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Win10 flat Surface 3 using the Surface Pen setting method

Set the steps as follows: 1. (Win8.1 system) from the right side of the screen edge to slide, click the settings. 2. Click to change the computer settings--pc and equipment, and then click Bluetooth. 3. Make sure the Bluetooth switch is turned on. 4. Press and hold the surface touch pen button for 7 seconds until the middle end of the pen starts blinking. 5.

Microsoft Surface RT tablet get started experience report

slightly green. As of today, compared with competitors in the Android tablet, the most successful thing is that it can truly attract the attention of iPad users.This is the first impression that the surface RT tablet presents to consumers. As the editor-in-chief of the verge said, Microsoft has designed a very beautiful tablet with a detachable keyboard, lighter and lighter than a traditional notebook, bet

Microsoft Surface Studio/book How to choose?

Surface Pen and surface Dial, bring excellent creative experience and interaction. In addition to the i7 processor and the NVIDIA GPU for performance protection, Surface Studio integrated display in the 4500*3000 4K resolution also uses the TrueColor display technology, which means that

Reset Error? Microsoft Win10 Flat Surface Pro 4 Reload System tutorial Detailed

from the USB stick as shown in:3. Installation SystemThe following installation steps are very simple, depending on the instructions on the screen. During this process, the window font and button size can be very small, the finger operation is very inconvenient, you can use surface keyboard and surface pen to operate. specific setup steps can refer to the most c

Microsoft Surface Book pushes Windows 10 new Firmware update: Enhanced system and battery

Microsoft recently launched a new Windows 10 firmware system and driver update for Surface Book and uploaded it to Microsoft's Download Center in MSI's file format. The update focuses on improving the stability of the Surface Book system and the reliability of the battery, which is the version of Microsoft's Surface Bo

Microsoft Surface RT vs Pro

: NVIDIA Tegra-based ARM chipWeight: 676 gramsThickness: 9.3 millimetersDisplay: 10.6-inch ClearType HD capacitive touchpanelBattery: 31.5WhI/O: MicroSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2x2 MIMO antennaeSoftware: Windows RT + Office Home Student 2013 RTAccessories: Touch Cover, Type Cover, VaporMg Case StandCapacity: 32 GB/64 GB Surface for Windows 8 Pro tablet Processor: Intel Core i5 (Ivy Bridge)Weight: 903 gramsThickness: 13.5 millimetersDisplay: 10.6

Microsoft Win10 Flat Surface Pro 4 How to install the system?

  Microsoft Win10 Flat Surface Pro 4 Reload System Tutorial Detailed: 1, the first need to make a USB boot disk 2. Start surface Pro 4 from U disk • First turn off surface Pro 4, if the shutdown is not normal (startup error), long press the power button off; • Insert U disk; • Press the "Volume reduction" button t

Microsoft acquires Israeli Touch pen technology

May 2, today, Microsoft issued an official announcement, formally confirmed the acquisition of Israeli touch-screen technology company N-trig Pen Technology. Microsoft started working with N-trig last year, with the latter providing technical support for its Surface Pro 3 products.In February this year, Reuters reporte

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