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Introduction to Microsoft Cluster Services (MSCS) in the Windows Server 2003 family

Microsoft server technologies: the Cluster service. We'll show you how to easily perform performance checks on an application in a clustered environment without changing the application code. three species set technique The Microsoft server provides three clustering-enabled technologies: Network Load Balancing (NLB),

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Distributed File System Solution Overview

I. Introduction to DFS and FSRMMicrosoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Distributed File System Solution OverviewHere is the Microsoft TechNet on the DFS (Distributed file system advantages and characteristics), please be patient and careful to see the lunch, for you to build enterprise-level file

Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) in Windows. NET Server 2003

Apply to:microsoftreg; windowsreg;. NET Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Microsoft Windows. NET Server 2003 Datacenter Edition Microsoft Cluster Service Summary: Learn how to easily perfo

Configuring and Managing Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003

Chapter II Configuring and Managing Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 SharePoint Portal Server 2003 integrates SQL Server databases to dynamically manage and search for enterprise information, and provides self-servic

Microsoft will post Windows 2003 64-bit_windows2003 on HEC

Following the successful release of Windows XP Professional 64-bit and Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 into the hands of the manufacturer, Microsoft announced the upcoming annual Windows HEC, to be held next month (hardware Eng

Upgrade the server domain environment to Windows Server 2003 domain environment upgrade to Windows Server 2013

What is brought to you today is the upgrade of the Windows Server domain environment, where Windows Server 2003 is used to upgrade to Windows Server 2012.Let us introduce you to the spe

Microsoft Windows 2003 SP2-' Erraticgopher ' SMB Remote Code execution

, being possible # to control the execution flow to Disable DEP and jump to the Shellcode # as SYSTEM user. ################################################################################### #The exploit only works if T Arget have the RRAS service enabled#tested on Windows Server 2003 SP2 import structi

Windows Server 2003 upgrade win Ser 2008R2 2003 downgrade

The above for everyone to bring the Windows Server 2003 upgrade after the original 2003 server demotion operation, was prepared to normal degraded fallback domain and mandatory demotion fallback domain in an article, but feel that after the forced down-domain operation in th

Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition startup Problem resolution (Resource repost)

One of the maintenance systems is deployed on the WINDOWS2003 Server Standard Edition of the servers, may be due to an application problem, causing the remote restart failed, so I spent a morning in the computer room, can be enough toss. Finally, according to the official documents to solve, just put the document address is: HTTP://SUPPORT.MICROSOFT.COM/KB/325375/ZH-CNThe content is: This article describes the general procedures that you can use t

Microsoft Windows XP sp2+2003 SP1 security update fix set download _ Common Tools

Non-high-priority updates (3)High-priority updates (63)WMP10 installation and related updates (3)Other Updates (2) The installer automatically detects that the skipped system has installed updates. Support for NLite Integrated system update automatic detection!Ensure that the system status and the original version of the automatic upgrade results completely consistent after installation!Improved detection and installation of WMP. Microsoft

Windows 2003 Server technical topics (1)

Server|window for people all over the world today can be regarded as an eventful, war, disease, each of the same affect our hearts, so the advent of Windows Server 2003 is not like the previous Microsoft launched a new operating system so much attention, but even so,  Eris

Windows Server 2003 building a mail server

Windows Server 2003 building a mail serverBecause Windows Server 2003 defaults to not installing the POP3 and SMTP services we need to build our mail servers, we need to install them ourselves. Here's how:1. Place the

Windows Server 2003 CA upgrade to Windows Server ADCS

Log on to the Windows Server 2003 Certificate Server as a domain administrator. Start the-〉 management tool-〉 Certification Authority, open the certification authority 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 001. PNG "alt=" Wkiol1c8d6jt5fzyaa

Migrating from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008

This article presents a picture of how migrating from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 is a complete process. This article assumes the following case: The original Domain control situation is as follows: Computer name: DC2003.itpro.local (FQDN) IP address: 192.1

Windows 2003 AD Upgrade to Windows-Ad DHCP server migration

Windows 2003AD upgrade to Windows 2012AD DHCP server migrationDHCP Server Migration Reason:Windows Server 2003 will expire on the July 14, 2015 life cycle, and Microsoft will no longer

Create secure Windows 2003 Server _ security settings

server, but the client features of the Windows Server 2003 server are well understood, and the server provides a variety of network services while You also need some support for client functionality, such as

Windows Server 2003 System Security Configuration Method _win Server

First, the system installation 1, according to the WINDOWS2003 installation CD-ROM prompts installation, by default, 2003 did not install IIS6.0 installed in the system. 2, the installation of IIS6.0 Start Menu-> Control Panel-> Add or Remove Programs-> Add/Remove Windows Components Application ——— ASP. NET (optional) |--Enable network COM + access (required) |--internet Information Services (IIS) ——— Int

Windows 2003 AD Upgrade to Windows-Ad CA Server Migration

;border-right-width:0px;border-bottom-width:0px;background-image:none; "alt=" image "src = "Http://" border= "0"/> Confirm, click Finish To restore a certificate template: Finally, the certificate issuance template needs to be rebuilt manually. Refer to the content of the certificate template recorded at the time of backup, and adjust the certificate template to match the pre-backup. After the certificate issuance templa

Upgrade of the DHCP server for Windows server 2003-2012

Upgrade of the DHCP server for Windows server 2003-2012Several previous articles introduced the construction of DHCP server, backup and restore, and the migration of DHCP server. So today I would like to introduce you or the relev

Introducing the Windows Server 2003 family

businesses and tasks rely on, and these applications require the highest scalability and availability.Windows Server 2003 Data Center Edition:Is the most powerful server-operating system that Microsoft has developed to date. Supports up to 32 miles of SMP and gigabytes of RAM. Providing 8-node clustering and load-bala

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