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Microsoft SQL Server official Sample project deployment: Data Engine and Analysis Services Section

Microsoft SQL Server Each version will have a corresponding sample project, from the 2000 FoodMart to 2005 after the Adventure Works, inside the design methods and specifications have a lot of things we deserve to learn. Not only do ordinary development, if you do BI development then you will find that this is a good guide, and

In the example, "C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft SQL Server \ mssql.2 \ MSSQL \ data \ master. MDF" is wrongly formed, but it is not the only resource or failure

Recently, when the artificial intelligence engine was built, the following example was released: \ Program Files \ Microsoft SQL Server \ mssql.2 \ MSSQL \ data \ master. MDF is not in the information-only or case group. It is necessary to solve the issue. "The problem was s

SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Deployment Configuration (1)

). aspx Prerequisites: . NET Framework 3.5/4.0, Windows PowerShell 2.0Description: When you select the database engine, Reporting services, Master Data Services, data quality services, replication, or

SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Deployment Configuration (1)

:// (v=sql.110). aspx Prerequisites: . NET Framework 3.5/4.0, Windows PowerShell 2.0 Description: When you select the database engine, Reporting services, Master Data Services, data qual

"Turn" Microsoft®sql server®2012 performance Dashboard Reports

shortly after SP2 is released. For specific installations see [original] Tips for installing SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard reports. The performance Dashboard report for SQL Server 2008/2008 r2/2012 can download the latest toolkit from here:

Problem to create "New Database Diagram" in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio for SQL Server 2012

Tags: des http io ar os for SP Strong onError:When click 'New Database Diagram', a error popped up and said 'attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often a indication that other memory is corrupt. (Microsoft.VisualStudio.OLE.Interop)"Related Link: problem-to-create-new-database-diagram-in-microsoft-sql-

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management (1): Install configuration SQL Server focus

/*Scripte assumes the existence of C:\Drive_D etc, to simulate multipledisk drives.*/ on Primary--NOTICE below Non-uniform SIZE, Maxsize,and FILEGROUP parmerters!(Name=ADVANCEDDBF1_PRIMARYFG, Filename='C:\Drive_D\AdvancedDB_F1_PrimaryFG.MDF', Size=16MB, MaxSize= -, FileGrowth=Ten%), FILEGROUP CURRENTDATAFG (Name=ADVANCEDDBF1_CURRENTDATAFG, Filename='C:\DRIVE_E\ADVANCEDDB_F1_CDFG.NDF', Size=6MB, MaxSize= the, FileGrowth=Ten%), (Name=ADVANCEDDBF2_CURRENTDATAFG, Filename='C:\DRIVE_E\ADVANCEDDB_F2_C

SQL Server 2012 using profiling Services Multidimensional mode to establish a simple analysis model

A cube is a special kind of database that, in its default mode (MOLAP), aggregates data from fact tables and dimension tables in a data warehouse into a separate set of file systems. Aggregated data is improved in statistical performance and allows users to generate simple reports through simple front-end tools such as Excel. This will describe how to make a sim

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database Installation diagram

Tags: c style blog a tar httpWebsite: 1. According to Microsoft's download prompt, 64-bit Windows 7 operating system, just download the list of, Chsx64sqlfull_x64_chs_ Intall.exe and three installation packages. The first chs\sqlfull_chs.iso contained however 32 bits and 64 bits. Such as:SQL Server Database Installation Dia

Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012 Internals A question

Tags: blog http os ar sp data div. logKalen Delaney's deep analysis of the Microsoft SQL Server family, the prestigious, in-depth study, is a glimpse into the complexities of SQL Server ladder and path. Have at handMicrosoft

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 attached database

Tags: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 attached databaseI have nothing to do today to see the old database, with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 attached

"Error enabling Windows feature NetFx3" appears during the installation of SQL Server 2012 in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

;650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" 2015-09-28_083321.png "alt=" Wkiom1yfvivzipvuaampctkoxfs149.jpg "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" 2015-09-28_083328.png "alt=" Wkiol1yfvk2tib24aaiewaeinbq472.jpg "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" "st

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database Installation Diagram Tutorial _mssql

, resources, advanced, options, and more. The following figure: 4. Select the first "new SQL Server installed independently or add functionality to existing installation" On the right side of the figure below to install SQL Server 2012 in a "non-clustered enviro

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management (2): Instance vs. database management

(Col1int, Col2Char(5), Col3Char(3), Col4Char(2)) with(data_compression=ROW)--Create a Table assigning Page CompressionCreate Tablegreatforpagecompression (Col1int, Col2Char(5), Col3Char(3), Col4Char(2)) with(data_compression=PAGE)/*Keep in mind ALTER TABLE and alter INDEX can is used to implement compression when those obects already exist.*/3. Availability of databases/*Change various database option and refresh the MGMT*/--2.1 Setup:add A Table and a couple of rows. UseTinyDB;GOCreate Table

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management (2): Auditing

--sys.database_audit_specifications and--sys.database_audit_specification_details System View--Note that the audit are now started and scroll to--See the details provided for the audit specificationSELECT * fromsys.server_audits;SELECT * fromsys.database_audit_specifications;SELECT * fromsys.database_audit_specification_details;GO--Step 11:geenerate An auditable event by querying a table--In the Marketing schema. Also Execute a query--That's should not being audited.SELECT * fromMarketing.po

Detailed Analysis Services under SQL Server 2012

Referring to SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services, you have to say business intelligence, which is a process of converting data into knowledge. This article will give a brief introduction to SQL

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Introduction (iv)

server|services| Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Introduction (iv) [Abstract] This article analyzes some of the less common functions of Reporting Services, and finally e

Developing analysis Services Multidimensional Project in SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 provides two models for developing SSAS projects, one is the newly added tabular model table, and the other is the original multidimensional model multidimensional models. Here is the demo multidimensional model, if you want to understand the tabular model table models, see- 3093896.html The envir

Native XML Web Services overview for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Learn how to set up and use XML Web Services by using the soap/http in SQL Server 2005 (formerly known as "Yukon"). A related example is also included in the article. To benefit most from this article, you should have a basic understanding of Web services technologies, including HTTP, soap, and WSDL. It includes requir

[Azure services platform step by step-2nd] Forget SQL Server 200x -- introducing SQL data services (SDS) [renamed now

As mentioned in the previous article, SQL services is used as a medium and small application.ProgramDevelopment, you can completely forget the existence of SQL Server 200X. Is that amazing? Now, streamcompute trojan has a detailed understanding of what SQL

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