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PowerShell view the native file associations and the default open programs method _powershell

Last reprinted an article "PowerShell view open File default Application", its bright spot is to invoke the Windows API, the idea is very unique, but may not be practical. Later @j in the original comment, said Assoc + ftype more convenient. So

X86 Architecture and ARM architecture

1. About the x86 architectureX86 is a standard number abbreviation for an Intel general-purpose computer series, and also identifies a set of generic sets of computers, X86 is a complex instruction set introduced by Intel to control the operation of

What are the differences between x86 and arm under Linux?

Problem:Recently, with a Samsung i5 processor, the Windows tablet, and the ipad, as well as other mobile phones using arm processors, compared to a lot more heat, and even need to use a fan to cool, a lot of power consumption.Then it is very strange,

Comparison between ARM and x86 Architectures

Keywords: ARM architecture X86 architecture industrial control motherboard development and design Android (Android) system Linux WinCE After the launch of Google's Android system and Apple's iPad and iPhone, ARM-based computer systems (especially

64bit and 32bit and X64 and X86 Problems

1. 64-bit and 32-bit Processors   A 64-bit processor is a processor that can perform 64-bit addressing on a virtual address space. A 64-bit processor can store data in 64-bit format and perform mathematical operations on 64-bit operands. In addition,

x86 Assembly Guide

Http:// University of Virginia Computer ScienceCs216:program and Data representation, Spring 2006 2016 July x86 Assembly Guide Contents: Registers | Memory and Addressing

The difference between the X86\x64\ia64

These days when you do MDT, you will always encounter x86\x64\ia64 these several folders. The first two are common, and are often encountered since the Win7 system appears. So I guess IA64 should also be some kind of architecture or version of the

Microsoft Hyper-V has won 1/4 of the x86 server market share

October 20, IDC said on Thursday that Microsoft had gained nearly June of its share in the rapidly growing x86 server virtual market in the second quarter of this year thanks to its Hyper-V virtualization software released in 1/4. IDC said Microsoft'

What are x86, Linux, GNU, gnome?

One, instruction set architecture:Instruction Set Schema ( English:instruction Set Architecture, abbreviated as ISA), also known as instruction set or instruction collective , is the part of the computer architecture related to program design ,

X86 architecture small machine with recruited to core business

 with the recent release of Huawei's X86-based minicomputer kunlun,x86 minicomputer, many different voices have been raised in the industry. I recently happened to attend a Kunlun conference and saw Kunlun in the financial and other industry

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