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) Rationally look at the decline of VC/MFC

1. VC is not as popular as it is imagined, and there are exaggerated elements. I don't know about it abroad. I only talk about China. For several years in a row, VC is definitely the main force in school libraries, Xinhua Bookstore, and XX training

Programming Method and Implementation of VC ++ and Matlab Interfaces

Programming Method and Implementation of VC ++ and Matlab Interfaces AbstractThis article introduces the features of VC ++ and MATLAB, discusses three methods of programming the MATLAB and VC ++ interfaces, and discusses in detail the

Comments on Microsoft, strategically advantageous position--Weys laughs

I am not sure whether this article is biased, but I do see many evaluations that I have not seen before. Some other on-line evaluation of MS, it seems to see the few, I am tired of watching, and there is no this article strategically advantageous

How to Learn VC and MFC (learn methods and feelings of previous generations) (2)

Next) VC advanced: 1. C language; 2. c ++, oop; 3. Windows operating mechanism, SDK programming; 4. MFC class library, Application Program Framework programming; 5. ActiveX, ATL, com ...... It usually takes six months for each step, and it may take

VC + +, MFC's best open Source project

Introduction: Introduce the best open source project written with Vc++/mfc. There are many high-quality VC + + Open source projects, I listed some can be used as VC + + programmer reference.Body:VC + +, the best open source project

The best open source projects in VC ++ and MFC

Introduction to the best open source projects of VC ++ and MFC: introduce the best open source projects written with VC ++/mfc. has many high-quality VC ++ open-source projects. I have listed some projects that can be used as a

VC open-source project

Http://  Introduction This article lists of some of the best open source projects written in VC ++/mfc.Background Codeproject has the best source code repository for VC ++ developers. but another site

How to Learn VC ++

Prerequisites:1. Is VC a language?VC is not a language, but an integrated development environment (IDE ). By using VC, You can compile the source program, compile the link, debug and run the program in one piece, which is very convenient. If you

Getting started with VC ++

This week is relatively idle, so I want to learn some knowledge to enrich myself. If you want to start programming,Programming LanguageThere are many types, such as VB, Delphi, VC ++, easy language, and assembly. But I chose VC ++. Why? Because I

Troubleshooting of Information errors in the VC workspace Class View and introduction to files generated by the VC Compiler

When the information in the VC workspace Class View is incorrect (. CLW ,. NCB ,. OPT ,. APS ,. PLG) is deleted and re-generated, which may solve the problem of error display in the workspace Class View. The. CLW file is the VC Class Wizard

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