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Microsoft free book introducing Microsoft LINQ Translation Plan

With sincerity and fear, I sent my post to the homepage again. I hope it will not bring you unhappiness. Some time ago I saw three free books from Microsoft, one of which is an introducing Microsoft LINQ. This is the only one of the three books with full content. Although many of the boys in the garden wrote about this aspect of LINQArticleBut I think there should be a more systematic and authoritati

Business Intelligence: plan your first Microsoft Bi Solution

ArticleDirectory What is bi? What is the problem with querying your company database? Support for decision making Running bi Microsoft Bi Stack Solution Development Method Getting started Subsequent steps Business Intelligence: Plan your first Microsoft Bi Solution In this article,

Introduction to Microsoft's innovate on plan

I will introduce the Microsoft innovate on plan to help you develop solutions based on Microsoft technologies, provide a complete set of technical and business resource support plans for companies using Microsoft technologies. The innovate on

Microsoft is establishing an IE9 test feedback plan

Microsoft is establishing a tester Information Feedback plan for Internet Explorer 9. This plan will be open to users who can find the most problems during Internet Explorer 8 testing. Several testers have accepted the invitation. Microsoft has released a development version of IE9, it is mainly used to test the new J

Microsoft will invest and support Skype's business on non-Microsoft platforms

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Microsoft has promised to provide funding and support for non-Microsoft platform Sky

National 863 plan and Kingsoft's EULA commitment to Microsoft

In March 1986, Deng Xiaoping approved the National High-tech Development Plan, namely the "863 Plan ". The purpose of this plan is: "... renderingchinaIndependent of financial obligations for foreign technologies "means that China is completely freed from its dependence on foreign technologies. Kingsoft Development Office requires Microsoft's VBA authorization, a

Microsoft Server Software support for Microsoft Azure virtual machines article Id:2721672-last Review:november, 2014-revision:30.0In simple terms, a list of Microsoft Azure-supported software is required for the minimum version. And without the support of a support list system that does not provide SLA guarantees, Microsoft should not, in shor

Microsoft provides powerful upgrade support for Chinese pinyin-Microsoft Visual Studio International pack 1.0 SR1

: Http:// Familyid = 44cac7f0-633b-477d-aed2-99aee642fc10 displaylang = ZH-CN DemoCode: Http:// Overview Visual Studio International pack contains a set of class libraries that extend the. NET Framework support for global software development. Using the classes provided by this class library,. NET developers can easily create software applications

You write software I promote-Microsoft & wpmind Community cooperation plan

At the May 22 mobiledev day in 5th, we announced the Microsoft wpmind Community cooperation plan that was revealed several days ago. The purpose of this plan is to provide Windows Phone developers in ChinaFreeTo help you better and more effectively push the developed Windows Phone application to the market at home and abroad. cooperates with relevant

No Microsoft plan: software competition returns to desktop

, Microsoft still occupies the world's major OS and Office markets today. In addition, from the operating system based on the application software, Windows + Office is the most effective and customary application mode for the market and users of traditional desktop software. In addition, to cope with price competition, Microsoft is developing products with basic functions, the price of which will be lower t

Microsoft announced the development plan of JavaScript open-source debugging tool vorlon. JS

Microsoft announced the development plan of JavaScript open-source debugging tool vorlon. JS Microsoft released the open-source debugging tool vorlon. JS last month, a platform-independent and scalable remote debugging and testing tool for JavaScript code. This tool uses node. js and socket. io technology, allowing developers to remotely load, inspect, test, a

After the launch of Microsoft's anti-piracy plan, the system was successfully installed and activated.

Finally, with the strong resource support of CERNET, I found the ISO of the new WINXP pro vlk SP2. After installation, it was normal, activated, and can be upgraded without any problems. But pay attention to the following points. First of all, since I have successfully installed the OEM version winxpsp1, I can use this machine's system. Here I used the famous four-in-One calculator to calculate several vol cdkeys. The installation will start in ste

3G business operation support system boss plan

Summary With the maturity of 3G technology and related businesses, 3G commercialization has been put on the agenda by major telecom operators in China. This article first briefly introduces the current situation of the Business Operation Support System, describes the functions of the 3G business operation support system and the construction principles of the 3G business operation

My friends, I started my business. I plan to build a best iOS training brand. I hope you can get your support. Thank you !, Ios

My friends, I started my business. I plan to build a best iOS training brand. I hope you can get your support. Thank you !, Ios Dear friends: Unable to cope with the smog and personal development in Beijing, I left the headquarters of Beijing Chuanzhi in late March this year and returned to my hometown of Guangzhou. Over the past month in Guangzhou, apart from resting, drinking, and fitness, we have been th

Microsoft's improvements to PHP support and other nonsense

Here is a slide that I think is worth recommending to you. This slide is a recent speech by Microsoft Wang Chaoqun at WordCampChina2009. the speech entitled "Familiar Strangers: Microsoft's new support for PHP makes WordPress stand up on IIS7". WordCamp is a slide (download link) that I think is worth recommending to you ). This slide is a recent speech by Microsoft

To open-source code, express goodwill. Why does Microsoft support Apache?

has gradually released goodwill to the open-source community. For example, Microsoft has released its own Open-source community authorization solution, and has incorporated a number of technologies into Microsoft's Open Specification Promise for Open-source community programmers to use. Ramji also said that this commitment also applies to commercial applications of this technology. Another example is that Micro

XML support in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (1)

portions. In an XML document, you can embed an XPath 1.0 expression above a FOR XML query and/or a mapped query. When you execute an XML template, you can replace the query block with the results of the query. In this way, you can create XML documents with some static content and some data-driven dynamic content. In SQL Server 2000, there are two primary ways to access the SQLXML feature: • Sqlxmloledb Provider. Sqlxmloledb Provider is an OLE DB p

Microsoft announced that the. NET development environment will support three open-source operating systems (windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and. netos

Microsoft announced that the. NET development environment will support three open-source operating systems (windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), and. netos Microsoft announced the. NET open-source development framework program on Wednesday (November 12. The company intends to use GitHub to open-source the development environment that has long been running on Windows sy

Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver Support matrix

This page contains support matrices and support lifecycle policies for the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver.Microsoft JDBC driver supports life cycle matrices and policiesThe Microsoft Support life cycle (MSL) policy provides predictable, transparent information about the

Microsoft announces. NET development environment will open source support for Mac OS X and Linux

November 13 News, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft announced in Wednesday the. NET Development Framework Open source program. The company intends to use this for a long time only in the development environment under the Windows system, through GitHub Open source (, to enable cross-platform support for Mac OS X and Linux.According to Microsoft's

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