level of creativity, including professional design tools and innovative technologies, whether

Adobe, Microsoft sword flash, Silverlight and HTML5

About three years ago, Microsoft launched Silverlight 1.0. At that time, Adobe held its own weight with flash, despite Microsoft'sThe promotion is very strong, but it does not shake Adobe's dominant position. Maybe the market has reserved space for both of them. Now HTML5In a strong sense, convened a debate between Microsoft and Adobe On flash

Celebrate the official opening of the Microsoft Silverlight Shanghai Development Team blog!

After preparation, our Silverlight Development Team blog, located in the server and development tools Department of Shanghai Microsoft China R D group, was finally launched! You can access of the question, opinion, suggestion, or content of the Silverlight technology. :) The full text is reproduced as follows

Microsoft: 60% of internet devices use Silverlight Software

A Microsoft official said that the number of Microsoft Silverlight software users has finally reached an important critical point. More than 60% of all Internet devices have installed the software.In a telephone interview, Brad Becker, product manager of the Microsoft Rich Client platform, said that this rich Internet

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