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Microsoft Surface Studio/book How to choose?

Microsoft held 2016 WIN10 new product conference, officially launched a Surface studio, Surface Book i7, such as a large wave of new products. For these two new products, I believe that the vast number of small series of netizens have learned that their prices are very high, the purchase needs to make a prudent choice,

Microsoft Surface Book pushes Windows 10 new Firmware update: Enhanced system and battery

Microsoft recently launched a new Windows 10 firmware system and driver update for Surface Book and uploaded it to Microsoft's Download Center in MSI's file format. The update focuses on improving the stability of the Surface Book system and the reliability of the battery, w

Microsoft Surface Book i7 2016 assessment

this year, Microsoft, while releasing the surface Stuidio, also updated the Surface book, looking more like a traditional hardware update. But in fact, the design of the Surface Book 2016 has also undergone some changes. The bas

Microsoft Surface Book 2016 Okay, is it worth buying?

At Microsoft's new Windows 10 launch, the entire next generation of Surface Book was officially released. Microsoft says the Surface book has the highest user satisfaction in Windows 10 devices, so the upgrade is also very strong. New

Microsoft New Surface Book i7 View evaluation

Microsoft also brought the next generation of Surface book--named "New Surface Book i7". Compared with the previous generation, the new Surface book's appearance changes are not obvious, mainly focused on performance improvement

New MacBook Pro and Surface Book which is better

first from Microsoft, although the previous Microsoft has launched the Surface Book, but only the i5 processor version, this time Microsoft formally for surface to add i7 processor version, appears to be a comprehensive performanc

New Surface Book and Lenovo Yoga 910 which is good

new Surface Book and Lenovo Yoga 910 which is good Both Microsoft and Lenovo have recently updated their new two-in-all-in-one hybrid notebook, which also shows that the hybrid device is currently in the market with very high popularity. While Microsoft Surface

2016 new Surface Book compare Lenovo Yoga 910 which is good

Lenovo Yoga 910 and Microsoft Surface Book i7 who is better? The answer is hard to give directly. Generally speaking, measuring a two-in-one equipment is good or bad, mainly to look at the design and specifications. After all, if you don't like the way they are deformed, then what is the meaning of the two oneness? So want to know Lenovo Yoga 910 and

Windows Device Drivers book reviews

: Microsoft Windows Server (TM) 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 (Pro-Developer) (published in December 2004) by Mark E. russinovich and David. solomon. this book doesn' t talk directly about Writing DeviceDrivers, But it talks about Windows Internals in general. some of them are covered in the above mentioned books, however this book is the newest of all and p

The root causes of Microsoft's rapid turnaround from Surface 3 release

Pro 3 "shrink version", on the basis of not significantly affect the mobile experience, the price down to the extent that the mass consumer can withstand, it becomes a priority.While the tablet market is flagging, the PC market continues to be sluggish, and Microsoft has a low investment in Windows Phone, Microsoft must choose a better category to exert its force. So we're going to see the release of

How does one display "keyboard separation" after Win10 system Surface Book is connected to the keyboard?

How does one display "keyboard separation" after Win10 system Surface Book is connected to the keyboard? Surface Book is a tablet and notebook integrated computer launched by Microsoft. After the keyboard is installed, the Surface

Microsoft Win10 All-in-one Surface Studio full model out of stock, delayed until early 2017 shipments

Microsoft October 26 released a brand new WIN10 equipment surface Studio, starting to book, but only in the past three days, Microsoft Official Mall website shows that all surface Studio models, including the price of 4199 U.S. dollars high distribution has been shown out of

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Disassembly

Although sales of the first-generation surface tablet were not as satisfactory, Microsoft did not abandon its plan to compete for the tablet market and formally launched Surface 2 and surface Pro 2 in the previous period. As a high-end model in the surface product line,

Microsoft releases patch ban allows surface RT to install Linux "vulnerability"

Learn about Linux, please refer to the book "Linux should Learn" The birth of the 2012 Surface RT tablet is a tragic product, based on the ARM architecture running Windows RT operating system, but incompatible with the x86 environment, resulting in product and market positioning confusion, consumers are very confused, eventually after two generations went back to the x86 platform, Windows R

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