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Microsoft explains why plastic surgery is required for the Windows 8 Start Menu

In Windows 8, the Start Screen (Start Screen) is called when the CTRL + ESC operation is performed with the same function as the windows button. This interface is similar to Windows Phone 7, in addition, patches are used to display applications.ProgramAnd system shortcut keys.Microsoft explained in its official blog today why to design a new Windows 8 Start

Win8 Start menu where windows8 Start menu application methods and Techniques

Windows 8 operating system is the latest generation of Microsoft, although the current use of Win8 friends are consumer preview, the official release of a period of time, through WINDOWS8 we can find that the system to improve and redesign a lot of parts, this article is mainly about the Windows 8 Start Menu, because the menu

How does Windows 8.1 add a Start menu to the taskbar? win8.1 Add Start Menu method

First step: Set Folder Options1. In desktop mode, press the keyboard "WIN" + "X" key combination to open the advanced management tools.2. Select "Control Panel".3. Click the "Big icon" next to "view mode" on the top right.4. Select "Category".5. Click on "Appearance and personalization".6. Click "Folder Options".7. Click "View".8. Select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" and click "OK".Step Two: Add a Start

How can I retrieve the start button and Start Menu of Windows 8?

Microsoft made a major change in Windows 8, that is, canceling the start button in the taskbar will inevitably make it difficult for many users to adapt, so how can we use the familiar start button and start menu in Windows 8? Below we have summarized multiple solutions for

Customizing the Windows 8 "Start Menu" Winx menu

What is the biggest controversy about Windows 8 consumption preview? Believe that more than 99% of those who use it will choose "Cancel Start Menu and button" this change. Although many people would like to put the Start menu button back, but Microsoft seems to be iron heart

How to retrieve Windows 8 Start Menu and modify Metro menu

Install Windows 8 and find that the New Start Menu is not used to it. This article does not require any third-party software. Start Menu Retrieval Right-click the taskbar, choose toolbar> Create a toolbar, and then enter the following address in the folder. C: \ programdata \ M

Win8 Start Menu Full Raiders

First of all, I do not support everyone to the WIN8 Metro style interface to modify why the traditional, classic desktop, especially Microsoft want to give up the Start menu! Yes, the Start menu was formally applied to the present, starting with Windows 95, she brought

How Microsoft TFS appears in the context menu of Windows

How to showing in Windows Explorer context for TFSI am not sure if this would help or is willing to use a new version but I had the exact same environment and issue WI Th you.What I had do is this I uninstalled the old TFS Power Tools (listed with a "Microsoft Team Foundation Server" prefix an d/or "Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server" in control-panel/programs-and-features) and install a newer v

Winxp registry start menu and taskbar

The WINDOWS Start Menu suddenly does not support keeping records of recent access programs, which is inconvenient to use. Therefore, I have not found it online for a long time. This time we found the relevant information and kept it. 21. How to remove the "favorites" menu from the "Start"

Customize personalized XP Start Menu as needed

For many users, the default Start Menu configured by XP has the feeling of "chicken ribs": it is not easy to use, but cannot be ignored. In fact, you only need to make a customized XP Start Menu for yourself-this is the topic we will discuss today. The so-called cutting-edge without mistake, before the construction of

What is the Start menu

I. Understanding the Start Menu The Start menu consists of a user account area, a list of fixed items, a list of most frequently used programs, a list of all programs, a list of system folders, a list of system setup items, and help, search, run-area and shutdown, logoff areas, each with a different function.

Create a new toolbar for Windows 8 to simulate the Start menu

"Win8 Vision Network" The traditional desktop of the Microsoft Windows 8 system cancels the familiar Start button and Start menu for Windows users, and adds a magnetic and start screen for touch operations, which some users are not comfortable with, Think that in the traditi

To simulate the Start menu for the Windows 8 new toolbar

Microsoft Windows 8 System's traditional desktop removes the familiar Start button and Start menu for Windows users, adds a touch-friendly tile and start screen, and some users are not accustomed to this feeling, thinking that in traditional desktop or need from the previous

Windows Group policy helps you lose weight on the taskbar and Start Menu

BKJIA exclusive Article] Microsoft group policy comes with the relevant group policy configuration items in the "Taskbar" and "start" menus. Next we will provide several specific application instances. First, we need to start the Group Policy at "Group Policy console> User Configuration> management template> taskbar and Start

What if the Win8 system Start menu is gone?

What if the Win8 Start menu is gone? Some of the new computers bought now are self-contained WIN8 systems that are poorly used. In particular, Win8 did not start the menu bar, so that people use it is not accustomed to. Here is a simple way to set the Win8 Start

Microsoft Visual Studio cannot start the program for debugging

When Visual Studio is debugged, the program "http: // localhost/" cannot be started and the element cannot be found. Solution: Follow these steps 1) enter the "Regedit" command in the Start menu to open the "Registry Editor" 2) in the registry, find the "my computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/main" directory, right-click main, and fin

Win8 new Toolbar simulate Start menu

The Microsoft Windows 8 system's traditional desktop cancels the familiar Start button and Start menu for Windows users, added to the magnetic and start screen for touch operations, some users are not comfortable with this, think that in the traditional desktop or need to be

What's the difference between win 10 vs Win 7 Start menu

Microsoft has already released the Windows 10 preview, and all users can download the experience. The main change in Windows 10 is that the Start menu is back, even if it has changed. Obviously, Microsoft didn't give up on Windows 8, so the Metro UI and the Windows 7 Start

How to solve the traditional Start menu after upgrading the win8.1 system?

How to solve the traditional Start menu after upgrading the win8.1 system? Method One: No need to crack, manual operation 1, at the bottom of the toolbar point right mouse button, point "toolbar (T)", select "New Toolbar (N) ..." 2, select the folder "C:programdatamicrosoftwindows", the folder is "" Start Menu ", c

Windows 9 will have a new Start menu and more versions

Since Windows 8 was first unveiled in October 2012, it has suffered criticism from critics and users, and the addition of the Metro interface and mobile app has split the "mobile, desktop two-in-one" avantgarde operating system, making it impossible to gain recognition from all users. Even if Microsoft subsequently introduced a small change of Windows 8.1, the appropriate repair of Windows 8 of the most criticized defects, but it is still a symptom no

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